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I spent the morning rapt in a magnificient animal….

October 30, 2007

I saw the photograph yesterday, and the image stayed with me…by this morning, I knew that whatever else I did, or didn’t do,today, I just simply HAD to sit down and sketch …

leopard sketch 301007

At last, it is out of my system….that itch to bring out through my fingers and my pencil, what had captivated me.

Art…any form of it…is a demanding mistress. Today I had people coming to repair: a)the geyser container; b) the handle on the double-glazed window-frames; c) a leaking cistern….the workmen must have thought me crazy as I would nod at them and return to my desk in a most pre-occupied fashion!

For those of you who are interested, my tiger sketch is at

That sketch is much lighter than this…I should darken it, I suppose…

Rose-Ringed Parakeets

October 30, 2007

A little distance from our room in Delhi (well, Surajkund in Haryana, actually) was a tree on the parakeets were having fun….I didn’t have the “birding” camera with me, only my trusty S3…so these are what I got!

Here’s one bird making a “trunk” call (non-Indian friends…long-distance calls in India were called “trunk” fact, the term STD– in phone parlance — doesn’t mean that the phone is a communicable disease, it means Subscriber Trunk Dialling!)

Hello? I want to make a 'trunk' call!

And I thought I would document the female parakeet, which doesn’t have the eponymous rose ring around her neck, but is just as beautiful nevertheless.

Such foozly shots can be passed off as “documentation” shots!

Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Surajkund281007

They ARE common birds, which have adapted very well to urban and semi-urban areas. I only wish that they didn’t have such harsh voices!

Every available space is up for sale…

October 30, 2007

Revenue…that’s the name of the game.

Saw this on the back of the seat as we flew back from Delhi to Bangalore yesterday:

space for sale on spicejet 291007 dli-blr

Well, at least the title is witty!

Would I advertise in a space where the hapless passenger had to stare at my ad for 2 hours? I don’t think so, but obviously, Spicejet, the airline we were flying, believes that people would be influenced…

I am renting out the back and front of my tee-shirts shortly. Why should I *pay* to have Proline or someone else advertise their name when I can hire out the space and *make* money?

You can contact me..actually you need not contact me, just send the money across…

Today it is the turn of the Economic Times…

October 30, 2007

We seem to have an epidemic of day-date mismatch…see this…

I am sure there are going to be red faces around the Economic Times today!

A strange disinclination…

October 29, 2007

It happens every time I go out of town. I come back, I check my email, check my LJ friends’ list…but there is a strange diconnect, and a reluctance to comment on friends’ posts..It’s as if I am still on the outside, looking in at a scene that is going on…it will take me a while to get on to “the same page” and start interacting…I *do* enjoy reading the posts I missed, but still, I am like the latecomer to a party, who is a wallflower for at least a while…

I must say, though, that being without email or internet access( for a couple of days at least!) is not a big deal, so I am glad that I am not internet-addicted as I fear sometimes…!

Here’s something I thought of after I sang at the ‘sangeet’ ceremony at the wedding we attended…

bhari mehfil mEin hamArE gAnE par
shAbhAshee milee,thAliyAn bajee…
par us Ek chehrEy sE muskAn pAney par
dil bhar gayA,mehfil sachmuch sajee…

When I sang to the gathering
There was praise, there was applause;
But when I won a smile from one particular face,
The gathering *really* felt full, and I knew what happiness was…

That simple phrase, “mehfil sajee”…so difficult to translate…how to convey the warmth, the intimacy of a small yet knowledgeable gathering and its valuable appreciation?

Indian Airlines and their dates…

October 26, 2007

I was trying to reserve our seats for a flight, and I went to the Indian (formerly Indian Airlines) website.

Here are the dates (and more importantly, days) that I got:

Any date is Friday

Apparently Indian believes in the sanctity of Friday. The restaurant chain, TGIF, would love to travel by Indian!

Now I am trying for Friday, October 28th…

Good looks and goodness…

October 26, 2007

A comment from avinash_kj about barn owl being actually beautiful birds set me thinking…

So often, good-looking people are less than good, and good people are less than good-looking…

I recollect a Jane Austen sentence to the effect that “so often in this world, some people have goodness while others have all the appearance of it”.

Here’s a blurry pic that I took quickly out of a moving car, but I have kept it because it states a profound truth.

good looks get you everywhere

Look at the line in blue…Good looks get you everywhere, it says through the blur

It’s not only because the picture is so blurry that it brings tears to my eyes! We keep *saying* that looks don’t matter…but how often do we find the good-looking applicant being favoured over the others for a job, the better-looking baby being adopted…?

From another LJ….you can call it Urdu, or Hindi…

October 26, 2007

From the LJ of inspirethoughts….who visited my LJ, and so I visited back, and found this gem written by a friend…

Ankhon mEy ashk liyA firtEy hai,
apni neendEn Apki nAm karte hain,
jab bhi Apke palak jhapkEy thO samajh lEna,
hum Apko yAd kiyA kartEy hain…

nA kabhee yeh chupAyA ke pyAr kitnA hai;
nA kabhee yeh jatAyA ke dard kitnA hai.
bus Ek hum aur us khudA kO hai mAloom
tujsEy mulAqAt kA intezAr kitnA hai.

hum nazArOn sEy door hain, AnkhOn sEy naheen,
hum khwAbOn sEy door hain, khayAlOn sEy naheen,
hum dil sEy door hain, dhadkan sEy naheen,
hum Ap sEy door hain, Apki yAdOn sEy naheen…

I have transcribed it phonetically, according to the system I follow, so that it can be read off accurately.

I go around carrying your image in my eyes
I dedicate my sleep to you..
Whenever you blink, take it that
I am thinking of you…

I never hid how much love there is;
I never told how much pain there is.
Just I, and God, know
How much is the anticipation of meeting you.

I am far from the sights, but not from the eyes;
I am far from dreams but not from recollections;
I am far from my heart but not from its beats…
I am far from you– but not from memories of you….

In Urdu and Hindi poetry, the first person plural “ham” (=’we’) is often used as a cultured way of referring to oneself. The second person is also plural (‘aap’ instead of ‘thum’ or the more familiar ‘thoo’), and that gives respect to the other person. German also has this “second person plural” as a way of giving respect. This particularly adds elegance and grace to love poetry.

And here’s another very small but very beautiful bird, that we saw in Nandi Hills…

Oriental White-Eye,Nandi Hills Oct07

That’s the Oriental White-Eye (one of the times when the name makes a lot of sense!), a restless bird that flits around to the despair of photographers like me…by the time I have the camera lens fixed on the (&**&^ bird it’s not there!

Ranga Shankara has kept me occupied this week….

October 25, 2007

95% enjoyable,and the 5% is the unfriendly way they have organized the sales to the limited-audience plays at 10pm and 11pm…it is an illogical, user-unfriendly method.

Not a boxer….

October 25, 2007

I love this sign, which I go past whenever I walk to Ranga Shankara….

Puncher 261007 JPNagar

No, it is not someone who will punch your lights out, or someone who will make holes in your papers for merely means,

like the earlier photos which I had posted, here

…. that at this stall, you can get your punctures (which are quite frequent given our cratery roads) repaired…