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Museum of Contemporary Art, St.Louis, 181013

October 21, 2013

These are four short videos I look of the work of

Jennifer Steinkamp

which was showing as I walked past….it was just fascinating. (I’ve just added some music, rather than just the street noises.)

This is called “Orbit”, and is the first exhibition in the Museum’s new Street Views series of large-scale video works that will be projected onto CAM’s facade.

here’s more info

Hope you enjoyed that projection as much as I did!

Hollywood and Switzerland…

June 21, 2007

In America, the movie city is called Hollywood, so in Bombay, the movie industry is called Bollywood. Tollygunjge is the area for Bengali movies and is called Tollywood, and Chennai’s Kodambakkam area is called Kollywood. And Bangalore’s (Karnataka’s) film industry is called…Sandalwood!