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Childhood incident

July 21, 2007

Reading the journal of premkudva is so enjoyable, with the antics of his daughters bringing a smile to my face and brightening up many a dull day. And the best part is that it brings back so many memories of my daughter’s childhood…

I had just taught her how to “borrow” numbers from the next column and do subtraction ( I don’t remember if she was in Class II or III at the time) and she came back from the end-of-term examination with her maths paper, which I proceeded to check. On one sum, she had a most weird answer. Unable to find out how she arrived at that answer, I asked her. “I borrowed, like you told me!” she said proudly.

Turned out that she had borrowed a number…from the next sum! Her child’s logic was was she to know that the other sums on the question paper were off limits for borrowing?

My bebby, so grown up, so far away today…I go back and enjoy your childhood, now and then.