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The Butterflies and Flowers over the Weekend….

September 29, 2008

Since I have been so lucky in finding people to go with this past week, I thought that I would do a post on the wildflowers, and the butterflies I was able to photograph. Those last few words are important, because it’s immediately obvious why the word “butterfly” came from the word “flutterby”. These are SUCH restless creatures, flitting here and there (in the novels of P G Wodehouse , all faithless people are referred to as butterflies because they “flit from flower to flower”)…but sometimes one can sneak up on these beauties as they rest lightly on leaves, flowers, the ground or anywhere else….

But…but…butterflies are Orribler Creatures than birds. When I started birding I never realized that there might be something MORE confusing than bird ids. But butterflies are. They have their wings-open appearance, they have their wings-closed appearance, their larvae, their pupae and then just to kill me off, there are butterflies that mimic other butterflies….

But to me, the butterfly life cycle is one of the most wonderful, mysterious things on earth. An egg becomes a caterpillar that becomes a pupa that becomes a butterfly….a complete re-incarnation, all in one life…so many different forms of one life….it’s difficult to comprehend the complexity of it all. Now, when I find a caterpillar in my vegetables, my reaction is not “Yeughhhh” but to reach for my MLC and switch to macro mode! 😀



either you can see some more pics or you can flutter by to the next friend’s page

Pavement wares

September 29, 2008

Sometimes, amidst the plastic and the tawdry stuff that one finds on the footpath stalls, one comes across nuggets….

Those are woodcuts, meant to be used for block printing, or perhaps for rangoli or mehendi…except for the paisley patterns, each is unique.

Each cost five rupees…a pittance for such artistic work!

Superb weekend….

September 29, 2008

Two birding trips, one to Ramnagara and one to Ragihalli in the Bannerghatta Forest area….an evening with old film music and great friends….catching up with old friendships…what could be better? I am a very lucky person.

Four of the most common things one can see on a trip to the outdoors:

The MORNING GLORY (Convolvulus):

The GARDEN LIZARD (Calotes versicolor)

The dragonfly (Dontask methisname)

And a PALM SQUIRREL (Onceagain noname), straying from the tree for which he is named, and enjoying the fruit of the CASUARINA tree:

Lots of pics to follow…once I get done with my backlog of work!

Sent to me by

September 25, 2008

She doesn’t post on LJ any more, but she does send me some very amusing stuff! Here’s one.

click here to find out about the gender of your new father

Thank you, enigmaticash!

Protected: Messages on Bangalore Buses….

September 24, 2008

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All my own…..I can hear you groan!

September 24, 2008

Some of them are multilingual….

What were scissors called in Roman times?

Julius Scissors.

Who is the goddess of Bangalore bakers?


What’s the favourite snack of IT people?


The German sweet beloved of French people?


Lakshman married Urmila and went off to the forest with Rama because he knew there would be Lakshman Rekha…

Who would repair your car?


Why did Indira Gandhi take offence when Chandrababu Naidu asked her to arrive the next day?

“Rape-u randi”, he said.

:D…Indeed I can hear the groans please add your own!

General observation about beards

September 24, 2008

The less hair men have on their heads, the more likely they are to have a beard.

Alas, I can straightaway think of two exceptions… this guy and this one ….

Also this one .

All generalizations, including this one, are likely to be wrong. *smiles evil smile*

And….how far is one from death on Bangalore roads?

OK, off to do my morning chores!


September 23, 2008

Recently, I have been looking at a lot of people with dimples, and realize that in my book of beauty, they are a welcome addition…. the wiki entry says they are considered attractive in “some cultures”…in which cultures are they NOT considered attractive, I wonder?

I have always wanted a dimple, and spent a lot of time during my years in school trying to acquire one with the help of a pencil thrust into my cheek and rotated; I didn’t know that I didn’t have the right facial musculature! No dimple resulted from all those persistent attempts….

I gave up the attempt and told myself, in true sour-grapes fashion, “A dimple is an inside-out pimple!” … and restricted myself to looking, with admiration, at those who did have dimples. Both cheeks (er, the facial ones) or one…to me it really does add a great deal to facial beauty.

Dimples, in fact, are considered so much a beauty asset that many girls, particularly in north India, are called by this name. Who can forget Dimple Kapadia’s debut as and in “Bobby” , which had a generation of men drooling over her? (She also had a sister called Simple, but that’s another story. Would anyone fancying the sister be Simple-minded?)

Funnily enough, though, a dimple in the chin (or call it a cleft chin, if you like), which is considered an epitome of manly beauty, has never attracted me at all. However, I have no opinion about dimples on nether cheeks …but of course, dimples on the knuckles, elbows or feet of babies are always beautiful to see!

Dimples are also, apparently, very good for aerodynamics; this entry answers the famous question, “how many dimples on a golf ball?”

Trust science to take all the fun out of dimples by calling them “disambiguation”! 🙂

That was a smiley, but alas, without a dimple in it….!

For my own reference..but someone might like to read it

September 23, 2008

Moved from Evoca to Muziboo

September 23, 2008

Evoca progressively cut down the time and then sent an email asking me to stump up $30 or my account would be deleted. (Not, we will keep your account, of course, but make it a paid one, but….pay or we will delete.) So a kind friend helped me and moved all my songs so far to


The name may be awkward but it’s a good. mewpsych…if you are still active on LJ…do shift your music, too!