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Sight words, and art, 041114

November 5, 2014

A drew “sight words” (words that need not be spelt out but just recognized) in this drawing, and asked KTB to look for them.


Then, of course, KTB had to do the same thing, and ask us to find them!


I think she’s done a wonderful job!

August 29, 2007

Another confession, another “uncool” thing about me…I am a cryptic crossword fanatic!

Here’s my post about cryptic crosswords in Bengaluru newspapers…

I do love cryptic crosswords, and do any crosswords that I come across…from the very Brit crossword of the Statesman, to the sometimes-ok-sometimes-awful Hindu, to the tickle-my-wits Indian Express or the Deccan Herald…but the Saturday crossword remains my favourite!