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Four videos from Valparai

April 23, 2014

I got the Orange-headed Thrush singing:

The Dusky Striped Squirrel calling:

The Grey Junglefowl, and his harem, strolling.

And….he life-giving summer rain falling:

A few of my favourite photos…

February 6, 2014

I just saved them on Flickr, so putting them up here for me to view Later, When I’m Too Old To Do Anything Else.

Bharatpur, 2009:

bharatpur pntg

Me in my favourite haunt, Bannerghatta, taken by Chandu Bandi:

dmgrass 2

What happens if there are no trees:

sqrl tree trunk

Me, taken at Ragihalli by Rathika Ramaswamy:


A moment during the Boat Race at Alappuzha, Kerala (we were in a boat ourselves)

boat race

“Oh, God, he’s started singing again!”..Devarayana Durga (Naamada Chilume):

mac singing

Gir, and conservation…

April 9, 2012

A very enjoyable trip to Gir (even though often fraught wich too much eventfulness for my liking…being slapped on the head by an arrogant guard at the Somnath temple, and nearly missing our flight back to Bangalore because of an incompetent cab driver….made sure I could just about find time to check my email, and not post anything to LJ…but a recent photo of mine is on the Conservation India photo gallery (I don’t know if they accept all photos or not)..

click here

to see it.

Will be uploading photos of the Gir trip soon….those of you who like lions and other mammals…and some birds…stand by!

The Winnie-the-Pooh squirrel…

January 7, 2012

We had a wonderful outing at Hessarghatta today…16 of us…but this post is about something I’ve seen for the very first time.

I was watching an


eating a bee in the Banyan tree:

drngo sqrl   hsrgta 07011

(don’t ask me why, then, it cannot be called a Bee-eater)

when I realized that high up within the branches, there was a Rock Bee hive, and something very interesting was going on.

3 sqrl   hsrgta 07011

We know of many animals (bears, cf. the subject-title above), ants, buzzards (indeed there is an Oriental Honey Buzzard) who love honey, but I suddenly spotted a squirrel slowly going over the hive, looking for honey!

2 sqrl   hsrgta 07011

We all watched the squirrel for a while, wondering why it was not getting stung badly; there seemed to be no bees around, even though the hive did not look abandoned, but was quite fresh.

sqrl 1 hsrgta 070112

This was the first time I’ve seen an Oriental Honey Squirrel! I wish he’d broken off some honeycombs and thrown them down to us, too…

The photos from our outing are on Facebook albums are


Too good not to mention

November 7, 2008

From a chat with my daughter:

Some friends’ parents travelled to the US to visit, and at Customs and Immigration, the officials pulled out a small bottle of Amruthanjan and asked what it was. “Oh, don’t worry!” the couple said confidently, “It’s only a balm!”

The couple apparently then spent three and a half hours at the airport with lynx-eyed security men….

Reminds me of when my father in law went to visit KM’s brother who was living in Manhattan, 51st St and Columbus, close to Spanish Harlem. He wanted to buy some homeopathic medicines, and thinking that pharmacies were called drugstores, wandered around, asking, hopefully, “Drugstore? Drugstore?” , and someone who didn’t hear him properly came up softly and said, “You want drugs, man? Come along with me!” My petrified father in law retraced his steps very quickly indeed…

It also reminds me of this post of mine about Bombs

Meanwhile, here’s a cute little squirrel at Lalbagh…

Superb weekend….

September 29, 2008

Two birding trips, one to Ramnagara and one to Ragihalli in the Bannerghatta Forest area….an evening with old film music and great friends….catching up with old friendships…what could be better? I am a very lucky person.

Four of the most common things one can see on a trip to the outdoors:

The MORNING GLORY (Convolvulus):

The GARDEN LIZARD (Calotes versicolor)

The dragonfly (Dontask methisname)

And a PALM SQUIRREL (Onceagain noname), straying from the tree for which he is named, and enjoying the fruit of the CASUARINA tree:

Lots of pics to follow…once I get done with my backlog of work!

The only wildlife mammal photograph possible in Lalbagh!

March 13, 2007

The only undomesticated animal in Lalbagh, I think, is the perky, bright, busy squirrel .

I loved the morning light on this gymnast:

Squirrel on the rocks

They are everywhere, and they are almost-but-not-quite-tame….bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, they really add interest to any visit to Lalbagh or any other park, for that matter!

I will soon be posting the story of a heroic (well, heroinic) attempt by a squirrel to get some nesting material up the tree…

Bright-eyed and (probably) bushy-tailed

February 28, 2007

Sometimes one need not go for the rare and exotic…what’s right before one’s eyes can be very appealing too!

Here’s the little squirrel (ours are very much smaller compared to their American cousins)….

Life rocks!

I loved the setting of the little fellow amongst the angles and the lines.

The caption could either be, “Life rocks”…or “a life on the rocks”…but the squirrel looks, literally, bright-eyed (and bushy-tailed though the tail doesn’t show here!), so I guess it would be the former.

JLR Dandeli, 22 Nov 06

November 28, 2006


One of the companies that KM  consults for was looking for a venue to hold a brainstorming session; KM suggested that since the factory was mid-way between Hubli and Dharwad (two Karnataka cities, 25 km apart), they could go to the JLR property at Dandeli. So it was written, and so it was done, much to my glee!

I went to pick up KM and the other executives from the factory and whiled away my time, while they debated weighty corporate matters, by roaming around the factory campus. Apart from the pictures of the CRIMSON ROSE BUTTERFLY and the RED-VENTED BULBUL that I have already posted, I saw lots of GREEN BEE-EATERS, PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRDS, and the usual MYNAHS, BLACK KITES (less in numbers because we were far away from a city).
We reached Dandeli too late for the evening safari, but met Mr Basil, one of the naturalists there, who told me about a sighting of a BLACK PANTHER a few days ago. (Of course these animals are always sighted before or after my stay.) The corporate group had a musical evening but I retired early because my focus was the morning safari! Thankfully, they were not too noisy, and it was peaceful on the banks of the Kali river.

Let me start with my favourite sunrise photograph ( the “fingers of God” through the forest trees was really incredible!)

IMG_0324 Sunrise at Dandeli

The rest of the account and pictures under the cut