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Cryptic crosswords

August 2, 2019

I love my morning cryptic crossword. It’s a very Brit thing…I am hopelessly addicted. I do the Deccan Herald every day; the compiler of the Eco Times crossword changed a while ago, and I am just getting to grips with the compiler’s mentality.

I like the Indian Express,too, and though it’s not my favourite, I do the Business Standard one too, just to keep my hand in with different compilers. The Hindu cryptic is a smug and self-satisfied crossword that I do not like, but I will do it if I can’t find anything else. But my great favourite is the cryptic crossword on Saturday in the Deccan Herald. It’s so witty…it often sets me laughing!

I remember the days in Chennai when the Eco Times had just been introduced; there were small prizes (such as cosmetics) for the first person to finish, and I loved winning all the junkola!

This morning, I posted a “Crossbird” in one of the birding groups I belong to; at once, someone called

Minchu Kulkarni

who works for


pinged me, and helped me make a proper online crossword of it. All the clues are names of birds (no technical stuff, just general names) can try it out


Have fun, and let me know how it went…it’s very simple indeed. Today’s learning…thank you, Minchu! Looking forward to learning more from you.


January 7, 2009

Mithyam is now the name of an, ahem, software company that is in the news nowadays… what a joke on everyone, to call yourself Truth and then, for several years, defraud the public….

It is worthwhile to remember that some rogues only confess when there is no other way out; and for every rogue that confesses, there are several who do not…

What a crying shame.

Let me cheer myself up with this beautiful star that was put up near vinitb‘s place….

Looks quite surreal, doesn’t it? I wanted to go close and inspect it, but couldn’t…it’s M C Escheresque…

Sent to me by

September 25, 2008

She doesn’t post on LJ any more, but she does send me some very amusing stuff! Here’s one.

click here to find out about the gender of your new father

Thank you, enigmaticash!

Everything Official About It!

September 10, 2008

Official Sale of Pirated Software!


Stray thought…

October 24, 2007

Wonder how much of software was written, and at what cost (given the kind of figures one associates with Google) to make those smileys on Gtalk float to vertical from horizontal….

😉 (this one will *remain* horizontal, alas.)

And Gtalk’s not having an invisible setting is a major minus…for people like me, who canNOT handle multiple conversations.