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Bright-eyed and (probably) bushy-tailed

February 28, 2007

Sometimes one need not go for the rare and exotic…what’s right before one’s eyes can be very appealing too!

Here’s the little squirrel (ours are very much smaller compared to their American cousins)….

Life rocks!

I loved the setting of the little fellow amongst the angles and the lines.

The caption could either be, “Life rocks”…or “a life on the rocks”…but the squirrel looks, literally, bright-eyed (and bushy-tailed though the tail doesn’t show here!), so I guess it would be the former.

Of creatures…

February 28, 2007

My wildlife experience is inextricably tied up with the several avid wildlifers I have met. Just now when I saw sainath‘s post about the Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, I instantly thought of yathin…even though HE now signs himself Elephas Maximus! So I was musing..and I realize that I think of some particular fauna when I see the names of some people…let me describe the associations at least with some LJ-ers!

kalyan….the bonnet macaques of BR Hills and the Crested Serpent Eagle which he pointed out to us when we first met him in that magical place…

amoghavarsha…that rock python which he photographed..and the Forest Calottus.
sanathreddy…the crocodile….
sainath…the Spotted Owlet….
chirdeep_shetty…the dhole and the chital, the former usually hunting the latter!, not the kaadupapa (the Slender Loris), but the elephants which he snapped in that beautiful photograph…

And so it goes…

Very nice lady

February 27, 2007

Here’s a picture of one of our relatives (well, technically KM’s…but you know how it is, after 30 years of marriage, there are no YOUR relatives and MY relatives, only OURS)…a very hard-working lady who has stood by her husband’s business ups and downs, always lending a helping hand as well as coping with the household, with staunch affection.

She is always so happy to see us and is SO hospitable, I invariably exit her home quite stuffed to the gills!

DSC_0506 Mrs Natarajan

She is wearing the traditional silk saree, woven in the town of Kanchipuram, or Kanjeevaram, that all of us women in the South like to wear at festive occasions…

Photo taken by that good photographer, amoghavarsha, who was forgiven for coming VERY late to this festivity, because he took such great snaps of the people who were still around!

A Nobel Prize Winner

February 27, 2007

Well, not the sketch, but the subject…someone whom I revere as a real saint, whether they make her one or not…

Mother Teresa

“Service to humanity is service to God”…how difficult to remember!

Oh my…

February 27, 2007

I have been sketching all my life; and it is so much a part of me that I have never thought much about it. When I moved into my present apartment, I finally decided to frame a few of the sketches that had been autographed, and a few that I liked…but that was about the limit of it.

I tend to sketch mainly when I am stuck indoors because of the heat. (Cold weather allows me to wear extra clothes and stride off happily.) I do not even have an easel or a special set of pencils…

But if I knew that posting a picture of a sketch would bring in the compliments like this…I would have taken it a lot more seriously…

I will be posting more of my sketches now…in sketching, I love the way a few lines can indicate so much of form and content!

Thank you for the compliments, all of you…I feel so happy; that tiger-sketch entry is going to be one of my treasured ones!

Metroblog post about the Dental college

February 26, 2007

I do tend to post a lot of stuff critical of the space where I it’s a pleasure to be able to say something positive, too!

My sketch…..

February 26, 2007

I was just posting this sketch of mine on to LJ when I get a call that sainath had his first wild-tiger sighting in Dudhwa National Park over the weekend…

And here’s my sketch, dedicated to these majestic creatures….

Tiger sketch

I wish they burn brighter and brighter in the forests of the night!

Mr and Mrs B Kite, update

February 26, 2007

The past few days, I have watched, riveted, as Mrs Black Kite calls each morning…and Mr BK arrives with morsels in his mouth which he lays out on the palm fronds; she comes out, eats them, and it’s back to the nest for her.

By the time I rush into the other room, get the camera and bring it out on to the balcony, mealtime is over…

But today, I left the camera right on the balcony (not a wise thing to do because of the sun pouring in.) And the whole morning, the male did not appear.

So just now, Ma’am decided to go out and get a snack for herself…I guess she figured that with the sunshine on the eggs they would keep warm enough for a while. I must say, she wasn’t gone long though….I wonder if she did find something to eat after the long night vigil…

Kites nest update three

But while she was gone, I thought I would let you all share the sight of the eggs…there was one earlier, now there are two…

And if you please, the sponge and towel have been accesorized by….someone’s leather wallet! (You can see it in the nest). If you look at the right of the photograph you will see a green coconut as well…

Watch this space for further developments, and hope that I have the camera handy, too!

Fine Dining is Hyena Dining

February 26, 2007

The Kulgi Camp run by the Forest Department had this sign over the canteen (every tent was named after a bird or animal)…

Kulgi Camp Canteen Sign

Why did I get the feeling that there would not be no tablecloth, candles or crystal?

The forest dept signs in Karnataka all have this blue-green diagonal background, which makes them easy to identify.

When people fall in love with themselves…

February 24, 2007

That’s what I think about MTR and Koshy’s…waiting for the brickbats to fall!