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Protected: The Gathering of the Seats….

March 31, 2009

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March 30, 2009

After a hard, back-breaking day, I got back home in time for nothing useful or productive, so decided that today was the day I was going to Start Swimming. And so off I went to our little poolette….

The water felt like silk (ok, well, it *could* have been warmer I guess, especially the pre-swim shower which our building authorities seem to have connected up to some Himalayan snow-fed spring.) I was happy to notice that months of absence have not slowed me down too much (yes, I could’fasten’ up my laps a little!)…and that I could do 30 laps with no difficulty at all. (The laps in our pool are also lapettes.)

I am feeling so fresh, though tired…the frustrations of the day have dropped away, and I am at peace with all the world again, even with the mason and plumber who were my main instruments of torture the whole day long…

How lucky I am to have this pool of blue, clean water to swim in as long as I wish to. How many generations hence will swimming pools be a thing of the past?

Meanwhile, on Sunday I went for the Lalbagh Heritage Walk, organized by Max Mueller Bhavan as an Urban Space Event; here’s a close-up of a Traveller’s Palm that I took…

travellers' palm lalbagh 290309

Let not anyone tell you that abstract art is nothing like Nature makes…Nature has abstract art everywhere; lovely designs, numbers, one-off pieces of exquisite creativity…

JLRNTP-1, March 27,28,29,2009

March 30, 2009

I went, as usual, to meet all the people who took the NTP….this time, there has been a full contingent (the accomodation at the Bannerghatta property of JLR is 8 X 2, and 17 people had registered, which meant that three of the young women have had to share one tent!

I realized that I knew several members beforehand, but it was nice to meet others for the first time, too!

The group was a very nice one, including a mother-daughter duo, and another young couple who had brought their delightful five-year-old, Arohi, along with them. Arohi and I had a great time swinging on the suspended tyre in the campus, and trailing around the place while the others were getting edified!

Here’s the very intelligent, articulate little girl (sorry, young female person):

arohi jlrntp 270309 bg

more about the NTP Nature Trail

Kannada New Year…

March 27, 2009


We live in hope…we believe in new beginnings (what are old beginnings? anyone seen any?)…here’s wishing everyone health, happiness, and peace of mind!

My poor MLC…

March 26, 2009

Mr Thomas finally said he couldn’t get spares for my wonderful MLC, the Canon S3 IS…so I am off to the Canon Service Centre on Brigade Road, to see if THEY can get whatever part it is that needs to be replaced….

Things have been VERY hectic lately….but we did find the time to go and see the annual visit of the glow-worms…

There were just four of them that day…haven’t been able to go again! 😦

Odds, anyone?

March 25, 2009

If you were the driver (or the “cleaner”) of a lorry, what would you do with this box?

petbox sarvabhoumanagar 190309

I am still trying to figure it out…anyone wants to use the box to bet that I will not arrive at the answer?

Your inputs are welcome….what do you think this box is?

Conducting an Interview….is like white-water rafting, sometimes!

March 25, 2009

I have been, quite intensely, on the phone with someone whom I am interviewing…for the past 45 minutes.

An interview…can be several things…interesting, riveting sometimes..and sometimes, very draining….

There are times (thankfully, much more often) when I am in charge of the interview. I think of what information I want, and lead the conversation…I elicit the information needed for the interview, and quite often, a lot of other details that satisfy my own curiosity about a person’s life, views, and work.

Indeed, most often, it is quite difficult to extract information that I want, and I have to work at it with a combination of talk, leading remarks, direct and indirect questions, sometimes flattery, sometimes a barb that will result in a reaction….

But sometimes, like now, I get drowned. Drowned in the flow of words from someone. The words have been flooding over me in a cataract of information and opinion. I keep asking the person to talk about one particular thing, and that person keeps talking about something else, in a wealth of detail that I can neither absorb nor use….It’s like trying to keep a kayak afloat in rushing rapids…

Adding to the problem is that this person’s English is, to put it mildly, very picturesque, and making sense of the words is sometimes a challenge on its own!

This person apparently does not, also, realize that I have to type out and keep track of all the stuff that is pouring out, and later separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

I am amazed at the extremely high need some artistes have, to talk about themselves!

When this person stops talking (my left ear is warm-bordering-on-hot as I type this, and I am gettig a crick in my neck, typing as I just listen with a “hm” interjected), I am going to heave a sigh of relief and tiredness, and go off and take a ten-minute break!

My goodness, I didn’t realize that there are people in the world who talk more than I do!!

A Cashewal Post….

March 24, 2009

I suddenly decided to take Madhusmita, a friend whom I met on the JLRNTP egroup, and who has become quite close, to the Bannerghatta Zoo area this morning…..

Here’s a very expensive fruit from a very valuable tree….

cashewnuts bg 240309 bg zoo area

Those are cashew nuts…..

Here’s more info about them, at

Aren’t they beautiful, as well as being tasty? There are quite a few trees, here and there, near the tourist area….

Scenes from Bannerghatta Forest area, 210309

March 23, 2009

Though the birds kept us occupied, our mission (Ramesh, Geetanjai, Anush and I…all NTP members) was to try and identify a village to develop homestays in, and to try and develop bird trails and train some of the village youth to act as bird guides, giving them both revenue and a reason to protect the birds and the environment. We have been somewhat successful…

But so many beautiful scenes took my eye….

The stream that runs through the area we visited makes patterns of light and shadow as it runs tinkling over the rocks:

more sights

Birds from the Bannerghatta Forest Area, 210309

March 23, 2009

Every time I visit the Bannerghatta Forest area (as distinct from the Bannerghatta Zoo/Butterfly Park area), I see so many birds; last time the raptor sighting that had me in raptors raptures was the Marsh Harrier; this time it was this beautiful SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE soaring overhead:

see the birds….