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Colours, and the wind

August 3, 2012

wndmill 020812

We are blown about by the winds,
And the colours keep changing.
We do not know when change will happen,
Or when we will stagnate.
Let us emulate the windmill….
Let the winds of chance and fate propel us,
Accept and in that acceptance,
Mix all the colours, in circulation, to the purity of white.

Don’t close the window

July 27, 2011

If your mind’s window you close,
You cannot feel the wind’s quiet force
No fresh ideas, wafted on the fresh air
Can replace the old thoughts already there.
Old thinking grows rigid and cold
And festers into bad and old.
Open the window to the currents…these
Will waft some new thoughts on the breeze.

canyon cafe stl 240611

Metblogs post about Bijoya and Vijayadashami

October 21, 2007

We went visiting a few Puja pandals yesterday,and here are a couple of images on my Metblogs post:

And here’s a picture that has no religious overtones at all, but still speaks of festivity and happiness!

coloured pennants in SEP 201007

Loved the sight of them flapping in the rain-laden breeze…