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Varsha…I wrote this three years ago…

May 15, 2020


I thirst…
Not for love, money or
Even happiness.
I thirst for water
To quench the parched earth


To bring green to the brown
To bring fresh hope to those
Who raise crops and food for us.


I need water
To fill the pots
Of each slum-dweller
Who puts her (it’s never a he)
Vessel in a long line
And waits to drink, wash and live.


I have had enough of grishma ritu.


I want varsha…not just the odd shower
Or thunderstorm, but a steady,
Cloudy, drumming season
That will replenish the depleted
Plateau,that we live on
And call home.


The colours of freedom

August 15, 2019


I pray that all the colours live together in harmony.
We need independence from bigotry and corruption…into that heaven of freedom, O Mother, let my country awake.

Jewels of nature

August 30, 2018

I don’t find it necessary to go to jewellery shops, as Nature provides me plenty of jewels! All the photographs below are from local gardens in Bangalore.

Do I want pearls for a necklace? Here are the pearls of the Sterculia foetida, locally called the Jungli Badam:


The monsoon season, or even a dewy morning, provides so many diamonds. Here are hundreds,sprinkled over a spider web:


One of the bugs we see often is, indeed, called the Jewel Bug. It appears in rainbow glory, with a metallic sheen, on top of our most common plants and weeds:


And when the bug decides to moult, it sheds that beautiful outer shell, and emerges, looking bright orange like a coral:


Then there is the gold of the Copper Pod tree, scattered over the footpaths and roads of our city:


Did you say rubies? Of course, of course! These are provided by the Bastard Sandal, a plant that gets its name from the fact that its wood is often used instead of real sandalwood; but it has excellent medicinal properties, too:


If I want my rubies with a touch of black, I get the seeds of the Crab’s Eye creeper, locally called Gulaganji:


The Grass Jewel is a butterfly that is well named. It is the smallest butterfly in India, and it’s as exciting to see one as it is to find a jewel!


All of these jewels come to us with the energy produced by that great jewel of fire in the sky….


So, keep an eye out for the many treasures, gems and jewels that we can observe in the natural world, as we walk along!

Colourful buses….

April 11, 2017

One of the things that interest me very much is the wonderful colours of the buses that ply on our roads….the mofussil (sub-urban) buses, and those that connect the various towns of our State.

I had a bonanza when, on our way back from


after seeing the rehabilitated elephants, we came to the Shivamogga bus terminus.

There were a whole row of colourful beauties. I won’t say anything more, but let the colours, the images and the words talk for themselves!





For a break, here are a row of apples (iPads?)




Another break with the co-existence of two species:


Some more children:




The Tiger Fighter bus had a lovely pic of Tipu fighting the tiger:



I feasted my eyes as I took an ordinary-coloured bus to go back to Ayanur!

On the surface, and under it

October 31, 2014

<a href="https://www.flicIMG_4257

Seems to me
That our lives
Are like streams.
Across the surface, bright, and shiny,
Float the colourful leaves,
Adding bits of beauty.
But it’s what’s underneath
That makes our lives what they are:
The colours of the fishes, dimly glimpsed
As they move with the currents of our thoughts
And shape our ideas, our responses, and our days.
When the water of our life-streams is clear,
Life is happy.
Muddied and murky waters
Cause us trouble, and worry.
I wish all of us could always have
Pretty streams of consciousness.
But happiness, serenity, illness and rough water
Randomly fall to our lots, sometimes.

The fires of fall

October 12, 2014

Fall is a time when red seems to appear everywhere, amongst the green.


Leaves turn into rubies:


The brown tree-trunks are studded with gems:


It seems as if the fires are warming the trees one last time, before the cold, and the monochromes of winter, set in.


Truly, the fires of fall could be called the flames of the forest.

When I’m gone…

July 27, 2014

When I’m gone…when my time is done..
Let me rest my weary head.


In the softest of flowers,
Upon a petal bed.


When the blooms wither,
When the colours turn to lead…


We’ll both return in the spring.
Neither of us…is dead.

Conversation on the colour of eyes, 080714

July 9, 2014

A: My beautiful brown eyed sweetheart…
K: Nnnyyy, I want blue eyes…
A: But why, you have lovely eyes
K: But everyone pretends they are chocolate and tries to eat them
A: But if you have blue eyes, then people will pretend they are blueberries, and try to eat them too.
K: No, Madison says that blue eyes are water, and no one likes to have water that much, so I want blue eyes.

Here are those eyes, on 150210:

beedool 150210 photo IMG_7914.jpg

The Holi Full Moon

March 18, 2014

The full moon of


festival where evil is burnt up…..

She came up when we were visiting our friends.


She rose along the side of the buildings:


She told the children in the playground that it was time to go home:


She looked like a sandal-paste moon:



But later, she looked more prosaic:


Composition in red, Ramadevara betta, 040114

January 5, 2014


Hands in their prayer pouches, the devotees of Swami Prabhupada descend the rock steps from the Sri Rama Temple at Ramadevara betta, in Ramnagaram, Karnataka.

Red is the colour of worship,that I associate with the Hindu religion, and temples. South Indian temple walls are always painted with vertical red-and-white stripes; vermilion, an auspicious powder used in pUjA, is red (and gives its name to the very colour)….red was the colour of the sacrifices that used to be offered to the gods in the times of yore…

I just happened to look up the path (I was looking for the Yellow-throated Bulbul, to show a birder friend from Kerala) and this vision of Red struck me….