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Some photos of the family and by the family….

March 3, 2014

Here’s The Booda, all dressed even when there was nowhere to go…

a bda kurta


About this sketch, KTB said, “This is me sitting criss-cross applesauce, and Kalyan is sitting on my lap”.

a bdi sktch 130214

Pic: AM

One has to look carefully at this dark photograph to see KTB rapt in her very first visit to a theatre…

a boodi 190114 thtre

Pic: AM

Here’s the grandmother, doing some “down-to-earth” photography:

a dm 220214 ptnhli raji

Pic: RH

And here’s a cartoon of what I think my grandson *really* looks like:

a krishna pic2 210214

Pic and cartoon: DM


February 5, 2014

Here’s the family, on vacation in Hawaii:

DSC08265 ds n 2 kds hwi

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DSC08282 dna fam hwi

Here’s K2 on his actual birthday, the 28th of January:

a booda 280114

With his sister:

booda boodi 280114

Fixing the dishwasher when it ain’t broke:

a booda fork  020214 3

Forking it out:

a booda fork  020214 1

He had a birthday bash with a friend:

bday cake booda 020214 Stl

Hitler wonders what he’s done with his mpustache:


The family with the cake:


Here’s KTB, riveted by her first theatre experience:

a boodi 190114 thtre

Here’s a pic of sibling love:

double ksm

And finally, here’s KTB describing “a shark eating a fish,under the water,eating a fish and two clams sitting on the ground talking to each other, and watching the shark eat the fish, and the pearls never fly out of the clams when they talk.”

My wonderful grandchildren…the great joy of my life! Thanks to the parents for most of these pics.

The a-door-able baby….

September 27, 2013

Why is he rushing to get that door?


To get to the door-closer:


This has become his most favourite “toy” and it’s also the cleanest thing in the house, thanks to his licking it thoroughly!

Sometimes he gives me a saucy smile…


And sometimes it’s a “sketchy” smile!


He’s soooooo dear to me….

Peeping Tom

September 13, 2013

He raises his head above the crib


Looks rather bemused.


He changes his expression


And starts looking amused.


A little, fuzzy head pops up


Two beady eyes look out.


Their innocence is adorable; as the head bobs in and out.


Not a minute can ever go waste….


He must find out the crib’s feel.. and taste!


As the baby grows…

September 12, 2013

The ability to think
To focus one’s mind
To move towards one’s goal
To finally find….

The human being
Emerges rom the infant:
All too soon I’ll be left
Wondering where the “baby” days went.

Little Booda

August 28, 2013

Our little fellow is now 7 months old; he is our very own creepy-crawly at home, starting to get around to *near* where he wants to go.


But more often than not, he ends up under the drawing-room table:


He then kicks hard enough to bring up the plank (which rests on four pieces), and yell for attention as he wants to get away from there!

He’s taken to blowing loud, spitty raspberries, sometimes when I’m feeding him his cereal. And just when I am feeling exasperated and exhausted, those little almond eyes look at me with that wonderful innocence, and that happy, toothless grin appears…and I am his slave again.

His sister has become “Boodi”…and he’s “Booda”…terrible nicknames, I know…but that’s how it is!

Silicone for health…

August 16, 2013

DSC05984 bda eating bib 130813 stl

While I give KP his cereal and vegetables, he’s under the impression that anything near his mouth is part of the food. It’s a struggle to get the bib out of his mouth, and some food into it. He’s got a very strong grip…whether with his arms or his legs!

It’s already clear that he likes his cereals, but has his preferences amongst the vegetables….he’s NOT fond of carrots or beans. Peas and sweet potatoes are fine…but silicone seems to be the strong favourite, right now….

Where did 180 days go? 280713

July 31, 2013


Jumping, cackling, whistling, and crowning!

July 26, 2013

When people jump to entertain him, he cackles…

and whistles so high, I call him a friend of all the dogs in the neighbourhood!

He’s really bright-eyed, I don’t know about bushy-tailed!

DSC03937 2 klyan  230713

Meanwhile, we have our Pink Princess crowning the Pink King:

DSC03966 crown 230713

Having put on her “sumin shoes” for some waterplay at her daycare, she’s also putting on, as she says, some “shoe gloves”!

DSC04103 kavya 250713

Such a delight being with these two…!

The Bundle

July 15, 2013

A head of fuzzy hair
With a Mohawk,
And a long Dennis-the-Menace cowlick.
Silky, satiny, velvety skin.
The most amazing, almond-shaped eyes
That look at me with utter innocence.
Pudgy little arms that fly up
In an arc, when disturbed.
The chubby cheeks of one who has
Only food custom-made for him,
By his mother..and Mother Nature.
Dimples everywhere…
On his knuckles, his cheeks, his chin,
His knees, his toes…and his hips.
Fatly little legs, and strong thighs
That kick strongly.
A rosebud mouth, a toothless smile.
A round “O” of anger and a demand
For instant attention.
Little dumpling turnovers,
Rolling along the floor.
Drool, and often spitups,
All over his round face.
Happy cooing, like a pigeon.
High-pitched whistling that seems
To go beyond human hearing.
Pees too often, poops
Not often enough.
This, then, is the bundle
That my grandson is.
Oh…I forgot to mention:
Wrapped around his tiny little finger
Is my heart, and those of his family.
Can someone who cannot speak,
Cannot walk…be so vitally important
When we lived without him for many years?
Yes…he can…and he is.