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Black and white, 240313

March 29, 2013

We say “black and white”…but it’s never just black and white. There are always the various shades of grey, the areas that are neither here nor there….but I can’t talk about fifty shades of grey any more!

So I’ll just be content with a couple of pictures, taken in Forest Park during the snowstorm Virgil, last Sunday…

B'nw snow fp 240313 best photo DSC02340.jpg

This the

Animals Always sculpture

at the gate of the St.Louis Zoo:

B'nw snow fp 240313 zoo gate photo DSC02337-1.jpg

Here are boughs bent beneath the weight of the snow:

conifer 240313 snow photo DSC02322.jpg

A lovely gazebo at a branch of Target:

B'nw snow fp 240313 target photo DSC02313-1.jpg

Steps on Enright:

B'nw snow fp 240313 steps photo DSC02295.jpg

Black, white, and all the greys are beautiful…

Snow and colour…

March 25, 2013

Snow is supposed to be white;
But many colours seen to hide in it.
The snow catches the band of the prism:
Indeed, it can even widen it.

colour even 240313 snow photo DSC02379.jpg

It’s a lesson to me not to assume
That’s anyone’s life is a bland white.
They may just be balancing, wisely,
All the colours of the light.


Looking out 240313 snow photo DSC02374.jpg

I opened the door to Spring.
But it was Winter that I let in.
I wanted the green and the flowers.
But it was all white in a few hours….

For other images of snow in colour,

click here

And for snow in black and white,
click here

house 240313 snow photo DSC02353.jpg

How the flash changes colours….

June 3, 2008

This is more a note to myself, but I think it will let it stand as a public post…

I was idly playing with the eucalyptus leaves on the lawn in Kodai when I made this pattern, and decided, as the light was fading, to try one photograph with flash, and one without. And I was surprised by how different the colours looked….

Here’s the photo with natural light:

And with the flash:

The colours, the warm/cool balance…everything is different!

So, in digital photography, I find that the colours in the final photograph depend very much on the camera and what one has set the white balance for; and of course, if one is using any post-processing software, that would give one further ability to manipulate the colours and their saturation. What used to be the prerogative of the laboratory developing one’s pictures (unless one happened to be the darkroom I-develop-my-pictures type), is now largely in one’s own hands, in fact, to a large extent as one makes the image.

I want to acknowledge here, the help which I have received from several photographers, by advice and by started with KM the S (KM the Spouse)and then several more friends….some of them on LJ are (in alphabetical order)…. amoghavarsha,anirudhc,kalyan,prashanthks,sainath,shivakumar_l,yathin…I am sure I have missed out some names, but several people have been so patient and helpful in getting some of the elements of photography into the concrete cauliflower my brain.

OK, non-photography types, you can wake up from your bored-to-death snooze now.

Some glitches still…

November 17, 2007

The new comp still has a few glitches, not ironed out yet…I can’t post to Metroblogs (have done so from my ancient dino!)…can’t play a few Yahoo games, esp bookworm which is one of my favourites…

Getting a new laptop to work takes a LOT of effort…! Also, the “skin” that I got to prevent that super-white keyboard from rapidly becoming a grey keyboard is useful, but makes it necessary to use much more pressure on the keys….

What’s the big deal with this white fascination, in computers as well as human skins in India? The dust and dirt of the Indian climate makes it such a difficult option…