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The ridiculousness of these tags…

May 22, 2009

I remember, a few years ago, kalyan telling me that the hottest things were “tags”. You could tag your entries and photos and be able to locate them instantly. Great stuff.
But there are some very idiotic tags, too…and those are the ones attached to all the clothes and cloth-based stuff that we buy nowadays.

When I was young, my tailor would sew on a discreet tag on the inside of my blouse, but it would be sewn to the blouse on all four sides.

Nowadays, however, every item that’s made of cloth must needs come with not one but TWO tags. One, of course, is the one you wish you could let hang out, because it displays the oh-so-cool brand of the item of clothing (and also shouts out loud the high price you have paid for it.) Alas, not all brands have cool logos like the little crocodile, which is easily visible and doesn’t need a tag!

The seoond tag is the one that has to say what material the item is made of, and washing/cleaning/drying/care instructions for it.

I am sure that there are a group of sadists in every garment manufacturing facility who sit and ponder where these tags can provide the maximum discomfort to the wearer.

If one tag is down the side seam of a garment, wouldn’t you think that the logical place for the other tag is ALSO there? Of course not.

It *MUST* be a nice, stiff, pokey tag, jutting out from the back of the neckline, where it can poke you and poke you and poke you throughout the day and remind you that you ran over budget with this stupid “Gup” tee shirt or that idiotic “Spike” polo.

Here’s a little washcloth we bought for Eli; I have photographed a pencil on it for size reference.

tag on cloth 220509

Just look at the size of the tag on that cloth! Removing the tag from such cloths has become the bane of our lives now. D says probably there is a law against removing tags and I will be jailed without the option of a fine if the garment manufacturers find out I have been snipping off tags!

WHY cannot the tags be sewn down on all four sides, when they will cease to be an abomination and a nuisance? WHY must they stick out so pokily?

I want to know if, when these tags are manufactured, they come with tags of their own…

Don’t watch this if you are squeamish…

May 21, 2009

Body Invaders – Watch more videos

Thank you, purely_narcotic!

I hope there wasn’t a single squeam from you during that!

It’s both awful when you look at the visuals, and awesome when you consider how the videography was done…how on earth did they do this, and what equipment would the videographers have used? yathin…any ideas?

Concerts in Forest Park

May 21, 2009

I had been seeing announcements of the concerts on Tuesday evenings at Forest Park , but got to go only yesterday.

Here’s the poster in front of the History Museum:

190509 twilight tuesdays

more about the Tuesday evening

The Concrete Cauliflower has turned to MUSH!

May 20, 2009

It’s awful. Idiotic.

There is this creature at home… that cannot recognize us, who makes vile and disgusting noises ALL the time (yes, even when sleeping), produces the most disgusting by-products…and every now and then, I find myself going to where it’s lying, and staring adoringly at it. I cannot begin to imagine that I could have such a goofy expression on my face. The adoration of the Magi does not even come close to the fatuous admiration that I look at this creature with!

And…she’s a variety of animals. She luxuriates like a cat; quacks like a duck; grunts like a pig, squirms like a worm, butts her head like a goat (when she’s looking for food),kicks like a mule…

Here’s the litte Squirmy Wormy’s toes, luxuriating and uncurling as she feeds:

luxuriating toes 200509

That black-and-white thingy is a kind of wigwam that A can wear as she feeds the infant; it’s got a kind of stiff vent where she can look in at the baby. Quite convenient, but may be less so as temperatures begin to rise….

Sorry, I *had* promised myself, no more baby pics and posts…I really don’t know how they keep getting here.

More birds in Forest Park

May 19, 2009

I seem to have left these birds out of the list of the Forest Park birds…

The PURPLE MARTIN is very difficult to photograph, as it rarely alights long enough! But I came across this condo built for them:

purple martins 280409

There seems to be some concern about these birds; I found this signboard giving details about the bird:

purple martin details 280409

And it also said that the population of these birds is declining:

280409 martin decline signboard fp

However, the wiki entry lists these birds’ extinction chances as “least concern”

Certainly, they look fairly plentiful to ME! I hope it’s not a case similar to that of the BARN OWL in Bangalore…I joined a Barn Owl Conservation group, and later Karthik laughingly told me it was totally unnecessary, because the increase in the rat population would automatically bring the Barn Owls back to Bangalore (which they did!)

Here’s the common BARN SWALLOW:

purple martin 100509 forest park

Another lovely bird in the Des Peres creek is this lovely BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON

great blue heron 100509


brown-headed cowbird

And since I have found these birds very shy compared to the other everyday birds, and have been going around hoping to get photographs of them, this morning I found three of these RED CARDINALS looking down on me from our own rooftop! Before I could get the camera, one had flown, and the other two allowed me only a single shot, before they, too, disappeared over the roof:

red cardinals on our roof 190509

Update: I had got this post and id’s all messed up! A big thanks to the three people who took the effort and time to correct me! asakiyume did not even post a comment, she emailed me so that I could correct the id’s without appearing quite the klutz I am…but I think my mistakes, as much as my observations, should be on public record…

Another morning, another walk…

May 19, 2009

As I opened the front door, this HOUSE FINCH (thanks for the correct id, yathin ) greeted me in the little tree right outside, with its bright, beady eyes…

song sparrow 180509

As I crossed the road, I realized that it was going to be quite cold, as these cloud formations (that’s ice causing the rainbow effect) portended:

ice clouds 180509

more random images and thoughts

Topless Supermodel

May 19, 2009


What would you do if someone suddenly arrived at home for an indefinite visit, wanted food (specially made) every two or three hours, was often critical about that food, spurned some of the best clothes you could give them, kept you up all night complaining, and simply would not compromise about sleeping quarters and made rude noises, often, from both ends, and made an immense amount of housework, and slept like an angel after soiling all your clothes and theirs, and sat around naked when they felt like it?


It would depend on the age of the individual, and from where this person appeared.

If it’s a supermodel, you take your revenge by taking the first-ever topless photograph of her!

fully fed up 160509

She is Fully Fed Up, you can see that from both her face and her tum!

This photograph was only now released for public viewing by hosts of aforementioned individual. Note, after every whim has been catered (and indeed, pandered) to….there is still a disgusted and scornful look on supermodel’s face. She is at this point into the Gandhi/Victoria look (with loincloth, and not amused.)

mohanvee wins the Best Comment award for his “She’s a supermodel..with perfect 24-36-24 measurements.”

The Green Heron

May 18, 2009

Yesterday, I took my 12-year-old nephew from Florida to the Zoo to see the stingrays; he was delightful about being ready on time, and didn’t complain about the walk at all, which is about 2.5 miles each way, I think…and I told him that on the way, I would pause if I saw any “interesting” birds. He got quite interested in the birds he was seeing, and mentioned that they didn’t see the American Robin in Florida; he kept asking about each bird, “Is it common?” and he laughed when I told him that the Grackle was called the Common Grackle! “Then why are they not called Common Starling and Common Robin and Common Pigeon?” he asked logically!

At the Des Peres creek, I spotted this GREEN HERON:

Green Heron 150509 fp

It was a beautiful, colourful bird, and there’s more info about it

here .

It’s been a very hectic, enjoyable but tiring weekend…it’s also been a month since our departure and though there is much joy here, I cannot help missing home very, very much…..this is the longest time I have been away from home for many years!

Oh..and this nephew…it’s very funny, he’s totally gone on gangs, mafia and everything associated with it…he keeps wanting to know if St Louis is more dangerous than Chicago, identified several people during our walk to the Zoo and our drive downtown who, according to him, were smoking “crack-cocaine” or were members of gangs, and he wanted to know if this area or that were “ghetto” areas and dangerous!

I have told him to come to India, where I told him I could show him all the “ghettos” he wanted!

Quickly named…

May 17, 2009

The stretch of Delmar Boulevard from Skinker has been re-named:

barack obama road 150509

I wonder how many Barack Obama roads there are all over the country!


May 16, 2009


That was the new MLC….