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The Golden Chariot Experience

February 29, 2008

I was *going* to blog in detail about my experiences on this heritage train but then I found that anitab has done a much better job of it at

But you can see my pics ( a HORRIBLE BSNL broadband connection for the past few days that I could not upload pictures except few and far between) at

I suggest you start at the last page (Page 7) and work your way back to Page 1…that’s the right chronology of events. That’s the way you have to do it on Flickr!

Any questions from anyone, anyonymous (please do give your name) or LJ-ers, I will be happy to answer.

First question, am I taking up the job? Don’t know yet…depends on several parameters.

The photo session for “Mint” at Lalbagh

February 29, 2008

2007 cc

February 29, 2008

When my son-in-law was here, he noticed that autorickshaws in Bangalore often have other car brand names such as “Volvo” and “Benz” written on them, and also incredibly inflated engine capacities, such as “1000 cc” and “2000 cc”. Well, this auto decided that 2000 cc was old hat, and decided to be more modern:

2007 cc auto 280208

I am waiting for the first 2008 cc autorickshaw on the roads, and hope I have my MLC (Mary’s Lamb Camera) with me when I do spot it!

I had done a post on these autos, and the messages they carry, for Metroblogs at

I do enjoy carting my MLC along as I traverse this wonderful city that I call home!

The beauty of the sunset

February 27, 2008

A few days ago, I was interviewed in my capacity as a birder (and the author of a “yumerus” article on the Bangalore Bird Race ) by Archana Rai, for Mint, which is the local version of the Wall Street Journal.

Today, Mint’s photographer, Hemant Mishra (Nikon D70)took me and two young birders (Nirmit and Abhijna Desai) to Lalbagh for a shoot.

I will be writing about that, but it’s nearing Cinderella time, so let me just post some of the images of the sunset that I got today:

sunset glory lalbagh 20D

A few more if you click on this

I enjoyed the performance of the dancing drummers from Manipur

February 27, 2008

Two images on a train…..

February 26, 2008

The wealthy traveller boards the train. The window is big and is not curtained, but the lights ensure that he doesn’t see much outside, and his attention is on the snowy napery, the shining cutlery, and the food to arrive:

looking out....

But on the outside is the common man,looking in:

...and looking in

That family is waiting for a train, too, I think, but it won’t be a fancy one…

Two notices…

February 26, 2008

This one was in the Hindu Temple of St Louis:

no shorts please louis temple

I was very tickled because a) the temple seems to have such a list of do’s and dont’s … and the assumption seems to be that the reader IS wearing shorts!

And this one was in a Starbucks Cafe:

10 per cent post use fiber cup starbucks

Nothing is simple any more. Everything is earth-friendly or supporting left-handed dyslexic abandoned abused minority women or something like that….but…what on EARTH is 10% post-consumer fiber and 60% post-conumer fiber??? Sounds so impressive…but what does it mean? And after all that “We are committed to…” stuff, is that line, “intended for single use…”!

Fat-Free Water (the ONLY Place in the World that You can Get It)

February 26, 2008

LJ Friends’ posts…

February 25, 2008

Coming back after several days’ absence is very tough on the LJ friends list, because I do want to read what every friend has posted. And all these friends always decide that they WILL post, and post utterly interesting stuff, the MINUTE I go travelling. I have to read and backtrack, and am still not sure that I might not have missed something….and of course, the worst is that with so many posts to read (and this BSNL broadband getting spottier all the time) I can’t respond and comment and debate….

Phishing trap in a more sophisticated form

February 25, 2008

Here’s what my daughter had to say yesterday:

I received an email from Ebay that said that a buyer was asking a question about a particular item. Having not sold any item, I got worried that my account had been broken into and someone had the password. I clicked on the link to the item and was quick to enter my information. Not only was I tired and not as vigilant, I was already worried that my account had been hijacked and was eager to see if my password actually worked.

Once I hit login, I got a genuine ebay page that said something about an error. So I had just made an attempt to login, but had gotten an error. Then it hit me and I knew what had happened. I had just given my information to the phishing email spam scammer. I immediately went to the real ebay page, logged in and changed my password.

The experience has left me quite shaken. I have a password formula that is website specific and not easy to crack even when looking at it, and my username for ebay is unique and not shared by any other site… but still, the spammer has one of my email addresses (spamgourmet), my ebay username and an old password, and now I feel vulnerable. And it means endless pains to check all my other accounts. AAARGH.

Never never never type information into a site that you’ve only clicked on a link to get to. Of course the email was formatted exactly like Ebay mails. And of course looking at the URL it pointed to should have been enough. But when I thought that something was already wrong, my aim was to go and fix it rather than to see that it was a trap.

A reminder to be careful!