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Lovely lyrics…

January 19, 2017

Just love the lyrics of a jewellery ad, which is something I never thought I’d say!

The visuals are coy and cloying, but the words…lyrics…are:

விண்ணில் மின்னும் தாரையை என்னில் கண்டேனே !
தங்கம் என்னை தீண்டிட காதல் கொண்டேனே!
இரு கையில் வளையல் குலுங்க…
காதோரம் காதலன் சிணுங்க…
நெஞ்சத்தில் தஞ்சம் கொண்டாய்…!

(I found a star of the sky in myself/As gold touched me, I found love/ With bangles clinking on both wrists/ My lover whispering in my ear/You found a refuge in my heart…)

Minnal Shaffer, 190108

January 19, 2017

In front of the waving grasses in an urban park
Facing the calm waters
Lies a small brick, upon the ground,
That carries your name.
O dear one, my firstborn’s firstborn,
You went away before you even came into this world.
Souls of great ones, our scriptures say,
Do not have long to spend on this earth.
Coccooned within your mother,
You had very little time.
But you were here long enough
For us to love, remember, and cherish you.
You remind us how every live birth,
Every normal child,
Is nothing short of several miracles.
You were a lightning flash that touched our lives;
But,like lighnting, you had great power
To open our eyes to the fragility of life.
Your home in our hearts is eternal,
As is that of every being whose lifespan is small.

lagOri, Kaikondrahalli kere, 080117

January 8, 2017

We often lament about our children using tablets and X-boxes all the time…but I find, often that even our urban children are quite in touch with the traditional games of childhood.

Today, when I went to Kaikondrahalli lake, I found this pile of flat stones, with a young girl piling them up carefully.


I knew that a game of


was in progress, and waited a bit while the girls surrounded the pile of stones and began their game.


The game involves a ball and a pile of flat stones, generally played between two teams in a large outdoor area. A member of one team (the seekers) throws a tennis ball at a pile of stones to knock them over. The seekers then try to restore the pile of stones while the opposing team (the hitters) throws the ball at them. If the ball touches a seeker, she is out and her team continues without her. A seeker can always safeguard herself by touching an opposite team member before the ball hits her.


There are some other rules that may be added in different regions of the country.

So here, to please all of us, is the scene of children (the girls were dressed to the nines for an event at their school, which is adjacent to the kere) playing a traditional game which does not need electricity, and which is one that their parents and grandparents have probably played!

Birding on the first day of 2017, Ramnagara

January 2, 2017

Just four of us: Jayashree, Padma, Ramaswamy and I…went to


for some evening birding, and to see the critically endangered

Long-billed Vultures

at the betta.

On the way, we saw three Spotted Owlets in a tree.



The beautiful rocky outcrops welcomed us in the evening sunlight.



Usually, the gates to the hill are closed, but on this day, they were open, and I clicked several cars coming down after the passengers had visited the rAmA temple at the top.


We saw a couple of

Egyptian Vultures



and we were also able to locate their nest.


and then I saw this

Short-toed Snake Eagle

perched high on the edge of the cliff.



It then treated us to a flight display as well:


Muniyappa, a young boy from the nearby settlement, came to join us. He was quite good at spotting birds, too.


Jai lent him her binoculuars.


Finally, a lone

Long-billed Vulture


came out on to the ledge and preened itself, delighting all of us.

The sun sank behind the hills on the opposite side,


and I captured Jai against the moon and Venus.


We stopped at Bidadi for

thatte iddli


on the way home, and though Jai had to do some marathon driving through the choked highway, we returned home content with our evening’s birding!

Pics on my FB album