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October 17, 2011

A great loneliness sits upon me.
The world seems a vast desert tract
Where exists no human being
That I can call friend,
I am alone…I cannot attract
A single living thing
To myself….I see
Only a thorny path without end.

Don’t worry about my writing in this sad strain…
It’s only because of my awful migraine!

Today…one friend rang,
And another called on me;
Through my headache, my heart sang
I had a chat with one, with the other, some tea.
Several comforted me on Facebook;
As soon as they took a look
At my status update.
They all comforted me…early or late.

This is the millionth time but I’ll say it again…
Whether I’m hale or fighting a migraine….
Men or women, boys or girls,
Friends are like shining pearls.
No one can be luckier than me…
I have enough pearls for LOTS of jewellery.

I am so lucky…if just a headache makes me feel this way, how must people with chronic pain feel, how difficult their lives must be! I cannot fault any ill person for being crabby or irritable.

The subject title? Add a “he” to both sides of it!

Red, Green…and Blue-and-Yellow 210209

February 23, 2009

More info about the Tabebuias here

The Sausage Tree

November 6, 2008

Jayanagar, near the Ashoka Pillar, has an avenue (an avenue, by definition, is a tree-lined street), filled with, among other trees, Sausage Trees .

This is the time when the tree bears both flowers and fruits, and incredibly striking they are, too.

Here’s a flower and a bud:

Here are some flowers, hanging down on their stalks:

And these are what the fruits look like:

The city planners planted such beautiful trees in the past, today’s officials are only thinking of cutting them down for “economic growth” and to ensure more vehicles can stuff up the barren, sterile roads without footpaths or trees….

Is it any wonder that I am participating in a walk that warns against indiscriminate tree-felling?


Why I am participating in the “Namma Raste,Namma Ooru” walk on November 9th

November 2, 2008

With regard to the tree-felling and road-widening that is happening now…..we are against *indiscriminate* use of this facility, that’s all. The point is, that cutting down trees is irreversible, so what we are saying is, involve the citizens in this decision-making process, and let us cut down trees ONLY when there is no other solution.

The High Court of Karnataka has given a decision that the BBMP authorities must include the citizens’ forum, Hasiru Usiru, in its deliberations and only take decisions on tree-felling and road-widening that complies with the Town and Rural Planning Act. Right now, this is not being done. So we are fighting a legal battle here.

The other point is that widening the roads is actually adding to the problem, by allowing more vehicles to drive through the roads. And at the rate of 1500 vehicles being registered every day, the widened road will become choked up in no time. (This has already happened at several places.)

Other cities have addressed this problem without getting rid of their green cover, so we also would like to look at similar solutions.

We can learn from both the successes of other cities…and some spectacular failures, such as the 16-lane roads in Los Angeles which are still choked with traffic, and the Elevated railway in Boston which had to be broken down and re-constructed underground after the neighbourhoods degraded, the crime rates soared, and pollution hit all-time highs.

Replantation is not a simple issue. In the first place, saplings cannot, in the short term, take care of oxygen and carbon di oxide, support plant and animal life, and bring down the ambient temperature the way a fully-grown tree can.

Also, these saplings are planted far away from the sites where the trees are cut, so they cannot be beneficial to the microclimate of central Bangalore.

Neither does there seem any guarantee that these saplings will grow to the majestic proportions of the trees that are being felled. 20 to 40 years may not seem much…but a few of the trees that have been felled are a 100 years old!

Bangalore comes with beautiful avenues and boulevards that have been planted in the past by wise administrators. We may not have added a single such boulevard to our urban landscape, but surely we should at least protect, not what we had, but at the very least, what remains now, after several years of losing our green cover steadily, during which the inner city temperatures have risen by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius.

All these are the reasons why we are asking to be included in the BBMP decision-making process, and want to give alternative solutions where possible.

We are also concerned about the livelihoods of the vendors and small businessmen; they have as much right to be a part of Bangalore as the motorists, and they are not the people who can come to the BBMP and voice their concerns. Removing our rich street life can only impoverish our city and rob it of its vibrant character.

Wider roads are also being built without any provision for footpaths, making it very difficult for pedestrians, cyclists, the elderly, children, and disabled people. These people, too, have as much rights as the motorists of Bangalore.

The short-sighted siting of the new airport, and the desperate hurry to cut through the city to gain access to it, seems to be killing our city.

Let’s not squander, thoughtlessly, the treasures that we have, and repent it later.

Had a wonderful day

October 23, 2007

Though I don’t really celebrate birthdays (we believe that every day one is alive, happy, and in good health is a day to celebrate), it WAS nice today…anushsh put up a post wishing me, and several people called up…and I got some affectionate calls from expected, and completely unexpected, people! The cockles of my heart are so warmed that it is causing moisture to condense from my eyes…friends are SUCH a treasure.Thank you, each and every one of you. I am 53 today..and I feel as if I am about half that age! A combination of good health, and a very happy life…

Thank you, anushsh, I had a great time at the Ranga Shankara festival with your company, and with Geeta Ramani too. The fact that today’s play was excellent helped, too.

Now amoghavarsha was supposed to get me one of the several Belgian Dark Chocolates that he owes me, and I have heard his account of conducting a photography workshop for 15 people ranging from 11 to 67…but the rain has put paid to that plan, and we are probably going somewhere else for dinner….

A very nice day, starting with a lOOOOOONg conversation with beloved dotter and beloved-er son-in-law…what more can one ask of life? If I rubbed a lamp now and a genie came and said I could make 3 personal wishes..I would be hard put to find something personal that I want.

I am really lucky in my life. I must have been practically a divine saint in my last birth to earn this kind of karma!

Anyway, here’s a picture of a beautiful little bird…

purple sunbird

wonderful friends

December 6, 2006

Nothing brings on a demonstration of affection like a proposed departure I think, especially for a longish time!

It’s been lovely to have friends and neighbours visiting, all my friends, whether from the quiz group, the naturalists’ group, or…sometimes all those sets intersect…makes me feel how very blessed we are with regard to friends, and what fantastic friends we have! Surely, the greatest treasure that no income tax can take away…

Thank you to every single one of you who called or called on us. Makes us feel warm and happy and loved.