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Why I like FaceBook

December 14, 2018

Here I dip into someone’s thought.
There I see what someone’s bought.
I admire someone’s photograph.
I wish someone would cut their rant in half.
Read someone’s movie review.
Muse on someone’s political hue.
I tarry over someone’s art;
Someone’s music, that is a class apart.
Satisfied, I go to bed.
My friends…you fill up most of my head!
I’ll be back again tomorrow.
To check on you, in smiles or sorrow.
A lovely way to look and see
What’s up with you…. on FB!

Friend on FaceBook? No way!

August 22, 2013

I got a message from Flora Williams, and since I wasn’t able to guage whether it was “genwine” or not, I replied, and asked her for more details. Now…you evaluate, from her reply:

“I am Miss Flora William,24yrs old from Freetown Sierra-Leone,the only child of Late Dr.David William who was killed by rebels when war broke-out in my country but my friends used to call me Miss Hope and i really love the name because i have hope that one day, i will be free from this place.I lost my parent and relatives during the war, but through the help of the UNITED NATION (UN) I was rescued and brought to Dakar Senegal refugee camp together with other surviving people.
My hobbies are,Swimming,dancing,cooking, meeting people, going to social activities, and also i like listening to good musics .I Will like to know more about you,your likes and dislike,your hubbies and what you are doing Presently. I will tell you more about myself and the main reason why i contacted you in my next mail.
As i told you earlier I am staying in a refugee camp.Staying here is more like a prison because we are restricted from doing or having some certain things here in the camp. This Refugee Camp is headed by a Rev. Father peter Johnson. He likes me so much to the point he call me his daughter,I do make use of his office computer to send email and i only enter his office when he is less busy. i wait to hear from you soonest.
kisses Flora William”

I am not planning to have anything further to do with the Flora of this species….call me cynical, call me hard-hearted….I am, ofkose, busy with my many hubbies….

Interest and Disinterest

June 14, 2007

themadman posted about his father telling him something funny…when relatives and friends heard that a son of his was getting married, they assumed that it was themadman and not his younger brother (who is the one actually engaged now!)

I too cannot understand this preoccupation with whether one is getting married, or having a kid, or….the next rite of passage in life. It’s as if, if one conforms, one is validating these relatives’/friends’ own value systems…

I am often asked about my’s 2 years since she got married, “any news”? I am not in the least bothered about “any news” myself, so find it amusing to note the interest, but accept it as part of the social scene. I call this kind of interest a need for “social information”, and it’s just part of the social fabric in the community I live in.

Personally, I do believe that questions about marriage and children may actually be touching a sensitive point, and therefore, should not be asked. After all, information about an approaching marriage or child will be common knowledge soon enough…

But the funny thing is, I am often asked such questions about OTHER people! (Eg. I know a couple who don’t have a child after…hm…maybe 7 years of marriage,I am not sure..and other friends ask me, “do you know why they don’t have a child?” ME? How on earth am I supposed to find this out, assuming I was interested in the first place? And assuming that I would have to ask them, why can’t these friends ask them, themselves?

But…try telling your troubles to these same people who ask all these questions and suddenly….they are NOT interested, and you can watch as they mentally tune off…