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Grinding Stone and Granite Post: Two Images from the Bandipur Trip

May 31, 2007

While we were on the trip, I saw, in the Gopalaswamy temple, this grinding stone which has fallen into disuse:

Hollow with Stones

Grinding stone hollow

Normally, soaked rice or lentils are put into the hollow and the round grinding stone is rolled into it and round and round by hand to do the “wet” grinding. A great way of grinding, providing both exercise and a no-electricity method…but now, of course, “wet grinders” and “mixies” (food processors) are ubiquitous. Hence this grinding stone hollow was full of …well…stones, and rainwater…

And I somehow love this image, the granite post seems to be a “rock of ages”, still for eternity, while the world around it whizzes by at high speed…I took it from our jeep on safari.

Standstill and Speed

Granite post and effects

Love playing with that camera!

Some more creatures at Bandipur…

May 30, 2007

And now, ladies’n’genmun, we come to some of the more unusual creatures that reside in our forests…..I must say, this time we seemed to have all of them coming over to the road to meet us!

Saying hello is the Monitor Lizard , which might remind us, sadly, of ladies’ handbags:

Monitor Lizard

The wiki says they are very intelligent and some species can count, isn’t that amazing?

Next we come to the Pond Terrapin. At least, that’s what this chap is supposed to be, but we found him on the road! I joked that he had probably left for a short walk to the nearest water body,the previous day….

Pond terrapin

At first, he was shy, but soon his head came peeping out:

Pond Terrapin peeping out

Doesn’t he look for all the world as if he is grinning happily?

Amazing, I googled for “pond terrapin” but the only reference I got to an Indian Pond Terrapin was an image on INW! So perhaps I have the id wrong..someone please correct me if so.

For other forest residents, click here

Bandipur Eagles…

May 29, 2007

Here are a few photographs of two Eagles that we saw on our Bandipur trip; I had not set my camera properly and so some of the photographs are a little disappointing. (I also seem to have focused sometimes above, below, or near the subject!) But disappointing is not a word that can be used for the trip, with almost every animal and bird just sitting still and posing for us! In fact, rather than just spotting animals, this time we were lucky enough to watch their behaviour for a little while. The only animals who did disappoint us were, predictably, the tiger and the leopard, both of which we missed by just a minute or so…we arrived on the scene to see the visitors in other vehicles still looking raptly at the spot where each animal had just disappeared into the undergrowth!

This is the Crested Serpent Eagle; he was so comfortable that he was stretching his wings as he sat:

Crested Serpent Eagle (b)

Here’s another pose:

Crested Serpent Eagle side pose

Here’s the Changeable Hawk Eagle, with his characteristic “Red Indian brave” head feathers:

Changeable Hawk Eagle

And here is a look off to the side:

Changeable Hawk Eagle two u

Photos of other animals like the Terrapin and Mongoose, and the other birds, will follow….I wanted to dedicate one post to the magnificient eagles of our country!


May 28, 2007

Congratulations anushsh….!

We both know why 😉


May 28, 2007

We have many kinds of love in our culture, and Vaathsalyam is the love of a parent (particularly the mother) for the child.

Bandipur has always seemed to show me scenes of this vatsalyam more than any other wildlife sanctuary…

When we drove in to Tusker Trails, there was a snafu about our rooms, and while it was getting sorted out, the rain started pelting down too. We roamed around the property with our cameras, and I loved the sight of this mother cat with four identical kittens, one of whom she is licking over while the other suckles:

Cat mother and kittens Tusker Trails Bandipur u

Later, as we were on safari, we had the good fortune to have this mother and child cross our path:

Elephant mother and child

They both stopped at a fairly dry waterhole and the mother started vacuumming up the mud to throw on herself, while the calf suckled:

Elephant Mother and Calf Suckling

Some More Mothers-And-Their-Young photos here

From the LJ of

May 28, 2007

another Gem by Nida Fazli
main roya parades men bheega maa ka pyaar
dukh ne dukh se baat ki bin chiThThi bin taar

I cried in a foreign country and my mother’s loving eyes became moist
Misery talked to misery without letters or telegraph

chota karake dekhiye jeevan kaa vistaar
aankhon bhar aakaash hai baahon bhar sansaar

Try and abridge the vastness of life
The sky is in the eyes, the world is in the hands

leke tan ke naap ko ghoome basti gaanv
har chaadar ke gher se baahar nikale paanv

Measured the body, went around the villages..
But the feet stuck out of every blanket

sabaki pooja ek si alag-alag har riit
masjid jaaye maulvi koyal gaaye giit

Worship is the same, rituals are different
The maulvi visits the mosque, the nightingale sings a song

pooja ghar men moorti meera ke sang shyaam
jisaki jitani chaakari utane usake daam

In the pooja room is the figurine of Meera with Krishna
One’s value increases with one’s company

saaton din bhagavaan ke kyaa mangal kyaa peer
jis din soe der tak bhooka rahe fakir

All the seven days are God’s..why any day in particular?
Any day that he sleeps late, the mendicant remains hungry

achchhi sangat baiThakar sangi badale roop
jaise milakar aam se miithi ho gai dhoop

With good company, companions themselves change
The way the sunshine turns into sweetness when the mango ripens in it

sapna jharna neend ka jagii aankhen pyaas
paanaa khonaa khojanaa sanson ka itihaas

Slept and dreamt of the waterfall, woke up thirsty…
Attaining, losing, seraching…this is the history of every breath

chaahe geeta vaachiye ya padhiye quraan
mera tera pyaar hi har pustak ka Gyaan

One can read the Gita or the Quran
Every book talks only about love between you and me


May 28, 2007

The sightings of our trip to Bandipur over the weekend were truly amazing, and this in spite of the fact that we missed BOTH a tiger AND a leopard by a matter of minutes..we arrived on the scene to see the people in other vehicles still staring into the forest!

Bandipur seems to be, to me, always a place where young life is nurtured. Some time ago I had posted about the gaur and their calves and the wild boars and their young ones. Well, this time I saw several young ones too…I will post a few photos at a time, but to me, this young spotted deer fawn symbolizes the innocence and beauty of Nature:

Spotted deer fawn Bandipur

And here’s her mother, wouldn’t want to separate them!

spotted deer mother

There she is, with her diet of greens which is what keeps her slender and so beautiful…

And if you want to know where all those babies come from, this is how it begins…here are two Jungle Babblers, babbling sweet nothings into each other’s ears…

Babbling together

I almost felt like a voyeur, photographing those two!

Would you like to see the Pond Terrapin, the Monitor Lizard, the Elephant Baby and Mother, the Posing Gaur, the Myna cleaning the Sambhar, the Mongoose, the Crested Serpent Eagle, the Changeable Hawk Eagle, the Common Flameback Woodpecker……?

Ah, this space!


May 25, 2007

Why can’t LJ at least have a counter for those who visit a blog?

I say “at least” for a reason.

I like dialogue. That’s the reason why I post on LJ and not a nice personal diary. I want to know what a reader thinks when s/he goes through my post. And I am realizing that many more people seem to be reading my LJ than I thought (in my naivety, I assumed for a long time that I had a readership of one..then I upped it to about twenty.) And so many of them don’t tell me what they think.

There’s a definite reason I have not disabled anonymous posting on my LJ. I am, indeed, gentle (or rowdy) reader, interested in your thoughts. If you go through my post silently and pass on…I don’t even KNOW you exist.

So make your mark…say something…agree, disagree..drift from the thread of thought…it’s all going to be interesting. If you are not an LJ-er, just type your name at the end of the comment.

Well…if all this doesn’t happen, *at least* an LJ visit-counter (why won’t they have it? Just because Blogger has it?) would let me know how many pairs of eyes have looked in…

I want a counter. To whom should I write?

Ragigudda and 9th Block, Jayanagar

May 25, 2007

I’m rich! I’m RICH!! YAHOO!!

May 25, 2007

And it’s Yahoo, now, which is giving it away; notice, they are distributing this largesse without even knowing my name, and not even bothering that I never participated in such a “promotional program”…how kind of them.


Dear Esteemed Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the YAHOO! International
Promotions Program held on the 16th of March 2007. Your e-mail address
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You are to contact him with the following information: Your Full Names,
Your Contact Address, Your Telephone and Fax numbers, Occupation, Sex,
Age and Location.

Your Sincerely,
Mrs. Amelia Hunts


And why haven’t they asked me for my credit card no so that they can shovel in all this money into my account…?

Also note, “sucess”, “remmitance”…they are so economical with their consonants, but are willing to give me so much money.

Hmm, Mrs Amelia Hunts. I am sure she Hunts…diligently, for people who will respond to this!