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The Infosys Campus in Electronics City, and its Variety of Architectural Styles

May 16, 2007

Here’s my Metblogs post about it…

I will be posting about the guided tour, a superb product from Infosys in its own right!

Perfect Torrent

October 23, 2006

Yesterday, I sat at home through the afternoon, waiting for a friend so that we could work on something of his together…I was checking LJ every now and then and there were HARDLY any posts.

Today, I take a train to Chennai and use a slow dialup connection…and there have been a perfect SLEW of posts. A rant on awful customers, cockroaches eating kolams, a beautiful picture of fall leaves, another recounting of a accident to a car wheel thanks to bad roads, a birthday wish ( 😀 ), a post about Rabindranath Tagore, several thought-provoking posts, a delightful rendition of Carnatic music, a slurp-sounding recipe….

I do love LJ and my online friends. I think you all keep me thinking…and young at heart!

when people become busy…

June 25, 2005

Very often when friends and acquaintances go abroad, they lead very busy lives..LJ is a great way to follow happenings in their lives without disturbing them with email (which they might not reply to, either.) But sometimes the LJ’s also peter out…sad when you want to catch up with someone’s life and you just get the same old stale entry from a few months ago….keeping a journal is like keeping a diary and needs time invested in it…the difference is that allows others to silently keep track of what’s going on with you.

Very interesting…

June 16, 2005

Funny thing…I go through so many LJs….it is like being surrounded by an articulate, multi-faceted group of people…I find it so fascinating that I keep forgetting to update my own LJ!

In the same way, one of my favourite parts of a newspaper or magazine is the readers’ letters section. Basically I enjoy hearing what people want to say…and the diversity of opinions on different issues. People are really interesting.

other people’s LJs…

April 26, 2005

just went through other people’s LJ entries today….struck by the variety in people’s lives…one is lonely, another one sees a tiger kill a deer, one talks about Martin Friedman…I really do enjoy reading people’s blogs. It keeps me in touch with them without any effort.