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Unalloyed joy….

November 30, 2011

Sometimes, happiness just looks out from a photograph….

DnK 301111

Father and daughter were clicked by the mother, this morning.

I cannot stop wondering at the technology that lets me share such moments, so fast, halfway across the world, at such low cost. The Internet, I think, is one of the most wondrous of human inventions.

Little Details…

April 30, 2009

Only A’s food (as the “patient”) would be free, we’d have to pay for our food, we realized…and we didn’t know what the food would taste like, so we packed our lunches yesterday….KM and I, being good TamBrams, each took along a 6 inch Sub.. and our white American son-in-law…packed curds and rice and mango pickle, and beans sabji!

In the event, the food in the cafeteria is pretty good…I liked the salad and the soup, and KM had a chicken sandwich and salad, too.


My room no. when I had A was 315; A’s room no. when she’s had her daughter (it’s most probably going to be Lalitha, but there’s still a little doubt) is…351.


There’s wifi in the hospital, so naturally, it doesn’t work in the room, and I am sitting outside in the corridor typing this and getting the nurses to do something about the fact that we can’t get the internet on the other side of the door!


Hundreds of messages are pouring in, sharing our joy; at least on LJ…each of you, do take this as my personal thank you….we are all exhausted, and getting to write individual thanks is, I think, going to be impossible.


ALL newborns usually look like Wrinkled Prune Martians. So I am still surprised to see that TLO (The Little One) or GD is quite a chubby creature, and ACTUALLY looks like a baby! 3.5 kg is quite a birth weight.

She does NOT have a teeny-weeny little voice, either. She yells! There is NO doubt about when she is not happy! She has existed in the outside world for about 6 hours now, and my goodness, there is NOTHING wrong with her lungs. She’s already tried hard to fasten her goldfishy mouth on various parts of my jacket arm….until she went to her mother.


I call her “eli”…or “mouse” in Tamizh, as A wanted to call her Ellora (meaning,cloud) and at that time, the baby-in-the-tum WAS the size of a mouse, too!

And what an appropriate nickname for a baby born in the time of the Internet! She’s been Eli to me for quite a while now, so the nickname comes naturally to my lips as I talk to her and croon at her.


Because the birthing room had internet access, and because of Skype, D’s parents (in Maine) and N (in Chennai) were able to see Eli immediately…I cannot stop marvelling at the wonders of technology.

D has downloaded the pictures we took, and will be sending them when he can…but WHEN we get internet inside!

Off now to go inside…let’s hope they get someone to sort out the internet problem….

She’s got a nice cap of dark..perhaps black…hair. LARGE eyes. The right number of everything outside, and inside, I hope.

I want her to read this one day….

Someone’s slogan…

November 23, 2007

From the tagline of Radhika Singh on INW:

“Modern technology
Owes ecology
An apology.”

What a pithy, witty way to put it!

Carriage Return…

June 2, 2007

These two words, in the LJ of travelertrish, suddenly took me back to the past.

The words have reference to the age of that very useful gadget, the typewriter. I still remember the convenience I experienced when I realized that I could type faster than I could write…

The typewriter had been around for a while when I was a child; and my father had a Remington, which was really smooth and good. I remember a summer vacation (probably between school and college) when I went and enrolled at a “Commercial College” for classes in typewriting and shorthand. Alas, one of those skills is forever lost, but the other has truly served me well….I remember the days of typing


over and over again…and progressed down the course until the day came when I finally was able to type, without looking,

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

on the huge clunky prehistoric typewriters that the institute had!

Alas, I quit before I went to the row which contains numbers,with the result that I am still not practiced and unseeing when I am typing numbers in my text!

And I remember the amount of preparation that went into using a typewriter; the papers with carbons inserted (carefully, or they would smudge the typed material), the ink eraser, a hard, unyielding round of rubber, that was kept ready to erase the all-too-frequent mistakes, not very successfully; keeping the material-to-be-typed conveniently on one’s right-hand side, the bad days when the keys would stick together in the middle, or the carriage *wouldn’t* return……and the typewriter had to be serviced or repaired!

How on earth did we manage to produce so many documents, when cut-and-paste didn’t exist, when missed-out lines couldn’t be inserted, when tabs and margins were set beforehand, when words had to be manually counted, columns carefully planned, and fonts and colours came in a total choice of…one? (oh, yes, there was a choice of red or black on my dad’s typewriter…)

I hark back to the rapid” ratatatt..zingg!ratatatt…zingg!” of either of my parents’ fingers on the keys, which meant that they were hard at work; later, as I began writing and expressing myself, I was given a much sleeker typewriter to work with; how I loved it!

Then came the electric typewriters,after I was married;these, I thought, were the last word in technology….and here I am today, at my laptop, which also doubles as my word processor, typing about those long-ago days….!

I have always envied people like my husband who never “formally” learned typing, but do perfectly well with two me, typing, as with many other skills, was something picked up with regular practice.

I have read novels (definitely, one by Agatha Christie) where the murderer is identified because of the uniqueness of the letters produced by their typewriter….

The idea of someone sitting and typing, and the words appearing on an illuminated screen instead of directly on the paper, would have been unimaginable about 50 years ago, I think.

Let’s see how typing evolves in the future!

…and itsalouwelylife…thank you for saving my goat on a big mistake I had made in this post!

The best sounds that technology could bring me today

April 6, 2007

I love technology that enables ordinary humans to be in touch.

I was on Skype and my daughter called, and she was on Skype, too, and after a little chatting, she left herself on, and I could listen to her and her husband exchanging remarks…as they packed for their trip to visit us.

The loveliest sounds in the world…!

I do love technology that enables a grandmother in Chennai to listen to the wails of her grandchild in a country halfway around the world, or lets a farmer in a remote village check the prices he can get for his crop.

The human mind is such an incredible thing. We have the brains that thought up the Internet, and we have the brains of people like the doctor in Nithari and his associate, who raped, killed, and allegedly ate several children….


August 20, 2005

Was thinking how amazing technology is, that it allows me almost daily, instant contact with a child on the other side of the world….this constant touch prevents me from feeling out of touch.

I wonder how previous generations of Indians, whose children went off abroad and could communicate only through expensive, infrequent phone calls, and delayed, 1 month-old news-bearing aerogrammes, managed…the children too would have felt isolated in the new county, and disoriented in the old when they visited after a few years…the Internet has changed all that.

Amazing technology that is applied to everyday life…difficult to imagine that the same human brain which has thought of this can also contemplate murder and child rape and worse.

human brain…capable of technology…and terrorism…

June 27, 2005

Spoke to my daughter on Yahoo Messenger…she was speaking to her husband on the telephone….Imagine hearing the voice of someone in Israel through a telephone line to the U S and thence through a net connection to India…incredible technology! Amazing…but not as amazing as the fact that the same human brain which can bring this about also is capable of thoughts of child rape, terrorism and shocking violence….