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Some glitches still…

November 17, 2007

The new comp still has a few glitches, not ironed out yet…I can’t post to Metroblogs (have done so from my ancient dino!)…can’t play a few Yahoo games, esp bookworm which is one of my favourites…

Getting a new laptop to work takes a LOT of effort…! Also, the “skin” that I got to prevent that super-white keyboard from rapidly becoming a grey keyboard is useful, but makes it necessary to use much more pressure on the keys….

What’s the big deal with this white fascination, in computers as well as human skins in India? The dust and dirt of the Indian climate makes it such a difficult option…

This comes from my shiny new….

November 15, 2007

Fed up with my dilly-dallying over what laptop to get, KM decided for me and hey presto, yesterday a shiny new Toshiba M200 landed on my…er….lap…

anushsh has spent the better part of the day transferring most of the stuff from the old Toshiba to the new one (can I call it a Toshiba-by?)…and though I thought that the old one was doing fine, it’s only after I have looked at my own pics on this new screen that I am really zapped and pretty enthusiastic about the new comp!

Thanks, Anush, for the help, which thou shalt complete tomorrow, hopefully….

Here’s the new baby:

new toshiba m200

The main problem with the old one was that the hinge between the monitor and the keyboard was dead and gone and unreplaceable. If you look at the photo you will see (if you can stop laughing for a while and wipe your eyes after having noticed the repair job) how I had ingeniously used instant glue and cellotape to solve the problem and kept that laptop going for the past few months….

The Old Faithful has given me four nearly SEVEN years of excellent service, thank goodness I am not a senti person or I would be wiping a tear from my eye about now… sniff.

The old one goes to the factory at Hosur where no doubt it will be worked to death in a short time….the old order changeth, yielding place to new!

The crapola that Authorised Service Centres perpetrate

June 12, 2007

I took my Toshiba to the Authorized Service Centre at Manipal Centre in Ulsoor….they said that there was a Rs.1000 inspection charge and probably I would have to pay Rs.24,000 for a new screen….

This laptop is over 4 years old…that is, it is prehistoric in computer terms. Why on EARTH would I pay Rs.1000 to have someone just LOOK at it?

So I did what I should have done earlier…took it to the local (9th Block, hardly 15 min walk away) hardware guy who said that my fluorescent tube had gone phut, and some other small stuff, which would cost Rs.4000. He also advised me that as of now my laptop will work, but that it is aging, and I could think of replacement. However, he also told me that a screen replacement, if I wanted it, would cost Rs.18,000 (compare to the Rs.24,000 that the Authorised Service Centre was going to charge.)

Humph. Toshiba A S C indeed. I can think of another word starting with A that would better describe them than the word Authorised.

The Gun (KM…Tamizh people have a habit of saying Mogun instead of Mohan) is back, and I am tapping away on his laptop…and also somewhat coveting it at the same time…a very lightweight Fujitsu….

I did manage to spend the 18 days he was away quite productively and fruitfully and all that…but…it’s nice to have the spouse back….

December 3, 2006

My laptop is getting repaired in small stages, looks like….Chandan has again taken it home as the CD drive command didn’t work, nor did a couple of other things.

I cannot feel it is a coincidence that I run my laptop with NO problems (except Kak worm which I remmoved myself with directions from the Net) until I download AVG Grisoft dot com, and just a day later a virus wipes out my laptop….it is so painful until I get it all back. Luckily back-ups are there….

It is SO nice that Chandan is devoting this time patiently to the re-incarnation of the Toshiba!

Meanwhile, KM has graciously left the Fujitsu behind and here I am,tapping away.