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Just watch this…

February 19, 2013

I didn’t get it till the very end…see if you do!

Friend on TV :)

April 27, 2012

My dear friend, Gita Viswanathan, sent this link where her husband Vish, is featured on Bloomberg TV:

An old, dear friend….I am proud of him!

Morning newspapers

August 26, 2011

This was brought on by a discussion on Facebook, after I’d posted an observation, that the front page headlines of newspapers remain the same all the time… Vikram Hiresavi suggested I begin to get along without newspapers.

But I still like my newspaper mornings!

When I am in the US, I do get along, for the most part, without the daily newspaper…I don’t find the need for them. However, even there, on most mornings, I buy the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, as I like to scan through it for the local news (that’s how I learn of many events…and, for example, I learnt that there were newborn Cheetah cubs in St.Louis Zoo), and I like to get myself my usual tiny cup of coffee and browse.

In Bangalore, of course, newspapers form a big part of our mornings.KM wants several financial papers, so we get the Deccan Herald, the Hindu, the Business Standard, and the Business Line. Sometimes I get the Economic Times, too, and on Sundays, the Times of India as well.

I come back from my walk between 6.30 and 6.45 am, and the Wait begins.

No matter how many times I tell my newsagent that I want the newspapers delivered early, it’s past 7am, and usually 7.15am, by the time I hear the sound of the newspapers. The sound of the newspapers?….our news delivery boy ( Chinnu, a young man who goes to college after this morning job is done) wants to save time, and to avoid another scolding for being late, by sliding them down the passage leading to our apartment, and vanishing down the lift or the stairs before I can come out!

When we moved into our apartment, the previous owners had used a longish slab of granite for something else. I had that made into a kind of bench, and I’ve put it on our balcony. The newspapers are placed on this, and I get KM’s tray of tea ( This KM Tea Ceremony requires a post of its own. Nothing other than Darjeeling tea will do, and it has to be brewed specially in a slightly warmed teapot, and served on a tray with a cup and saucer, and a strainer) and my tiny cup of filter kaapi (I’ve become used to the “baitu kaapi” amounts in the Darshinis…I love the small amount of piping hot coffee, that I can have without worrying about calories or caffeine.) Sometimes, I cut up fruits and we have a platter of mixed fruit, too.

You’d think that when we have so many newpspapers, we’d have got into an amicable arrangement about who reads what first. Oh no. BOTH of us want to read the Deccan Herald first, for some unfathomable reason. However, we generally compromise. I am the one who likes to read the various supplements of the newspapers…KM is the one who likes to read the weightier columns, the opinions and, of course the financial news. Sometimes, we compare notes after reading one newspaper, and it’s as if each of us has read a different newspaper, so mutually exclusive is the content that each of us reads!

Of course, one of the attractions in the newspapers, for me, is the cryptic crossword. I love doing the Economic Times and the Deccan Herald ones (the Deccan Herald Saturday crossword is like a treat that I look forward to every week…aha, tomorrow is Saturday!) and though I don’t like the Business Standard crossword too much, and actively detest the Hindu one, I’ll stoop to doing them, too, if I don’t have a choice (if the Deccan Herald is not delivered, for example).

Along with the Newspaper Ceremony, I also have the TV on. I say this because I don’t always WATCH the TV, mostly I just listen to the old songs…7am to 8 am, it’s Hindi movie songs, and then it’s Tamizh classic movie songs. At 8.45 or 9am, I also tune into Madras “A” and listen to Arangisai, which features Carnatic music. On Sundays, if I am home (it’s usually my nature trail day) I listen to Rangoli on DD1…again, old Hindi songs.

The newspaper time is often punctuated by a Skype session with KTB and her parents in distant St.Louis. Since MS took over Skype, the voice quality has become dreadful, so we tend to use Google video chat instead. It’s a delight to watch Miss Hurricane Hair at her dinner, playing with her toys, or showing us her books…and to speak with the several friends who drop in during the evening.

At about 9am, the NC comes to a close, and KM goes off for his shower and preparations for the drive to Hosur, and I begin to think of the kitchen chores, and my work for the day….I fold the newspapers neatly and KM takes some to Hosur with him, and I stack the others in a cupboard, to be given to the old-newspaper shop (the money is donated to a charity at the end of the month.)

So it’s going to be a long while before I give up the newspaper habit!

Another of my favourite TV Series…

February 17, 2009

I have watched several TV series that were seminal to me…which shaped my thinking, and expanded my mental horizons. Of late, no one seems to know much about them, but I would like to disinter, from the past (and the ever-present internet!) one of my favourite series, “The Ascent of Man”.

Click here for the wiki on the series.

Here’s a video of the first in the series, “Lower than the Angels”…..

Be warned, it’s a 52-minute clip…but unlike me, you don’t have to wait for it to come on TV, you can watch at leisure.

I didn’t always agree with Bronowski’s words or ideas, but the series did make me think.

Do let me know how you liked this one!


February 7, 2008

A sore throat, and heavy,sleeting snow means being indoors for two days running…yesterday the pool at the YMCA was closed as they are not allowed to be open during a thunderstorm, though they are an indoor pool. The logic is that the electricity from a bolt of lightning might mean the swimmers being water-fried…

And to think that I swim during the rain in Bangalore, and enjoy it so much…the patter of the raindrops as they increase or decrease in volume, the lovely feeling of freshness…the monsoon rains are warm and life-giving…winter rains are cold and dreary, though they do, later in the spring, provide the water for all the greenery to grow…

But I am enjoying this idlicity very much…saw several episodes of the Cosby Show and I am just AMAZED at what sort of things are on TV here….there’s a “bizarre food” program, civil court proceedings are televised (and obviously, watched, too)…and of course the innumerable re-runs!

Unintentional humour

February 4, 2008

On DnA’s TV, there is “closed captioning”, so I often have the volume off even when I am watching

The only thing is, for the past few days, the caption comes about a minute AFTER the words have been spoken on screen…and this leads to several hilarious situations, one of which just happened.

There was, I think, an ad for diapers, with a baby trying to totter a few steps… and the tagline read, “It’s a wobbly world”. Meanwhile, the ad disappeared, and some thing else appeared, which depicted Irag and Baghdad…and the caption, quite apt, stayed on the screen!

Great match

September 24, 2007

We were invited to someone’s home to sit and watch the India-Pakistan twenty-twenty cricket match, and it was as enjoyable as the earlier one…it was a real humdinger and we won in the final over. But even if Pakistan had won, I would not have felt bad, the gritty way in which they fought back was very impressive indeed. Truly a good match to watch, no matter who won.

Drove back through rather rowdy scenes of celebration, though, and since KM was fast asleep, I was a little nervous about driving through the crowds of youngsters…but all was well.

I think T20 cricket is here to stay…shall we, in the future, watch ten-ten, five-five and finally, one-over matches? Best of 3 balls? 😉

Great Match

July 10, 2006

Nadal v. Federer…great match…several of us watched together and enjoyed the superb treat!

…and now for the football….