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Chandra, and hope

December 11, 2019


It seems but a few days ago, O Moon,
That I saw you wasting away to nothing.
Yet here you are, sailing serenely in the clouds,
Smiling at the earth, and at those who see you.
When I am troubled, I should think of you:
After waning, you will wax again to fullness,
Bringing the shining light of eternal hope
To us mortals on Earth.

Blood Moon, and Total Lunar Eclipse, 081014

October 8, 2014

Some images I took, though half asleep:



It was, really, a blood moon:


The moon almost looked like Mars!


Sunset, Fire, and Outer Space, 050414

April 8, 2014

As we waited for dusk, so that the Slender Lorises would become active, we were treated to the sight of a beautiful sunset.




However, as the sun sank, I watched a villager set fire to the edges of his field:



When I asked him, he said he was burning the Lantana bushes.


I am still not sure why he had to burn them, but the sun and the flames seemed to compete.


It seemed that, along with the fires, the whole sky was aflame:


I watched the fires rage…


I walked away, down the trail, and watched the moon and stars come into their own:


Lovely to see out into space, while waiting to see something in our little world!

The Holi Full Moon

March 18, 2014

The full moon of


festival where evil is burnt up…..

She came up when we were visiting our friends.


She rose along the side of the buildings:


She told the children in the playground that it was time to go home:


She looked like a sandal-paste moon:



But later, she looked more prosaic:


The moon in the clouds

May 30, 2013

Here’s the moon in the clouds.

 photo DSC07455_zps39aa1ee4.jpg

Or…is it a ghost in shrouds?

 photo DSC07456_zps358b5fbb.jpg

Is she a woman heavily veiled?

 photo DSC07458_zpsc1355c1e.jpg

Or is it just vapour in a trail?

 photo DSC07518_zps980aeced.jpg

The Bard and the birds

May 22, 2013

I went to see Twelfth Night at Forest Park.
But it had not yet become dark.
I went to hear some immortal words;
But everywhere I saw the birds.

In the trees of Shakespeare’s Glen,
I saw a little Carolina Wren.
There was a pretty Northern Flicker,
Taking pity upon this clicker.

I looked up and saw two Mourning Doves
Sitting…and watching,…on a wire above.
A family of pretty Kildeer
Came quite near, without too much fear.

Robins and Starlings came to witness the sight
Of a rehearsal of Twelfth Night.
But the biggest fans of the famous Bard
Seemed to be the waddling Mallards!

Several of these ran up eagerly
And, along with the audience, settled to see
A famous play…I’m sure its creator
Never imagined birds watching his theatre!

I’ve put up some of the photos of the birds at the rehearsal of the play…

click here for my FB album

They are the commonest birds imaginable…but they utterly delighted me! Where else can I get Art and Nature together like this, except Forest Park?

210513  bard bird mrng dv photo DSC07331_zps6963d739.jpg


 photo DSC07350_zpsaf3b6026.jpg


 photo DSC07374_zps7b55e8e9.jpg

Mallards side

 photo DSC07384_zps6effa164.jpg

Mallards diagonal

 photo DSC07388_zps01716e91.jpg

Mallards near seats

 photo DSC07399_zps5772cae9.jpg

Mallards near stage

 photo DSC07400_zpsd04cbb48.jpg

Mallards near audience

 photo DSC07401_zps7ec61603.jpg

Tree sunshine

 photo DSC07389_zps4f1105c2.jpg


 photo DSC07376_zps71117858.jpg

Sunset Trees

 photo DSC07368_zps804ba031.jpg

Moon leaves

 photo DSC07496_zps3993cb3e.jpg


 photo DSC07356_zps8cb2fa84.jpg


 photo DSC07363_zps347a3970.jpg

Sunset Leaves

 photo DSC07367_zps5eec31dc.jpg

In memory of Akash

May 13, 2013

My friends Sujata and Ravi Dube’s son Akash passed away exactly a year ago, to leukemia. Akash had fought back spiritedly, and even organized a Terry Fox Run in Chennai. I think he conquered the illness with his outlook.

I made friends with Sharbari Lahiri through Facebook, as a mutual friend. She lives in Ontario, Canada. We’ve become firm friends now..and I’ve been enjoying getting to know her family as well.

In memory of Akash Dube, Daniel Presta, her 16-year-old son, has written this:


I am the morning
The sunrise at dawn
A calming reminder
All dark skies are gone

I am a tulip
On a snow-covered hill
A symbol of nature
My presence there still

I am an eagle
Soaring over the fields
My spirit held tightly
My smile it does wield

I am the ocean
So vast and composed
Yet bold and courageous
No fear will I show

I am the watchman
The guardian of dreams
An unafraid leader
With a kind-hearted gleam

I am bright laughter
Pure pleasure and joy
An uplifting man
An inspiring boy

I am the reason
The sun burns so bright
That sadness is shattered
That darkness is light

I am a dreamer
Tears I do not cry
I am a champion
I am the sky

-Daniel Presta

Dresser Island, Missouri: 130413

April 14, 2013

Will be uploading photos later, but couldn’t resist sharing this video of hundreds of American Pelicans soaring in the sky above the Mississippi:

Phobjikha, Bhutan, 271112…scenery

December 14, 2012

We see, in Bhutan, a land full of prayer, in the form of wheels and flags that flutter in the breeze:

Pryr mantap Scenry Phobjikha 261112

Perhaps, if we were surrounded by such beauty in the mountains and clouds, we’d send prayers winging up, too. Here are some views:

1 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

3 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

4 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

5 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

6 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

7Scenry Phobjikha 261112

8 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

9 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

2 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

And, perhaps, benison would come down like the sun’s rays through the clouds….

Sunray Scenry Phobjikha 261112

Storm from the train, and Pune

November 6, 2012

On the train to Pune, I watched the effects of the clouds, sky, sunlight and storm as we sped past the landscape:

spot snlight 01112 train

storm train 011112

<lj-cut text=" want to see more?"

2 storm train 011112

I got a rainbow, too:

3 rnbow storm train 011112

that’s against a house of God…

4 rnbow storm train 011112

that’ against the power generated by humanity, so puny against the forces of Nature….

I got an amazing sunset as usual:

2 snst 011112

sunst 01112

And thought of as usual!

Then I got these synchronized clouds:

synch clouds 011112

I’ve posted more photos on my Facebook album,


I also managed to see parts of Pune that I’ve never seen before, thanks to who dropped me off at the bus stand:

A little pavement shrine in Aundh:

pune aundh shrine 021112

the Pune Fort:

pune fort 041112

2 pune fort 041112

the Halwai Ganesha temple:

halwai tmple pune 041112

The sanctum:

ganapathi pune 041112

Some more pics of Pune by night,


on Facebook

I saw some lovely “AkAsh kandeel” or “sky lights” ready for Deepavali:

akash kandeel 041112

The memory of this lovely city is now associated with this little jasmine creeper:

jasminga 051112

Maharashtra and the north of Karnataka are so beautiful!