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Mother and child, The Muny, 030813

August 7, 2013

When the mother turtle
Calls to her offspring…


Does the little one hurtle
To her side, and bring


Upon himself, a lecture
As he sinks, mindful of everything?


Wild flowers in Forest Park, 010711

July 5, 2011

The Coneflowers are blooming all over Forest Park, and for once, I thought I’d post just a single photo of their wild beauty:

cone flowers 010711

It’s rather too hot and muggy to walk around after the morning, so I am not rambling in Forest Park as much as I’d like to….I’m going swimming at the YMCA this evening, and that’s going to be much more comfortable.


May 10, 2011

“Sumin”, as my young daughter used to say, is what I do regularly in the summer. Sumin is such a great all-round exercise; and if there is a pool in your own apartment building, like I have, you don’t have to brave the city traffic to get to the pool, either. A quick change of costume, and there I am, ready to slip into the pool (this is a nice way of ssying that I am still afraid to jump in!).

I still do only the backstroke, as it gets far less water into my Ear-Nose-Throat system, and the other compelling reason is that…it’s far less boring.

I swim as dusk gathers. I watch the pigeons fluttering around, and settling on the many projections of my apartment blocks…and high, overhead, I watch the kites wheeling as, in the sinking light, they look for a last meal, made possible by an unwary rodent or a defenceless bird. An occasional pond heron flies past, too, and in the deepening darkness, just as the lights come on in the apartments, little pipestrelles flit about…delighting me, sometimes, by skimming the surface of the swimming pool for a quick sip.

The moon slowly rises and becomes brighter….an the outline of the palm trees and other plants against the evening sky, merges into the gloom of the night. Of course, with the pool lights on, there is never real darkness…except in the brief time between a shutdown of power, and the generator coming on. But in spite of the light, it is a time of magic. The colours of the sky as it deepens from blue to purple to deep mauve….the clouds floating across….they all add to it.

The water feels like silk on my warm body and cools it in such a pleasant way; I do think that regular exercise can only be sustainable when it is as enjoyable as this.

I finish my laps, and then lazily float on the surface of the water for a while. I am so relaxed, and the water holds me up like a mother would her newborn child….I smile when I think how scared I was to start learning how to swim, and how much I have been missing all the years that I didn’t learn.

I’m looking forward to this evening’s swim, now….a hot trip across town, scheduled for this afternoon, is going to make it even more pleasurable!


March 30, 2009

After a hard, back-breaking day, I got back home in time for nothing useful or productive, so decided that today was the day I was going to Start Swimming. And so off I went to our little poolette….

The water felt like silk (ok, well, it *could* have been warmer I guess, especially the pre-swim shower which our building authorities seem to have connected up to some Himalayan snow-fed spring.) I was happy to notice that months of absence have not slowed me down too much (yes, I could’fasten’ up my laps a little!)…and that I could do 30 laps with no difficulty at all. (The laps in our pool are also lapettes.)

I am feeling so fresh, though tired…the frustrations of the day have dropped away, and I am at peace with all the world again, even with the mason and plumber who were my main instruments of torture the whole day long…

How lucky I am to have this pool of blue, clean water to swim in as long as I wish to. How many generations hence will swimming pools be a thing of the past?

Meanwhile, on Sunday I went for the Lalbagh Heritage Walk, organized by Max Mueller Bhavan as an Urban Space Event; here’s a close-up of a Traveller’s Palm that I took…

travellers' palm lalbagh 290309

Let not anyone tell you that abstract art is nothing like Nature makes…Nature has abstract art everywhere; lovely designs, numbers, one-off pieces of exquisite creativity…

Swimming…Citizen Matters….

May 9, 2008

I was happy that Citizen Matters wanted one of my, er, humorous articles, and I wrote one on how my friends and I learnt to swim….

Here it is

OK, off to the pool now…!

Got my ertia…

March 14, 2008

Immediately I made my last post, I went and got my swimsuit and OFFIWENT. And frankly, when I stepped into the pre-swim shower, AND when I stepped into the pool, I regretted it. I think my eerie water-is-too-COLD cry could be heard in all the flats in my apartment building and mothers are still probably comforting their trembling toddlers. There was a fair wind blowing today, too, and it was cooler than it usually is at this time of year…… and it felt, for the first 5 or 6 laps, as if someone had filled up the pool with the contents of their just-melted ice trays. Well, I didn’t actually see polar bears or the march of the penguins, but you get the…drift?

But I stuck to it, did my usual 30 laps (it’s a little pool…call it a poolette, or a pooling) that’s about…perhaps those 30 laps are equal to 15 full-size pool laps, maybe 20…wish it’s the latter! Must find out the dimensions of our poolette…) and felt cold…in fact, for a little while, I had a complexion of a delicate and intriguing shade of blue… but was warmed by the feeling that YES… I did it! (as Higgins says in My Fair Lady).

I do love the great fresh feeling swimming gives, and also the fact that I keep my dinner all ready on the table, and come back and tuck in guiltlessly!

Thank you for the nudge, inspirethoughts!

Go to Google Earth. Go to Bangalore. Go to Casa Ansal Apartments…and that little dot going up and down, up and down, up and down….is ME!! :))))

Tra-la, off to Lalbagh tomorrow morning…

I wish…

March 14, 2008

I wish I had more ertia.

I know I should start my evening swimming, but inertia has me in its grip, and I am looking for a fresh excuse every day…!

Give me a nice nudge you lot. Get me out of the lazeeeee mode! Tell me why I should start swimming NOW instead of “tomorrow” or “Next week”…

Evening Swim in the Building Pool

March 15, 2007

The dim lights of Orion’s belt
Shine down on me as I start my swim.
Once again…I relive the curiosity I felt
About who named those stars after him.

The darkling greenery, the fading light,
The distant circles of the wheeling kite,
The fruit bat flitting to and fro…
I see them all, as back and forth I go.

As I step into the pool
At first, the water feels a shade too cool;
But soon it’s lovely, pleasant and mild
Like the casual touch of a gentle child.

I love to swim in the cool twilight
With the daytime scenes fading from my sight…
The twinkling stars appear very soon
And sometimes… the light of the moon.

Time passes quickly as I reflect
On the day’s doings and introspect;
I feel how right was that very wise
Person who said, swimming’s great exercise.

how difficult it is…

October 10, 2006


A new lump (part of this strange thing called panniculitis) on my hip, and the attendant pain, put a stop to any form of exercise for nearly two weeks now…and HOW difficult it is to get the old body going again!

Mind: Well, you  lazy lump of lard, are we going swimming or not?
Body: Can’t you see that it is raining?
M: It WAS raining…yesterday. Today it LOOKS as if it might rain….and it might not.
B: But it might….
M: You know perfectly well that once you get into the pool you like it and you actually grin all over your face while doing the backstroke in the rain.
B: Yes, but…
M: Butt is right, also tummy. UP!
B: Tomorrow, def-in-ite-ly tomorrow…
M: That’s what you said yesterday.
B: I am consistent!
M: Oh yeah…you have been pretty consistent with those five-star restaurant meals, wedding feasts, and midnight snacks…
B: But I am generally careful what I eat…
M: You want to be like your mother and spend your time in and out of the hospital?
B: That was an unfair crack.
M: That’s why you exercise…I hope you don’t think that regular exercise is going to make you look like one of those gorgeous starlets…you will be a fit geriatric, that’s more than enough.
B: That was an unfair-er crack. Sob!
M: Sob is right. SOB stands for…no, not that, I couldn’t call you Son….. Stop Occupying Beanbag! GO swimming, NOW!

Well, I think, today, finally, Mind is winning…see you lot after my swim….

should I? shouldn’t I?

July 27, 2006


It’s 6.45 pm…enjoying reading my friends’ LJ entries…it has rained heavily, but it isn’t pouring right now…should I swim? Or should I worry about catching cold and desist?……OK, I am off to the pool!