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March 29, 2005

Pune seems such a nice city, especially the suburbs. It has escaped, so far, at least, the madcap development ofBangalore, and remains very green. Night temperatures are very pleasant even if the days are hot. There are picturesque places to walk in early in the morning. Even flats are built with lots of open spaces and plenty of greeenery…gives a pleasant, open feeling.

oh, well…back to the hung flyover, dusty roads on which trees were felled two years ago, and an idle, corrupt non-governance….we drive down the beautiful Pune- Mumbai highway this morning, and fly back to good old Bangalore.

Went to the Test Match

March 24, 2005

We went to the India-Pakistan Test Match, 1st day…surprisingly good crowd and traffic management, I found! The first two overs were very eventful, with Pakistan 6 for 2…but then the 3rd wicket partnership, which was 200 + when we left, began…it was nice to watch Inzamam Ul Haq take his 150 on the occasion of the 100th Test he was playing…and I thoroughly enjoyed all the sidelines, had my face painted in the tricolour, underwent Cricket 101 from my 7 year old neighbour who apparently knows every statistic there is about this game….I was able to follow the game much better than I thought, and had a really great time. If only the India Pakistan match was not so supercharged with jingoistic fervour! But that’s the way it is (my neighbour would NOT have one half o his face painted with the Indian tricolour and the other with the Pakistani crescent and star!)

Exercise has to be enjoyable…

March 24, 2005

Hip and ankle pain had been getting in the way of my exercise…as had the increasingly warm weather. I started swimmiing a few days ago…and am glad to realize that it is not really lethargy that has set in. I enjoy swimming so much, especially at twilight…yesterday the pool lights had also not been switched on, and I could see the half moon slowly rising over the top floor as I swam up and down our small pool…when exercise is this pleasant, keeping fit is no big deal.


March 20, 2005

I think my LJ has a readership of ONE….it would be better if I just emailed that ONE….!why am I spending hours online when all it would take would be an offline email, sent in a few seconds??

what to do when….

March 20, 2005

What does one do when one keeps attending gatherings of the same friends, and the conversation palls? They are, after all, good friends and have kept one going through good times and bad…and yet, there is something stale to the conversation, the evening drags, and though each dinner creates a need to reciprocate, one does not, in the least, feel like calling them over home for yet another dreary evening…no one seems to want to sing, or play games, but just talk, and talk, and talk..when one is sleepy at 9.30 pm and dinner is served well after that, it is difficult to be the life and soul of any party. Should I refuse to go to such dinners in future? I see no way out of the dilemma…..


March 19, 2005

How easy it is to fall OUT of the habit of regularexercise…no matter how long one has been doing one’s walk, or workout, or any other form of discipling the body, it is remarkably simple to get out of the habit ….and so diabolically difficult to get back into the habit again once it is broken! Meanwhile, bulges appear, one’s jeans and saree blouses tell merciless tales, there is a bloaty feeling of not being light and trim…and yet it is still tough to get back! The mind says, “hey, lardo, get going and on the road!” and the body says, “Hmm….what about from tomorrow?”

Feeling fallow

March 16, 2005

trying out the Lower Kindergarten lessons on LJ provided by ….hah, now to update my LJ and see if I get the link correctly…

Feeling fallow

March 16, 2005

A strange lassitude is upon me…there is no inclination to do ANYTHING…and there is nothing urgent pending, either…I am enjoying the peace of idleness, enjoying the peace of being in my own home, being financially secure, in good health, with loved ones well, too….life is so good. Why does the world always want one to keep DOING something? The pleasure of leisure is very great, once in a while….and the luxury of time is so rarely granted to a human being. I must be one of the luckiest people in the world.

love reading LJ’s

March 15, 2005

It’s like being in a large gathering of friends..different viewpoints, different experiences….keeps me in touch with friends who are far away, and puts me in touch with new ones….lets me know what my child is currently undergoing, without needing long emails about it..I was content for a long time, to just read, but it is helping me a lot to have the daily discipline of writing, too!

some of my friends are







(hmmm..I don’t know how to type so that their links appear onscreen…need a few lessons I guess!)


March 14, 2005

Rationally, I know that once I accept myself with my faults, I will be a much happier person, and others will not have the power to upset my equilibrium…and also, I will find it much easier to accept others, with their faults,too. But trying to do it is different from actually getting there….

Trying to find some activity that will take care of my SPARE time, and not time in the evenings and weekends that I like to spend with my spouse…not lucky so far! Most classes and courses are in the evenings and weekends…they are interesting too, sadly!

Enjoying the frequent travelling; I decided that as long as we have good health, and enough money, we must travel as much as we can. India is such a wonderful country, offering incredible variety to those who want to discover her. And a trip to the US seems to be in the offing, too…if we are going, we are going to travel around there, too!