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Permanence and transcience…

January 24, 2013

On the banks of Kunigal Dodda Kere (big lake), I found the age-old temple of Someshwara, and on the gopura, which has stood for centuries, I found this already broken wasps’ nest:

wsps nest 120113 kunigal kere

It made me muse on what is permanent,and what is transient…the reality of the matter is that this gopura, the land on which it stands, and the earth on which we are…are all, in their time, as transient as the paper crescents and the honeycomb cells of the wasps’ nest…

My life is short, compared to an ocean’s or a planet’s; long, compared to the termite which flies out at dusk after rain, and dies in a few hours….all creation, I think, is just a drop falling into the infintie sea of the Universe. What, then, IS permanent? I do not now…and as I turn to other matters, my transient thoughts, too, pass away….

How much should I worry? How much should I ignore?

February 5, 2009

Yesterday we went to an excellent theatre evening…but driving a distance less than 15 kms. took us nearly and hour and a half…both ways…..and I was really ashamed to be sitting in a car, burning petrol at idling, and being part of the problem instead of at least trying to be part of the solution.

But the reality is that Chowdiah is terribly poorly connected by buses, and we were going for a relaxed evening of leisure, and that is not, in my book, equal to travelling on crowded buses and walking in your glad rags for ages to reach the venue, and then reach the bus terminus after the show.

So I compromised, and I am not feeling very good about it now.

Should I not have gone at all? I would have missed some really superb acting (it was Ismat Apa Ke Nam, by Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah and Heeba Shah)….we have lived a life where we have earned our money by honest means, so why is it that the only way we can have a nice evening is to do something that my conscience bothers me about?

Oh well…would like to share this feat of engineering with you all….

The dexterity with which the leaves of the ants’ nest have been sewn/pasted together is incredible, isn’t it!

But such ants’ nests are not great news for the trees on which they appear,because often, the ants have aphids, as well, which suck the living sap out of the tree and its twigs.

Butterflies of Valparai

January 15, 2009

Most of the butterflies we saw are completely unknown to me, so I am just going to post the pics here and ask one of my better-informed friends for the id’s and update…

Let’s start with this beauty…

Update: Thanks to Rohini for some id’s…. this is the CLIPPER:

more mysterious ones here

Didn’t post…

December 12, 2007

Just now I told someone, “I haven’t posted anything today evening…” so decided to!

Here’s another huge wasps’ nest that I saw near Century Club, Cubbon Park, Blr, on Sunday…

wasp's nest century club 091207

The typical crescent-shaped patterns can be seen. Compare with my photo of a similar nest in Lalbagh…

What beauties Nature shows us! My quizgroup was amazed to know that it was a wasps’ nest, some of them thought it was a bird’s nest, it was that large!

Wasps’ Nest, Lalbagh, 2006

May 4, 2007

Sorry, I did promise not to post any more today, but this is at someone’s special request, so here, MVR, is the wasps’ nest that I photographed last year in Lalbagh. I do not seem to be able to find this photo on my earlier LJ posts….

DSC_0067 Wasps' Nest, Lalbagh, 25 July 06

It was in the low branches of a huge Ficus Benjamina tree.

This time I will tag it properly!