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Chandra, and hope

December 11, 2019


It seems but a few days ago, O Moon,
That I saw you wasting away to nothing.
Yet here you are, sailing serenely in the clouds,
Smiling at the earth, and at those who see you.
When I am troubled, I should think of you:
After waning, you will wax again to fullness,
Bringing the shining light of eternal hope
To us mortals on Earth.

My response to Photobucket’s “Pay or we will delete your photos” (rude) warnings

September 30, 2019

Dear Whoever-is-reading-this-at-Photobucket.

I joined Photobucket which was a free photo-hosting (and 3rd party hosting) site many years ago, and over a period of time, used many accounts and when the storage was increased, I made use of that. So now I am not even sure on which of my accounts I am over the limit.

I am a retired person, living in India, where a dollar still goes a very long way (it’s nearly 70 rupees.) My income is such that I have to watch every expense like a hawk, while still trying to indulge my passion for photography. When I realized that I could save in hi-resolution on Flickr, I started saving to that site, and stopped using Photobucket. But my storage continued, as I have made many blogposts using those photos, over the years.

Had there been either a polite announcement or a reasonable sum mentioned, I might have, with difficulty, paid up. But the announcement was as rude and peremptory as could be, basically preventing any third party hosting and threatening me with various bad outcomes if I did not pay. I just could not afford the amounts mentioned on my several accounts, and so I didn’t pay…I couldn’t pay. I decided that if my photograph would vanish from my blogposts, so it had to be. You can see my blog on LiveJournal at
(from 2006)
and I back up on WP at

My financial situation has not changed; indeed, inflation in my country (India) has made such payments even less affordable for me. Perhaps you at Photobucket think all “free” users are there to take advantage…I can assure you, it is not so. There must be many people like me, who are grateful for the free hosting provided, because it allows us to store on the cloud without paying large amounts. On Flickr, I am careful to keep under the free limit for this very reason. I am not “cheap”…I am not affluent, and have to watch my expenses, that is all.

So, all I can say at the age of 65 is, if you want to delete all my photographs, and make nonsense of my blogpost, I simply cannot afford to do anything about it. I have found your attitude very brusque indeed, and that, too, has disposed me towards accepting that my photos are going to be wiped out. Well,right now they are not clearly visible, so I guess I am already nearly at the ultimate point.

I will be interested to know if my email is read…and will be pleasantly surprised if there is a response. Yes, when Flickr became SmugMug and went “pro”, I did email them and, apart from the fact that the announcements themselves were far more polite, I got an excellent series of responses from them. Since I cannot afford any more, keep my photos within the 200-image limit. .

Part of the reluctance to pay also stems from my worry that if today I pay Rs (or $ ) X, what prevents any of the photo sites from further shrinking my storage, or demanding even more? At that point, I will anyway lose my stored photos, so I feel I might as well save my precious funds and have the wipeout happen earlier.

With a sad wish that you would not assume a tone that implies that your users are tech-savvy peopel out to take advantage of you,

Deepa Mohan, Bangalore, India.

June 8, 2017


When the sky boils over
In shades of scudding grey
When the clouds talk loudly to each other
I wonder what they say?

Do they like to light up the place
Where they are around?
Do they decide upon the spot and then
Zap electricity to the ground?

Do they peal out with such loud thunder
To give us folks a jolt?
Perhaps they feel quite gleeful
When we jump at lightning bolts!

It’s quite easy to feel happiness
When it’s a fleecy, blue-sky cloud.
We feel much more overawed and quiet
When the cloud lights up, and cracks aloud.

The title refers to

an eponymous movie by Satyajit Ray


June 9, 2016

The air cools rapidly, and the light dims as boiling, heavy clouds boil over the landscape. The breeze builds rapidly into a wind, whipping up the summer dust, lashing the palm fronds into a frenzy. The first huge drops splash upon the parched ground.

Every sense is overwhelmed: the ears by the thunder, the eyes by the strange,dim light from behind the massing clouds, and the lightning that dances across them, or that lances to the ground; the skin by the feel of the rain, the nose by the aroma of wet earth… that incomparable fragrance that fills the air.

We raise our eyes to the heavens, and give thanks for the life-giving showers.After the torrid summer, the monsoon is here.


Here’s one song describing the arrival of the monsoon, and the eager wait for it.

The last few seconds depict, too. how disappointing (and cataclysmic to the farmer) it can be when the rains fail.

June 18, 2014

It was Sunday, and I was leaving for Linkoping in the afternoon….so we decided (after clearing up a lot of ticketing mess) to go for a nice ramble, with a picnic lunch.

We started by watching this young




Next, we watched a flock of

TITS (Blue or Great? the debate rages between Sumana and me)




and sitting on the trees…




showed itself in the leaf-litter:





turned over the leaf-litter in typical Thrush fashion.


I spotted Cupid, out in the spring sunshine:


I realized that I was not the only one watching the birds:


He then stepped out of hiding, that black beauty:


Even “pests” look beautiful sometimes!


I love the way tourists and cyclists are given importance:


I did feel welcome!


We chose a spot near a magnificient pile:


Family photography began happening:


Lunch was not fast enough for some people:


A healthy, yummy dessert!


Having seen Cupid, it was appropriate that I look up into the sky, and saw this sunbow and the arrow of a jet contrail:


Quite aptly, too, there were star-crossed clouds!


Advik, whom I have christened Laddu Kumar, was looking particularly sweet.


We came back home, I finished my packing, and Deepak *lugged* my luggage all the way to the bus stop…but that’s the next post!

Prairie, Lewis and Clark State Historical Site, 270713

July 30, 2013

DSC04409 prairie hartford ill, 270713

Under the summer sun
And the fleecy clouds,
The prairie flowers bloom.
Before the day is done
There will be crowds
Of insects, fighting for room
On the blossoms, to partake
Of the nectar so sweet.
Wings help the creatures make
Quick landings with six feet.
A scene of quiet and serenity
Appears to our eyes;
But the fast-paced activity
Of the insects is seen by the wise.

Coneflowers, Bee’s Balm and other flowers on the prairie, Lewis and Clark State Historical Center, Hartford, Illinois, 270713.

For photos of the birds over the weekend,

click here

For photos of the insects,

click here

For the Lewis and Clark State Historical Site,

click here

Cloudbow, or Ringbow, around the sun, St.Louis, 150313

March 15, 2013

I made a movie, using one of Picasa’s features for the first time.

This is for ….

I liked it when the aircraft flew across 🙂

Phobjikha, Bhutan, 271112…scenery

December 14, 2012

We see, in Bhutan, a land full of prayer, in the form of wheels and flags that flutter in the breeze:

Pryr mantap Scenry Phobjikha 261112

Perhaps, if we were surrounded by such beauty in the mountains and clouds, we’d send prayers winging up, too. Here are some views:

1 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

3 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

4 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

5 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

6 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

7Scenry Phobjikha 261112

8 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

9 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

2 Scenry Phobjikha 261112

And, perhaps, benison would come down like the sun’s rays through the clouds….

Sunray Scenry Phobjikha 261112

Storm from the train, and Pune

November 6, 2012

On the train to Pune, I watched the effects of the clouds, sky, sunlight and storm as we sped past the landscape:

spot snlight 01112 train

storm train 011112

<lj-cut text=" want to see more?"

2 storm train 011112

I got a rainbow, too:

3 rnbow storm train 011112

that’s against a house of God…

4 rnbow storm train 011112

that’ against the power generated by humanity, so puny against the forces of Nature….

I got an amazing sunset as usual:

2 snst 011112

sunst 01112

And thought of as usual!

Then I got these synchronized clouds:

synch clouds 011112

I’ve posted more photos on my Facebook album,


I also managed to see parts of Pune that I’ve never seen before, thanks to who dropped me off at the bus stand:

A little pavement shrine in Aundh:

pune aundh shrine 021112

the Pune Fort:

pune fort 041112

2 pune fort 041112

the Halwai Ganesha temple:

halwai tmple pune 041112

The sanctum:

ganapathi pune 041112

Some more pics of Pune by night,


on Facebook

I saw some lovely “AkAsh kandeel” or “sky lights” ready for Deepavali:

akash kandeel 041112

The memory of this lovely city is now associated with this little jasmine creeper:

jasminga 051112

Maharashtra and the north of Karnataka are so beautiful!

Old and new, lasting and fleeting….

September 23, 2011

On the old, sits the new, like an interloper:

pavilion bgz 280811 blr

The rock on which this bulding sits is three billion years old, and will outlast this building, and all the construction that humans are capable of, by aeons….

The ancient sky and the sun make a lovely counterpoint to here-now-gone-now state of the clouds.

To me, this photograph is an illustration of what is lasting, and what is fleeting.