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The Jesus Christ Duck

January 31, 2008

I have posted some pictures of a pelican landing on the water where it looks as if it’s walking on the water…but yesterday I did really see a Jesus Christ Duck!

the Jesus Christ duck!

That duck walked along comfortably on the layer of ice over the lake, and when it felt it had enough, broke the ice with one webbed foot, and started swimming!

And..I dedicate this post to a dearly loved Duck…

What some imagination can do

January 30, 2008

We too have “junction boxes” (I don’t know what they are called in America) in India….boxes at street corners where the power outlets and (possibly) switches and fuses are. But ours are drab eyesores…and here, I enjoyed seeing how a little imagination and art can better these things…

Here’s one such box near the History Museum; aptly enough, it depicts scenes from the America of the pioneers ; that man in the raccoon hat is probably a representation of Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone ,two well-known pioneers. One can see the prairie wagons, the dresses, the hunting, the clearing, the canoeing on the rivers….

pioneer america junction box collage 280108

And here’s another one which I found in University City, close to Washington U. This one has a wraparound depiction of the famous non-stop transatlantic flight made by that famous son of St Louis, Charles Lindbergh , in his plane, called The Spirit of St Louis

junction box art spirit of st louis 290108

If a transatlantic journey seems fraught with difficulty today, with all the technology we have at our command, what MUST it have been like, all alone on the ocean? I cannot even visualize the kind of bravery it must take to do that…

And the rest of his life was so eventful, too, with the kidnapping of his son and the subsequent murder…

I look at these things, and think, when I go back home, I will raise funds to beautify such things in my city…but I know that any money I raise will go to an orphanage or to the blind, who, I ultimately think, need the money more than the city eyesores do….

The Legend of Leelinau

January 30, 2008

While in the World Bird Sanctuary/Lone Elk Park area, we saw this…and it was really striking.

Our religion and mythology is replete with the spirits that infuse other things found in Nature, so I loved this legend:

Legend of Leelinau Lone Elk Park Fenton Mo

And then we looked up the tree on which this sign was, and there was Leelinau herself, her hair trailing down like Rapunzel’s….

leelinau in the tree fenton mo 260108

Here she is, a little closer:

leelinau figure 260108

That was lovely, though a little sad…I think the world is always against love that defies the “norms”…and often, people who love that way suffer for it.

A snap of a day….

January 30, 2008

I thought I would snap pictures through the course of one of my very ordinary,humdrum days….those not interested, skip please…

This was 280108…

It began with this colourful dawn…

dawn on enright ave 280108

more under the cut


January 29, 2008

I do like it when companies describe themselves accurately…

honest descriptions

How I would love it if we could see more such company names…”Swindle Portfolio Management” …”Fraud Chit Fund”… “Just Two Chairs and A Table Dot Com”….

and I think people would STILL put money in them! My friend’s son, a lawyer, told us about someone in Bangalore who had replied to one of those “I am sending all my money from Nigeria to your account but I want you to send me $5000 to enable that” emails, and had lost all the money…and was STILL wanting to go to Mumbai to meet the “courier” that he was expecting!

What asked me to do…

January 29, 2008

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don’t dig for the “coolest” or “most intellectual-sounding” book in your collection. Just pick up whatever is closest.

The book this quote is from is “The Innocent Man” by John Grisham.

The detectives were well known to his audience.

Tommy insisted over and over that he had nothing to do with Denice Haraway, that the real killer were out there laughing at the two stupid boys who confessed and the cops who tricked them into it.

Without the bodyof Denice Haraway, Bill Peterson had an enormous legal challenge. His case consisted of two taped confessions, with absolutely no physical evidence as a foundation. Indeed, the truth contradicted everything on the tapes, and the confessions clearly contradicted each other.

“The Innocent Man” is a real-life story of murder and injustice in a small American town…I am reading it because it is by John Grisham. I have only once been seriously disappointed in this author….I detested “Skipping Christmas” (I think that was the name.) An OTT book that felt awful and cheesy.

The Anti-Bush Campaign

January 28, 2008

Here people seem to be very anti-Bush, and they are all out to remove Bush. “Consign Bush to the trash bin of history!” seems to be the slogan.

Dramatic pictures tell the story

Baby tips…

January 27, 2008

Since I am no longer a Paati animal….no grandchild in the offing now….I thought it might be painful to see this site.

Yes, indeed it was painful. I doubled up with laughter, and I have a stitch in my side now!!

Here it is.

Still laughing my head off!

wins a photography contest

January 27, 2008

It’s a great feeling when someone you know does good….

anirudhc, I have always known, is a very good photographer; it made me very happy when a friend, Pratima, told me that he had won the Blossom Fest photography contest:

That’s a beautiful photograph, on several levels. It brought tears to my eyes.

Here’s a photo that he took on my camera when we were on a birding trip together:

and to see his photos, go to

Great going, Ani, and wish you the best for more successes, and great photography…whether or not you win other prizes, your talent is great!

Play at Kirkwood Theater Guild

January 26, 2008

Yesterday, A was down again, and decided that the best way to cheer herself up was to go to a play; so she chose the Kirkwood Theater Guild , where there was a production of The Fourth Wall by A R Gurney , an American playwright.

The play was very much in the style of Ibsen and Shaw, both of whom were extensively quoted in the course of the action…and though I felt that the cast were rather self-conscious (well,it was a self-referential, deconstructionist play to begin with) about their being actors on a stage, they warmed up as the play went on , and it became very enjoyable. Much of the political humour, though, it topical, and the playwright would have to keep updating it or changing it if the play is not to become dated or stale. Steve Callahan was Roger, Ken Lopinot as Floyd (an excellent comic assay), Colleen Malone was Julia, and Janet Roby Schwartz was Peggy. Jan Meyer directed the play, and Danny Austin was the asst. director.

more details that won’t be of interest to anyone else but me