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Weaving a new home….290712, J P Nagar Reserve Forest

July 31, 2012

During the nature trail on Sunday, we were able to watch some


building their home, weaving and pasting the leaves together…

wvr ants 290712 jpngr resfrst

Here they are, in action:

Building a home is a very major activity for almost all life forms…that ensures a secure base for propogating the species….


July 31, 2012

Baitu Filter Kaapi, that is….

see my entry on my blog at

Citizen Matters

and here’s some of it for you…

2 baitu kapi 290712 adigas

A moving, sincere goodbye….

July 28, 2012

My daughter works for the St.Louis Metro, and one of her colleagues, who was leaving, wrote this farewell message to those who work for public transport in a culture of private transport. My daughter shared it with me. I found it very beautiful, and would like to share it.



I just wanted to thank you for what has been an incredible five years working for and serving public transit in St. Louis. I promise I will keep my trite “The end is just the beginning” aphorism to a minimum, but my departure of Metro is filled with excitement, sadness, sentiment and wisdom for me. It has been an absolute joy working with all of you as individuals and professionals, and I’m glad to count many of you as friends.

If no one tells you anything of worth today, beside “Go home and have a great weekend!” let it be this: What you do here, everyday, is very important. The service you provide is sometimes the link between work and dignity, and despair, for many St. Louisans. For others, it is an example, even when not perfect, of St. Louis’ ability to grow, prosper, and come together as a community.

You are not always appreciated enough by the community, and certainly not compensated in direct proportion to your value. But your work, however seemingly removed day to day, makes a very big impact on so many folks’ lives. It mattered to mine. No matter how narrow the politics and challenges of this business shrinks your world, please think of the thousands of bus stops and platforms, each with thousands of people, getting to work, seeing family, and living in their communities with pride. You make many people’s lives just a little bit easier. I hope that they inspire you, as they did me, to work with passion and resolve.

Please take care of one another, be kind to yourselves, and thank you for the many memories, lessons, and love. Keep in touch.

A material loss….

July 27, 2012

I went yesterday to review the play, “Moliere Tonight!” at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore…. and blanked out in actually removing my trusty MLC (Canon SX30) from across my shoulder and leaving it on or near the seat I was sitting. I realized I did not have it, when I came home….and was very sure I’d get it back.

I was ready to go back to the auditorium to get it, but meanwhile, some of the theatre group members assured me that they had it. Relieved, I went to sleep.

This morning, Naveen met me and returned….Vijay Padaki’s videocam instead of my camera. Since then, I’ve been desperately trying to see if anyone might have it…and am just drawing a blank. Several group members saw the camera there, but did not know whose it was, so left it alone.

My dear, dear MLC….I am hobbled without it. I use it all the time, and it had become a part of me…

While in the US, I’d thought about getting another camera, but decided to postpone the purchase to next year.

I knew that the combination of my erratic memory and the jet lag (no, not yet gone fully) was bad, but not THIS bad….I still have no memory of what I did.

Feeling miserable….so much for my theories of non-attachment to material goods!

Monster, but not from outer space…

July 24, 2012

I always knew that snails retreated within their shells, and then slowly came out again…but I had never really thought about “how” until I saw this African snail on Saturday, and decided to video it close up….

I must say, it’s incredible to think of eyes (yes, those are the eyes that ‘grow’ out first, the other two are feelers) withdrawing into one’s body and then extending out again….

It does like an alien monster, doesn’t it!

The minute you step into the world of Life Under Foot, everything becomes unrecognizable….

It’s been a few days…

July 24, 2012

…since I last posted, and goodness knows how I coped…but I feel happy to report that I *have* coped.

I returned to an empty house, with the contents of all the cupboards strewn about as the painters were painting the inside of all of them….could not find a single thing, there was no telephone, no internet…it was total chaos, accurately reflecting the chaos in my mind as I began the first day of the rest of my life….by myself.

Over the past week, I have turned out even more cupboards, and got most of the flat painting and allied jobs done, and though the flat is still looking as if a whirlwind has passed through it, it now is a smaller whirlwind. (Yesterday I could not even sleep on my bed as my clothes were scattered all over it….I slept on the couch.)

But with it all, I’ve managed to attend the regular 3rd Sunday outing to Bannerghatta, to take an NTP trip to Yercaud, and catch up with friends, too…and keep up with photography and posting, too. Yes, in the process, LJ and WordPress fell through…but my thoughts have been chaotic, and really not worth expressing at negative have they been, most of the time.

But I have people like as examples, so how can I remain down? The jet lag is slowly going away in spite of being extended due to the presence of workmen in the home all day…and my mind, too, is getting calmer. I’m off to Chennai today (back late tomorrow night) to see the people who probably are the only “family” I have left.

But I’ll leave you with the entertaining patter of this magician, who performed just before the show of Disney’s “Aladdin” (the musical) that I went to watch before leaving St.Louis.

Funny….an Indian going all the way to America to watch the *American* rope trick!

Light in the sky…..

July 20, 2012

We watched the Fourth of July fireworks from a friend’s apartment terrace:


But meanwhile, another light rose in the sky, too….


It was beautiful to see the moon watching the fireworks, too!


It was a wonderful evening…..

moon fireworks 050712 stl

The Preening Tailor

July 19, 2012

Hearing a loud whistly call from a Lantana bush, I approached a wee bit closer and got the tailor:

Well, I caught the


but I couldn’t find his (yes, his) sewing machine…
I do love that head-scratching…was it racking its (bird)brain, trying to solve my Saturday Deccan Herald cryptic crossword?

Six-footers in trouble…

July 19, 2012

On the nature trail at Ragihalli, we found, in the rain, that this carelessly thrown plastic cup was full of rainwater….and two insects were swimming, literally, for their lives….

I video’d them and then rescued them…When are we going to stop littering, and especially, littering with plastic?

How cycling can help….

July 18, 2012

see Chiddu’s blog about how someone I know very well has beaten the odds for more than a decade

Chiddu campaigns ceaselessly against vaccination, which, he says, is the only instance of medicine intervening actively in healthy people’s lives. I’d not agree with him wholly, but certainly sometimes, expensive treatments seem not to be needed…if a determined and sustained effort is made.