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Words of wisdom

August 8, 2017

He who knows, and knows he knows…
He is a sage: Seek him.
He who knows, and knows not he knows…
He is asleep: Wake him.
He who knows not, and knows he knows not…
He is a child: Teach him.
He who knows not, and knows not he knows not…
He is a fool: Shun him.


Votive stones, Thotti Kallu Falls, 160717


No one…

January 14, 2015

No one hunts for a job any more. They explore options.
No one does a job anymore. They work in spaces.
No one is creative anymore. They think out of the box.
No one is a spoilt child anymore. They only have developmental issues.
No one is shy any more. They only have social anxiety.
No one is interesting in something any more. They are into it.
No one talks to anyone anymore . They engage with the others.
No one does something from now on. They do it going forward.
No one feels something any more. They have emotional experiences.
No one agrees with you any more. They hear you.
No one understands your point of view any more. They can see where you are coming from.
No one dislikes what I’ve just written. They give me analytical feedback.

Please add your own favourite phrases…

Al Literation

December 25, 2014

A friend said, “More than a decade ago, you’d produced a list of ‘Arab’ words, beginning with ‘al’….let’s have the list again!”

I can’t remember too many, but here are the ones that I do:

Lazy Arab: Album
Arab who prefers men: Algae
Arab who likes stripes: Algebra (the interesting part about this word is that, truly, the world algebra is derived from the word for zero… can “hear” the “siro” becoming ziro, to zero, to zebr to gebr to gebra!)
Arab who likes the US (is there such a one?) Alabama (or even Alobama 😀 )
Arab losing hair: Alopaecia
Arab unity: Altogether
Arab twins: Alike
Arab tragedy: Alas
Arab world: Alok
Arab memory loss: Alzheimer
Nearing the end of this list: Almost Done!

I’m amazed that my friend remembers this list… I’d tot(al)ly forgotten it!

Sight words, and art, 041114

November 5, 2014

A drew “sight words” (words that need not be spelt out but just recognized) in this drawing, and asked KTB to look for them.


Then, of course, KTB had to do the same thing, and ask us to find them!


I think she’s done a wonderful job!

There’s a special glow on your smiling face today…

April 4, 2014

The lyrics:

Ap kE hasIn rukh pE Aj nayA noor hai
mErA dil machal gayA tO mErA kyA kusUr hai?
Ap kI nigAh nE kahA tO kucch zarUr hai
mErA dil machal gayA tO mErA kyA kusUr hai?

There is a new glow on your smiling face today..
How can I help it if my heart is stirred?
Your eyes are saying something, too…
How can I help it if my heart is stirred?

khulI latOn kI chAnv mEn khilA-khilA sA rUp hai
ghatA pE jaisE chhan rahI subah-subah kI dhUp hai
jidhar nazar mudI (2), udhar surUr hi surUr hai

In the shadow of your open tresses, your looks bloom
Like the morning sun filtering through the clouds.
Wherever your look passes, there is intoxication..

(merA dil)

jhukI-jhukI nigAh mEn bhI hain balA kI shOkhiyAn
dabI-dabI hansI mEn bhi tadap rahI hain bijliyAn
shabAb Ap kA(2) nashE mEn khud hi chUr-chUr hai

Your downcast look has so much of allure;
Your suppressed smiles are like throbbing lightning.
Your youth is, itself, thoroughly intoxicating….

(mErA dil)

jahAn-jahAn padE kadam, vahAn fizA badal gayI
ki jaisE sar-basar bahAr Ap hI mEn dhal gayI
kisI mEn yEh kashish(2) kahAn jO Ap mEn huzUr hai

Wherever your feet tread, the atmosphere changes
As if the entire spirit of spring resides in you.
No one else has the attraction which you possess…

(mEra dil)

Human logic

April 2, 2014

We excrete, and then call those who clean the excreta, untouchables.
We rape, and then ostracize the victim.
We sit apathetically, and complain about the state of the nation.
We kill animals, and then pay high prices to see them.
And ….we pride ourselves on being logical and rational beings.

Tu…aur mein (You and I)

October 3, 2013

galtiyon se juda tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.
donon insaan hain, khuda tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.

tu mujhe, aur mein tujhe, ilzaam detey hain..magar
apney andar jhaankta tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.

galat fehmiyon ne kar di dono mein peydaa dooriyaan..
varna…fitrat ka bura tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.

Neither you nor I are free from faults.
We are both human: neither of us is divine.

You blame me, and I blame you…but
Neither you nor I introspect.

Misunderstandings have created distances between us…
Else, neither you, nor I, are bad by nature.

How beautifully this captures the essence of miscommunication that spoils friendships….

KTB gets creative…

September 19, 2013

It’s most enjoyable when children develop their own personalities, and give their own spin to things!

Here’s KTB, singing the original words (with exaggerated expressions, ofkose)

and here’s her positive version:

The colours of behaviour….

March 19, 2013

At KTB’s daycare, they never use the words “disobedience” or “bad behaviour” (or behavior, as it is spelt in American E.) But each child has a clothes peg assigned to hem, and depending on how the day has gone, the person picking up the child can see where the child has been…well…pegged.

One category obviously meets the approval of Those Who Matter:

rdy blue urbn spts1 140313 stl photo DSC01827.jpg

“Ready To Learn” would be, in my day, “You are a good, obedient child”.

When the child doesn’t listen to the caregivers, it’s not called “disobedience”. For fear of being negative, this kind of behaviour is assigned to the category, “make better choices”:

 photo DSC01826-1.jpg

(Notice where my Boodi Ma is, she ain’t….see below)

Teacher’s Choice, which, in my vocabulary, would be the same as Teacher’s Pet:

 photo DSC01828-1.jpg

At the bottom of the pile, literally and figuratively, would be “Parent Contact”, which certainly seems to induce a lot of stress in the children (well, at least in Boodi Ma, who is often full of why such-and-such child was misbehaving and got put on this!)

 photo DSC01829-1.jpg

Is it important to call common disciplinary concepts by different names? My daughter and I differ on this. I personally feel that no matter what a spade is called, that word soon comes to mean, exactly, a spade. But to A, avoiding attaching negativity to a concept is important..I feel that the negativity attaches itself, sooner or later…what do you think of these colours of behaviour?

Fecal Output of Bos Indicus

September 25, 2012

While I realize that the scientific names of creatures are a kind of Unique Identification, and very necessary, I feel that often referring to creatures ONLY by their scientific names, and not the common ones, is a form of elitism….I-know-this-scientific-term-you- don’t-so-look-it-up…..if all and Sundari start doing this, it can be a lot of Bos indicus.

I can understand scientists wanting to use scientific names…but why do perfectly normal laymen suddenly go into “jargon gear” and start using the most esoteric terms possible? I have a neighbour who suddenly told me her son had “Coryza”. I was very concerned until I realized that the little boy had the symptoms of a common cold.

The English language may have roots in many other languages, and some of those terms may still be used for technical terminology. But to me, my relative who talks of a “myocardial infarct” instead of a heart attack, is sort of lording-it-over-me, hoping to impress me with his knowledge.

I may write indifferent verse but if I then mention that I wrote it in iambic pentameter, that makes me SOUND more learned. I may daub a painting but I can talk about my chiaroscuro techniques.

I suppose that is it…to use technical jargon as if it were everyday language makes the user feel that s/he can impress the hearer about the superior level of knowledge about the subject.

This kind of jargon extends towards prolix (there I go!) language, too. Insted of “now”, I say, “at this point in time”. My favourite sentence is, “At the end of the day, at this point in time, the need of the hour is to address the burning issue and put back the clock.” A whole lot of FOBi (see subject title) that is “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

This works towards my general (yes, like all generalizations, this is not totally true!) theory that very often, an increase of knowledge seems to be accompanied by a proportional increase in ego. When Knowledge walks in, sometimes Humility walks out.