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I don’t know my date of birth…my bank knows better!

January 23, 2014

As usual, I cannot log into my Vijaya Bank account. So I call up tech support (VNET Banking.)

I try the option that the Net Banking techie advises me to do…I say I “forgot password”. That is step 1.

Even this, the tech support tells me to use Internet Explorer, and I tell her that I cannot. I try on Chrome, because she is wrong: I can access the other two accounts that I have joint holding on, and I access them.

The net page takes me to Step 2, where I painstakingly, and repeatedly, enter the details of my ATM debit card, the last transaction (it is to see this that I want to access the account…thankfully, I just updated my passbook a few days ago, so I have the information), and other stuff.

Repeatedly, I get the message, “Invalid account number.” Invalid account number? My account number was accepted, that’s how I got to Step 2.

After 3 attempts, I call tech support again. She listens to me as I patiently go over all that I have done. She then asks me for my date of birth. I tell her.

“No madam,” she says, “That’s the right date.”

Oh, the bank knows my date of birth better than I do! I try to reason with her, and she finally accepts, “Madam, the bank has not entered your date of birth correctly.”

So..what should I do?

“You have to go to the bank and correct this, Madam, otherwise you cannot…” do whatever it is I need to do.

Between superbly efficient coders and even more efficient data entry, I am having the most wonderful time with Vijaya Bank.

HOW I wish I could consign this *&#$ bank to H#LL, but there are many reasons I cannot close the accounts.

How to deal with….

November 4, 2008

Note to myself: When dealing with the Child persona in someone, it is important to take on the Adult persona oneself (cf. Eric Berne ) and not let one’s patience or good humour lapse. To lose one’s cool is stupid. If there are two children, what can be achieved? When one person is childish, the other person must take extra care.

** (asterisk means, “change of subject”)

Here’s KM walking along one of the Valley School paths….

Ooh, I love “Bangalore outskirts”…Bangalore is a beautiful woman, and her outskirts are lovely indeed….. now, now, you dirty-minded lot gentle readers, that will be all on the subject….

Dumb and Dumber,I don’t have the right number…

June 18, 2007

Very rarely, in my constant endeavour to learn new things, do I get dejected, but the past two days HAVE been days of dejection. I have been taking a series of foozly (see anushsh‘s post) pictures which make me want to cry….

The camera manual is NOT dummy user-friendly. What I *want* is some kindly soul standing near me, telling me, the way sainath did in Bandipur, “for this situation, do this, this and this.” “Don’t do this.” and so on. Believe me, sometimes I have to WRITE down these instructions (absurdly simple as they probably are) and follow them verbatim several times until I get somewhat comfortable with the how-to. I hate the fact that I am SO dumb around these tech gadgets. Others, who are older than I am (KM for eg) take to them like a duck to the water, so why can’t I be like them? I want to take the pictures, but I don’t know the technicalities properly and without knowing it, it’s like having a building on a weak foundation. It’s like driving without knowing the basics of what’s under the bonnet.

The thing is that this camera is NOT superior to the Canon EOS20D..and therein lies the trouble, too. That wonderful piece of equipment does much of the work for me…here, starting from the fact that the image through the viewfinder is not as sharp as through the DSLR, the camera is not as forgiving of my mistakes as the Canon 20D is. I have been driving a Lexus, and must now drive…well, perhaps,…an Octavia…and the camera is still complicated enough to deject me and make me feel that someone has wasted a lot of good money getting something for a dummy…why,WHY did I want such an expensive piece of equipment???

First of all, I want to know my way around the various modes and functions and features of the camera…even THAT is proving pretty complicated for me. I KNOW I am a reasonably intelligent individual…why does this defeat me SO easily?

I feel old, antiquated, fossilized and vegetable-for-a-brained…not really, I know this is nothing to do with age…it is due to some lack in me.

I must learn how, after taking videos, to post them to my comp, then to YouTube and then to my beloved LJ….the flash doesn’t seem to come on when I press the button, as it should, and I am unable to find out why it isn’t happening..and so the list of puzzlement goes.

I usually love learning and learn, perhaps slowly, but steadily…this is one of the few instances where I am very dispirited. And I have just one month to learn to use this camera well. Why the timeline? Ah, that will soon be revealed….