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jInA…aur pInA…

December 26, 2013

भरी महफ़िल थी । हम सब मिले ।
दोस्तों की कमी न थी ।
पुरानी यादों में दिल रोया
पर आँखों में नमीं न थी ।
हॅसते हैं हम , और
अपना काम किये जाते हैँ ।
जाम पीते हैं कुछ लोग महफ़िल में;
हम अपने आँसू पीए जाते हैं ।


bharI mehfil thI. ham sab milEy.
dOsthOn kI kamI nahIn.
purAnI yAdOn mEin dil rOyA
par AnkhOn mEin namIn nahIn.
hasthEy hain ham, aur
apnA kAm kiyEy jAthEy hain.
jAm pIthEy hain kucch lOg mehfil mein;
ham apnI aansoo piyEy jAthEy hain.

We met at the gathering.
There was no dearth of friends.
The heart wept with old memories,
But there was no moisture in my eyes.
I laugh,and
I go on with my work.
Some people swallow intoxicants at the gathering:
I swallow my tears.

batAO, dOstOn, kyA karE? /Tell me friends, what would you have done?

December 25, 2013

sAmnE manzil thI..
peechE thI AwAz uskI.

The destination was ahead.
Her voice, behind me.

ruktE thO safar chhoot jAtA.
chaltE thO ussE bichad jAthE.

If I stopped, my journey would break.
If I continued, I’d be parted from her.

manzil ki bhI hasrat thI
aur ussE mohabbat bhI.

I wished to reach my destination,
but I loved her, too.

Ey dil, yE bathA mujhkO…
uss waqt mein kahAn jAtha?

O, my hear, tell me,
Where could I have gone then?

muddat kA safar bhI thA…
aur barsOn kI chAhat bhI thI.

It was a long-pending journey…
And it was a long-standing love.

rukthE thO bikhar jAthE,
chaltE thO dil toot jAthE.

If I stopped, my concentration would be scattered.
If I went on, my heart would break.

yUn samajh lO, ki
lagI pyA gazab kI thI..
aur pAnI mein bhI zeher thA.

Take it that I had a raging thirst,
And the water was poisoned.

pIthE…thO mar jAthE.
aur na pIthE thO bhI mar jAthE….

If I drank, I’d die.
If I did not drink, I’d die…

Thanks to Santosh Oak for this gem.

Ek nagm

October 25, 2013

Ek bachpan kA zamAna thA,
jismE khushiyOn kA khazAna thA;

There was a world of childhood,
Where there was a treasury of joys;

chAhat chAnd kO pAnE kI thI,
par dil titli kA dIwAnA thA.

The ambition was to get the moon,
But the heart wanted the butterfly, too.

khabar na thI kuch subah kI,
na shAm kA thikAnA thA;

There was no knowledge of mornings
No certainty of the evenings;

thak hArke AnA padhAyI sE,
par khElnE bhI jAnA thA.

We’d come tired from school
But we could go and play.

mA kI kahAnI thI,
pariyOn kA fasAnA thA;
bArish mEn kAgaz kI nAv thI,
har mausam suhAnA thA.

There were mother’s stories,
Stories about fairies;
There were paper boats in the rains;
Every season was pleasant.

har khEl mEn sAthI thE,
har rishtA nibhAnA thA;
gam kI zubAn na hOtI thI,
na zakhmOn kA paimAnA thA.

There were friends for every game,
Every relationship was important;
There was no sorrow,
Nor the pain of wounds.

rOnE kI wajah na thI,
na hansne kA bahAnA thA;
kyOn hO gayE ham itnE badE,
isse achhA tO wOh bachpan kA zamAnA thA…

No cause to cry,
No pretense in laughter;
Why have we grown up…
Our world of childhood was better….

Tu…aur mein (You and I)

October 3, 2013

galtiyon se juda tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.
donon insaan hain, khuda tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.

tu mujhe, aur mein tujhe, ilzaam detey hain..magar
apney andar jhaankta tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.

galat fehmiyon ne kar di dono mein peydaa dooriyaan..
varna…fitrat ka bura tu bhi nahin, mein bhi nahin.

Neither you nor I are free from faults.
We are both human: neither of us is divine.

You blame me, and I blame you…but
Neither you nor I introspect.

Misunderstandings have created distances between us…
Else, neither you, nor I, are bad by nature.

How beautifully this captures the essence of miscommunication that spoils friendships….

Kucch nagmE (some poems)

September 20, 2013

Thanks to Santosh Oak for these.

yehI wafA kA silA hai, tO kOI bAth nahin.
yeh dard thum nE diyA hai,tO kOI bAth nahIn.

This is the reward for loyalty. It doesn’t matter
You’ve given (me) this pain; it doesn’t matter

yehI bohot hai ke thum dekhtE hO sAhil sE.
safeena doob raha hai, tO kOI bAth nahIn

It’s enough that you are watching from the shore.
The boat is sinking; it doesn’t matter.

rakhA thA makAn-e-dil mEin chhupA kE thumkO.
Woh makAn tumnE chhOd diyA hai,tO kOI bAth nahIn.

I’d hidden you in the house of my heart.
You broke that house; it doesn’t matter.

thum hI nE AyInA-e-dil mErA banAyA thA
thum hI nE thOd diyA hai,tO kOI bAth nahIn.

It was you who made a mirror of my heart.
It’s you who broke it; it doesn’t matter

kis kI majAl kahE kOi mujh kO dIwAnA
agar yEh thumnE kahA,tO kOI bAth nahIn

Who has the courage to say I’m a madman?
If it’s you who say so, it doesn’t matter.

therE husne kE hum dIwAnE hO gayE
thuhjhE apnA banAthE banAthE hum khud sE begAnE hO gayE
na chhOdnA mujhE thU, aey zAlim
therE karIb Akar hum duniyA sE dUr hO gayE

I’ve gone crazy over your smile
In making you mine, I’ve become a stranger to myself
Don’t leave me, O cruel one
I’ve come close to you and left the world far behind


milan kI rut sE mohbbat kO tarasnE wAlOn,
akElE baitth kE rOnA bhI pyAr hOthA hai.

To those who are thinking of love as the moment of meeting,
Sitting alone and weeping is also love.


jab dEkhA unhOnE tirchI nazar sE,
kasam khudA kI, madhOsh hO gayE ham

When she looked with that sidelong glance,
By God, we were entranced

par jab pathA chalA, nazar permanent tirchi hai…
thO wohIn khhadE-kbhadE behOsh hI gayE ham.

But when we realized that she’s cross-eyed…
We fainted as we stood there!


AnkhOn mEin namI thI,
aur vitamin kI kamI thI..
jis sE rAth bhar chatting kI
wOh girlfriend kI mummy thI..

My eyes were moist,
And weakened with a lack of vitamins.
The one I’d chatted to all night
Was my girlfriend’s mother…


kOI patthar sE nA mArE
mErE dIwAnE kO…
nuclear power kA zamAnA hai,
bomb sE udA dO sAlE kO.

(2 lines from a famous movie song from “jawAnI dIwAnI”:

let not anyone stone my love:
It’s the day of nuclear power, kill the sob with a bomb.


tAj mehal kyA chIz hai,
issE badi imArath banAUngA.
Mumtaz thO mar kE dafan huI thI.
tujhE thO mein zindA dafnAUngA.

The Taj Mahal is nothing great.
I’ll make a bigger monument than that for you.
Mumtaz was interred there after she died:
I can inter you alive.


hasIn kE liyE gam kurbAn,
khushI kE liyE AnsU kurbAn,
dOstb kE liyE jAn bhI kurbAn,
aur agar dOstj kI girlfreind mil jAyE thO…
sAlA dOsth bhI kurbAn.

Pain can be sacrificed for one who smiles;
Tears can be sacrificed for happiness;
Life itself can be sacrificed for a friend;
And if one can get the friend’s girlfriend,
Then…the friend can also be sacrificed.



August 23, 2013

The piquant and witty observations of “shEr”

here the Wiki entry on “shAyarI”

bring home truths wrapped in small, elegant packages. The rhyme scheme is generally abab, but there may often be no rhyme at all. Here are some I received from a friend:

Har Baat ka Koi Jawab Nahi Hota…
Har Ishq ka Naam Kharab Nahi Hotaaa..
Yun to Jhoom Lete Hai Nashe me Pine Wale
Magar Har Nashe ka Naam Sharab Nahi Hota…

Not every question has an answer.
Not every love is maligned
Those drink soar in intoxication
But not every intoxicant is liquor.

Hasti Aankhon Me Bhi Zakham Gehre Hote Hain ..
Jinse Aksar Rooth Jaate Hain Hum
Asal Me Unse Hi Rishte Gehre Hote Hain ..

There are deep wounds even in laughing eyes.
Those with whom we get most often angry
They are, really, the ones we have
The deepest relationships with.

Kisi ne khuda se dua mangi,
Dua mein usne khud ki maut mangi,
Khuda ne kaha, maut to tuje de du magar
Usse kya kahu jisne teri zindagi ki dua mangi?

Someone asked God for a boon,
Asking for his own death
God said, I can give you death…
But what do I say to the one who asked for the boon of life for you?

Har insaan ka dil bura nahi hota
Har ek insaan bewafa nahi hota..,
Bujh jate hain diye kabhi tel ki kami se..,
Har baar kusoor hawa ka nahin hota..

Everyone’s heart is not bad
Every human being is not untrue..
Sometimes lamps flicker out because of lack of oil..
It’s not the fault of the wind every time.

Urdu Verse….

April 21, 2011

Unki gali se guzre..ajeeb ittefaq tha
Unho ne phool phenka..gamla bhi saath tha.

(Went past her home..she threw a flower…along with the flowerpot.)

Tumko dekha to ek khyal aaya
Tumhari saheli ko dekha to doosra khyal aaya

(When I saw you, a thought occurred to me…when I saw your friend, another thought occurred to me.)

Na woh inkaar karti hai
Na woh ikraar karti hai
KAMBAKHT mere hi sapno mein aakar
Mere dost se pyaar karti hai

She doesn’t reject me, she doesn’t accept me, the awful girl comes in my dreams and loves my friend.

Jab Jab ghire Baadal, Teri Yaad aayi
Jhoom ke barsa Saawan, Teri Yaad aayi
Bheega main,lekin phir bhi teri Yaad aayi
Kyon na aaye teri yaad?
Tune meri chatri ab tak nahi lautai

When the clouds loomed, I remembered you….when the monsoons poured, I thought of you…I was drenched, and yet I thought of you. Why? You haven’t returned my umbrella.

Unki gali ke chakkar kaat kaat kar,
Kutte bhi hamare yaar ho gaye,
Wo to hamare ho na sake,
Hum kutton ke sardar ho gaye…

Haunting the roads where she lives, even the street dogs became my friend. She could not be mine, but I became a Master of the Hounds.

haseen tum ho to bure hum bi nahi,
mahalo mein tum ho to sadak par hum bhi nahi,
pyar karke kehte ho shaadi shuda ho,
kaan kholkar sunlo, kunware hum bhi nahi

If you are beautiful, I’m not ugly, either;
If you live in palaces, I’m not on the streets, either.
First you love me, then you say you are married…
Listen…I am not a *ahem* very young boy, either.

Macchar ne jo kata…
dil main mere junoon tha.
Khujli hui itni
dil besukoon tha.
Pakada to chod diya yeh soch kar ki….
sale ki ragon main apna hi khoon tha

When the mosquito bit me,
My heart went crazy.
There was so much itching
That I was irritated.
But when I caught the mosquito, I let it go, thinking…
the SOB has my blood flowing in its body.

Aaj dildar, kal yaar, parso pyar, phir ekrar, aur phir-intzar,
phir-takrar, phir-darar, saari mehnat-bekar,
aur akhir mein Ek aur Devdas at a beer bar

Today, a friend, tomorrow, a dear friend, day after tomorrow, love, then acceptance, then waiting…then conflict, war, all the work gone waste…and at the end, another Devdas (jilted lover) at a beer bar.

tere dar pe sanam hazar baar ayengey,
Ghanti bajayengey aur bhaag jayengey

I’ll come to you a thousand times….
Ring the bell, and run away.

Duniya mein bewafaon ki kami nahin hai.
Ab suraj ko hi dekh lo-
Aata hai Usha ke saath,
Rehta hai Kiran ke saath,
Aur jaata hai Sandhya ke saath

The world has no dearth of traitors.
See Suraj (the sun)…comes with Usha, stays with Kiran, and goes with Sandhya.

And a last one in English, for birders:

Little birdie in the sky,
You look up and it shits in your eye.
You don’t mind and you don’t cry,
You just thank God that cows don’t fly

Another beautiful ghazal…..

April 14, 2009

Wonderful song…

tum itnA jO muskurA rahE hO
kya gham hai jiskO chhupa rahE hO

AnkhOn mEin namee, hansi labOn par
kyA hAl hai…kyA dikhA rahe hO

ban jAyEngE zehar peetE peetE
yeh ashq jO piyE jA rahE hO

jin zakhmOn kO waqt bhar chalA hai
tum kyOn unhE chhedhE jA rahE hO

rekhAOn kA khEl hai muqaddar
rekhAOn sE mAt khA rahE hO

You are smiling so much…
What sorrow are you hiding?

Moisture in your eyes, smile on your lips
What state are you in, and what state are you displaying?

They will turn to poison, as you swallow them…
These tears that you are drinking

The wounds that time has healed..
Why are you re-opening them?

Destiny is a play of lines;
You are getting defeated by them….


So often, a smile hides a tear…this is such a moving song, and so beautifully set to music, with the simple accompaniment of a guitar.

Watch the movie if you’ve not seen it. The scene where Shabana Azmi (the wife) pleads with Smita Patil (the mistress) to let her husband go…still gives me goose-bumps. What talented actresses they both are.

When the mistress pleads with the wife to sign the divorce document so that she can marry the man, the wife says, “You are longing for a relationship which can end with one signature, like this….”

Protected: Don’t want to be strong…

July 24, 2008

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A compliment and the reply to it…

July 22, 2008

I had started an egroup for COSTIIMA (Class Of Seventy-Three, Indian Insitute of Management,Ahmedabad) and have been moderating it ever since.

Recently, there have been a huge spate of compliments that I have been doing a good job (I am the one who has benefited a lot…I have got to know so many people, in fact, I got to know Beheruz so well that I went and stayed with him and Madhavi twice at Atlanta!)…and another classmate of KM’s sent this:

A small token in appreciation of all that you have done.
> Hawaaon ke haath ik armaan bheja hai,
> Raushni ke zariye ek paigam bheja hai,
> Fursat mile toh kabool kar lena,
> Is nacheez ne aapko salaam bheja hai ……….

(I have) sent, by the wind, a wish–
Through the light, sent a message;
If you find the time, accept it–
This nothing (literally, “no thing”) has sent you a salutation….

Here’s my response to Gautam, in my “phonetic” Roman script…

kyA bOloon jawAb mEin…tOhfA thO niklA bahut badA….

jiskO Ap sAgar kehlAthEy hain, vOh thO hai bas ek ghadA!

kabool karthee hoon nathmastak, yeh bhEint jisEy pyAr kEy sAth ApnEy diyA…

bhar gayA dil merA, bhar gayee AnkhEn, bhar gayA mErA jiyA!

What can I say in reply…the gift has turned out to be very big…
What you call an ocean, is just a small vessel!
I accept, with bent head, this gift that you have sent with love;
My heart is full, my eyes are full, and my soul is full!

AdAb arz, Gautam Bhai….

“nAcheez” unhE kehlAthey hain, jinkEy dookAn mEin Amul na hO…
apnEy kO “nAcheez” kehlAnA..aisEy phir kabhee bhool na hO!

Thank you, Gautam, my brother…

“no cheese” is the name for those who don’t have (Amul brand)cheese in their shops…
To call yourself a “nothing” is a mistake I hope you won’t make again!

dhanyavAd sahith,

With thanks,