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Krishna Panyam: Origami, at Jaaga, 300112

January 31, 2012

I have had, as usual, a lot of interesting things to do…and one of them was the Origam workshop I attended at


I found that the teacher, Krishna Panyam, was someone I had met earlier, on the bus tour of the lakes of Bangalore

Here’s one of the pieces that Krishna made:

More photos can be seen on my FB album, if you

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(you need a Facebook account).

Here is Krishna, starting the workshop:

krishna starts orgmi 300112

Here are some samples of his work:

some smpls orgmi 300112

some more smpls orgmi 300112

rose orgmi 300112

Here’s a sample of (very difficult) curved origami:

Curved origami Krishna 300112

For more pictures, visit

Krishna Panyam’s Facebook album, click here

Wonderful….I enjoyed myself very much, as did all of us.

Steps….drama as a corporate learning tool

November 18, 2011

I’d attended an audition by

Steps Drama Learning

and to see my write-up about it in Citizen Matters,

click here

Here’s Mohan Mudgalkar, introducing this learning tool:

mhn mlgkr steps

And here are some of the participants, going through the audition:

steps drama

It was a very interesting experience, though I was not chosen (I didn’t expect to be!) But in the process, I got to know someone who is the wife of one of my NTP and wildlife friends, too!

Ragihalli, 070811 (Sunday)

August 9, 2011

Since I realized that the chosen destination for Rathika Ramaswamy’s workshop field trip (Jaipurdoddi) was unsafe, as a tusker had been sighted there, I suggested that they join us at one of my favourite places…Ragihalli, both the sheet rock area, and the koLA (pond)…the second being a destination that not many people seem to know about.

Though the bird count was low, it was an extremely enjoyable morning. Here’s the sign for the State Forest…the notification date is 10 April 1884…127 years ago!

rghli stt frest 070811

Here’s the group I went with, at the sheet rock. Rohit has turned me, in Chandu’s words, into a Four-Horned De-Pontilope!

our group 070811

Here are some of the things that I captured on camera…I was trying out the macro on the S30, the present MLC.

Here’s Rathika’s group (or at least, some of them):

photogr at sht rk 070811

Here’s Rathika herself, explaining a point to Trishala:

rathika rrishala 070811

I got this Agama in the crevice of the rock:

agama 070811 rghli

I don’t know the names of these wildflowers:

dpvli flwr 070811

I call that one the Deepavali flower 🙂

ragihali str 070811

dlcte wildflwr 070811

Arun tells me the flower above is called the Blue Daze.

Here’s the scene at Ragihalli White Lotus Pond…everything was green because of the monsoon:

rghli koLA 070811

I loved the pattern this water plant made:

water plnt rghli 070811

The patterns on the rock were lovely too:

ptrs on rk 070811 rghli

The pond was filled with white lotuses, and made a wonderful sight. Here’s one lovely flower, windblown in the rain:

white lotus 070811 rghli

the leaves never retain water, and they serve as an axample of non-attachment, in discourses on Philosophy:

lts lf wtr 070811

I caught this Common Mormon, a doughty survivor of encounters with a predator:

cmn mrmn 070811 rghli

Couldn’t resist taking yet another pic of the Glory Lily:

glory lily rghli 070811

I enjoyed “spotting” this female juvenile leopard in Ragihalli village:

fem juv lpd rghli 070811

The rangOlis in front of the village houses are lovely:

kOlam rgihli 070811

On the way back, I got one of the messages on the buses, that I always enjoy:

king of all qns 070811

And here I am, snapped by Rathika Ramaswamy:

dm ragihalli 070811 Rathika

For more photographs, go to my Facebook page


Under the clouds…upon the rock…

August 8, 2011

When two legs are not enough to take one everywhere, one resorts to four wheels….

bnw sun and rock and car 070811

Under the morning skies, our iron horses stand…tethered, by their brakes, to the rock surface, as we make our way over it….

It’s the rock that provides the fuel for those iron horses to run, ultimately! And the fumes from them pollute the clouded sky…..

An old house….

August 6, 2011

I went to attend a wildlife photography workshop by Rathika Ramaswamy, for Pixetra…but that’s not what this post is about. As I walked to the venue, I saw this old house…

old house stm rd 050811

I mused on when the house was built, how proud the owner (Mr Vaz) must have been to see this bungalow coming up in the beautiful city of Bangalore….here, you can see his name in the gate-post, and the name of the present owner…

vera vaz 050811 stm rd

I can say, “It Vas a nice house, once!”

Today, the house is taken over by weeds, and in the grip of Strangler Figs:

strnglr fig stm rod 050811

The old order changeth, yielding place to new….I wonder what has kept this house from disappearing, too, with a multi-storied glass-and-chrome building taking its place…litigation, is the most likely answer.

A little torn page out of Bangalore’s history; no doubt, it will soon flutter into oblivion.

St.Mark’s Road, Bangalore, 050811.

Thoughts on Digital Photography, Different Kinds of Workshops/Consultancy and Technology…

December 26, 2008

A lot of my friends, and acquaintances, have been conducting workshops or consultation outfits (sales training, photography, management sciences, and so on) of various kinds , and one of the dicey problems they face, of course, is: how much to charge? The sad thing is that people who are just getting in, just at present, seem to be charging very high fees, not realizing that the economic scenario has undergone a sea change recently.

I think that six months ago, there was a lot of discretionary income, a lot of people were looking for guidance as they took up various interests. But today, there may not be the money to spare for this kind of learning, and wannabe learners may decide to go the LIYWALH (Learn It Yourself With A Little Help) way, that I took…

Let me take, for example, the way I learnt about digital photography. Yes, indeed I have attended workshops conducted by two of my friends, but in the main, I have been learning from experimentation. The primary aim in both those workshops, for me, was more, the location, the friends who conducted those workshops, the presence of another expert at the workshop, and some other factors, rather than just learning about cameras or photography.

I am so thankful that I have learnt most of the little I know, from essentially playing with both the camera and the photographs, a husband who is a good photographer (and willing to lend his camera and lenses, too!) and having a lot of “geek” friends,and a who have patiently taught me some stuff about posting my photos on the blog and the net (Thank you especially to sainath who must have thought that HE would die of old age before I learnt anything properly!) …and to the technology that allows me to process my photographs myself, IF required…and more importantly, to delete lousy photos without having stacks of them piling up in my cupboards! 🙂

And while on this topic, I want to say….I know all the “hardcores” will say, digital photography is not as great as film photography. But I have heard that argument SO often. “Cassettes/CD’s are not as good as the old spool tapes.” “Rubber wood is not as good as Burma teak.” It’s true…but those things aren’t available any more now, or the “hardware” to support them! (I sometimes just imagine people writing on palm leaves, “They have discovered something called paper. It will never be as good as the palm leaves, or have the permanency of stone inscriptions”! 🙂 If my then-boyfriend had tried to give me a love-stone-inscription, I would have dropped it on his foot! I would never have taken up photography if, apart from anything else, I had to wait “for the roll to finish”, and then got back, from the film laboratory, either a set of lousy, fuzzy pictures, or someone else’s holiday snaps….I went to Lalbagh yesterday, and can inflict share my photographs with everyone, and that, too, across the world! If the Asian Paradise Flycatcher struts his tail vainly about, my friend in Massachusetts can see it within hours….well, minutes, if I was truly gadget- and net-savvy and didn’t want to still have a i-Sauropod instead of an i-Pod.

But it is the way of the world that whenever someone wants to do something, there will be someone who will offer to teach that someone how to do that something…for a fee, not for free, and for as fat a fee as possible! 🙂 It’s the old defintion of a consultant: one who teaches you to tell the time on your watch, and charges you half the watch value as a fee!

On the subject of digital photography…this is what I got in the jungles of Kaziranga….

Update: That IS a Hoolock Gibbon, kalyan tells me that’s the only kind which is found in India….. but it’s not a Tamizh Brahmin ape, with a “pattai” of “vibhoothi” or sacred ash smeared on his forehead!

More info on the Hoolock Gibbon here

It’s surprising that there is no mention of Hoolock gibbons in India, but only in Bangladesh!

I am feeling, for some reason, very peaceful and lotus-floating-on the water today….I know I must finish a couple of articles, finish uploading those Assam photos before they move out of my mind, and make a few more posts about my travels, so that I can, later, enjoy my travels again…but I am tapping away happily, contentedly, and I suppose I will get down to actual work in a while, instead of thinking and pontificating about it.

Update: no, I am not thinking and pontificating about work…I am off to see a photo exhibition (I will be writing about the photographer and his work so that’s…er…work! *evil grin*.)


PfA again

July 7, 2007

The S3IS does NOT take good photographs in low-light situations. Graininess prevails…

Mime workshop

February 9, 2005

Enjoying the mime workshop (over 4 weekends) very much. What Nazi, the mime teacher, told us during the mime workshop: Make time for plenty of practice. Don’t stop to analyze too much or your work will become laboured and it won’t “flow”. Lose yourself in who you are at the moment. Self-absorption will produce better work.

Just the same words my music teacher used for me when I learned Carnatic music….she said until I enjoyed myself, my audience wouldn’t….

Alas, our terrace is too small for some of the large movements that he teaches. But I am less than happy about the dog poop all over the terrace in Koramangala which is the alternate venue….

It is also difficult, at least to me, to be the only woman, as well as a middle-aged one, in a group of people, one of whom was my daughter’s classmate in school…I think it inhibits them, I didn’t find any willing partners in the two-people routine where one had to punch the other’s face in mime…it crossed my mind that maybe I should be interested in stuff more “suitable” to my age…but then I thought, what’s the age factor in MIME, for heaven’s sake!

Nazi’s email id:

He is really good.