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More about life with K2

June 24, 2020

Me to K2 after an hour of sitting with him, writing English words in Hindi (“Amma will not understand this code language!”),…here, do these puzzles, I will quickly get lunch ready and return.
15 min later, when I return: K2, busy with his Lego (with his long-suffering, trying-to-work-from-home dad): I just couldn’t do those puzzles. They just brained me out.

Learning a new phrase every day from K2!

The menagerie and the porcupine, 050620

June 5, 2020

Of late, we have a large collection of birds and animals in the house.

This started with Pik and Pok, two woodpeckers made with the fingers of both my hands, which helped wake K2 up in the morning, and also made mealtimes easier.

These were then joined by San and Diego (both of K2’s hands), Ta Claus and Rox (add San to the beginning of one name and to the end of another….both of K2’s hands).

Further additions were two birds called “Buh” and “Erd” (Derek’s hands), and several deer (Reed and Blitzen with my hands, Julius and Caesar (K2’s hands) Cleo and Patra and Hatshep and Sut (K1’s hands).

Yesterday, suddenly K2 came up with a porcupine which throws out its quills in the most realistic way! Here you have my tiger approaching it in the forest, and it opens up its spines menacingly, with the “shinnnn!” sound! He thought ot this by himself.

The question comes back to me…

April 27, 2020

Me: Why do you want the volume on during the ads when we are watching Mahabharat? They are the same ads again and again.
K1: You have been reading and watching Mahabharat for so many years now, why do you want the volume on then?

K2, from last year…

April 26, 2020

26 April 2018:

I delete a video (K2 explaining his robot jet aircraft) on the laptop after uploading it to YouTube. K2: You have just killed me by deleting that video. You really are an evil grandmother.

The KK restaurant, Blr, 100420

April 11, 2020

=K1 and K2 opened a restaurant yesterday, and it was called the KK Restaurant.

A beautiful menu was prepared:


Two customers seated themselves, playing some soft romantic music and dimming the lights:


The Sous Chef also doubled as the maitre d’hote, and waited at the table:


The Head Chef also gave the dishes his attention.


The entree and the main course seemed to be Monaco biscuits with toppings of ketchup, cream cheese, olives and jalapenos, and chips with tomato sauce.


Dessert consisted of chocolate biscuits, sadly depleted in the kitchen because the Head Chef sampled them too freely. (The same problem occurred with the Monaco biscuits, the chips and the cream cheese.)

The Sous Chef made a bowl of Maggi all by herself and divided it between the two customers. Alas, the Kitchen Manager-cum-Dishwasher (fired by the Head Chef for “disturbing the kitchen” and rehired by the Sous Chef ) was busy taking photos elsewhere and forgot to click the Maggi fine cuisine.

There were also delightful drinks of Blue Curacao, Orangeade, and Mint-flavoured water. Here’s the Head Chef, in his other role as the drinks waiter:


The Dishwasher was thankful when service ended at the restaurant, because it already meant quite a lot of dishes and bowls to be washed and dried!

The restrauteurs took a bow from the deeply appreciative customers, as also an extra, elderly customer who came a little later. The customers paid the bill with hugs!

DGA…Doting Grandma Alert!

April 7, 2020

K1 watched Ramayana with me in the morning, and as the crown was brought to Sugriva (after a prolonged weeping and moralizing bout and the terribly protraced death of Vali), she said Sugriva was eager for the coronation, and was saying, “Bring me the corona! Bring me the corona!” I fell about laughing at her apt pun for this time of the virus.

And about Mahabharat…after watching Drona rescue the ball for the Pandavas by shooting blades of grass into a long line,piercing it, and pulling it out of the well , K2 went and pulled something out, too…. the exact Tinkle Digest where the same story was illustrated! I am very impressed.

Two Dictators

April 2, 2020

Email to Nanna:

Here are K1 and K2, dictating to me what they want to say about your lemon cake. It has been mentioned at least fifty time in the past two days.

Message begins:

K2: Nana, I love your lemon cake. I want to visit you on Christmas and Easter because in those festivals, your lemon cake is the best (not festivals, times)

K1: Because we have never tasted it other than those times. Your lemon cake is better than potato (which I love very much)

K2: I also want to visit you early because otherwise I will miss Easter.

K1: Nana I love your lemon cake way more than any of the birthday cakes I’ve ever had…Kalyan keep quiet!….I am still dictating….Nanna, your lemon cake is one of my most favourite cakes baked by you.

K2: Nana, I also love your lemon cakes way more than even pizza. Kavya, keep quiet! Nana, your lemon cake is my favourite food.

K1: I think if you are in some kind of cooking competition you would definitely win first prize with your lemon cake….Deepamma, I can see that! Kalyan, please get your hand off my foot!…

K2: If you are in MasterChef Australia, a TV show, you would win with your awesome lemon cake. That is the same thing Kavya said, but with some edits. If I am wrong, please email me.

K1: Anyway, once you do, I’d love to see your first place trophy. I don’t know why we are writing you email about your lemon cake, it’s absolutely weird, when we are in the middle of making brownies and she (Deepamma) called us over here. But I bet the brownies will never be nearly as good as your lemon cake….no, I don’t want to say bye yet!….fine, fine…

K2: Anyway, that was Kavya. But why did she have to add the part that said, it is weird we are emailing you? I don’t know. But if I ever get to eat any food I like, I would pick your lemon cake.

K2 pushes off to the kitchen. K1 : OK, fine, bye.

There are now two dictators in my life!

Love from K1, K2, and Deepa.

In the morning on the first of April

April 1, 2020

Me: Your parents cleared out your Lego pieces yesterday.
K2: WHAT! Rushes off to check.
Me: April Fool!
K2: Ha, ha, ha. But actually….you shouldn’t joke about my Lego. It gave me palpitations.

K1: OW! I stepped on a piece of glass! *limps to the sofa*
Me: Oh, let me have a look.
K1: April Fool!

More about K2

March 26, 2020

Father: If I give you $5, how many quarters will you give me?
K2: Don’t ask me such hard questions.
Me: Let’s take it step by step. If I give you one dollar, how many quarters will I get from you?
K2: Zero. Thank you for the dollar. I am not going to give you any quarters back!

I broke into O+ laughter…

March 25, 2020

K2: My blood group is O+.
Me: That means it’s Hopeless (O+).