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A couple of laughs

June 6, 2019

I love laughing and treasure every sudden gem that I come across. Here’s a great one from the “middle” in the Deccan Herald of Tuesday, June 4, 2019, by Indu Suryanarayan, who decided to learn music at the then-recently-opened Ayyanar College of Music on Vani Vilas Road, Bangalore:

“I bought a four-and-a-half shruti bamboo flute (to learn from Sri Doreswamy)…. Every morning, I left after coffee my flute in hand. On the way, if I encountered toddlers following their mother’s advice to answer nature’s call squatting by the roadside, I would use my flute to hit them on the head and ask them to go and do it inside.” It makes me wonder what else the poor flute was used for!


Having got up at 1.30am to do some ironing, I justtttt shut my eyelids after the alarm rang at 5.30am. I believe in the theory of relativity, because just a fraction of a second later, it was 6 am. This entry is especially for Srikanth, to whom it happened yesterday!

Little holes in the heart

October 26, 2014

Medical science tells us
That we can, indeed, live
With little holes in the heart
I know this to be true.

Oh, little one,
You just set up a wail
In your sleep;
Then, like a caterpillar,
You climbed into my lap.
And, your tiny body bent into
My legs and knees,
You sleep on.
Your little chest
Moves up and down with the breath
That holds your precious life within
This small body.

Soon, I will leave you
And return home.
You will be a voice heard on the phone;
A few pixels on my laptop screen;
You will no longer be the smell
Of the moisturizer that you spilt
So lavishly this morning
No longer the tender fingers
That so often rub against me
As, in falling asleep,
You move them back and forth
Over my arms.

My love for you will overflow
From these little holes in my heart
That your physical absence, little caterpillar,
Will create, in little shafts
Of missing you unbearably.

And yes, I will live with those holes
In my loving heart:
I will take comfort
That you are growing
Halway across the world,
In a happy home.

You and your elder sister,
Precious to me beyond imagining
Will, once again, be tears
Stinging behind my eyelids
As I struggle to be rational about you
Even as I wish I could be with you forever.

When I’m gone…

July 27, 2014

When I’m gone…when my time is done..
Let me rest my weary head.


In the softest of flowers,
Upon a petal bed.


When the blooms wither,
When the colours turn to lead…


We’ll both return in the spring.
Neither of us…is dead.

Not sweet dreams

March 29, 2014

I do not like the places
I go to, in my dreams.
My sadness at separation
From the beloved children
Is, while being worked on,
Hidden deep in my heart.
The sorrow of the end
Of more than three decades of marriage
Lurks there, too,
In the dark crevices of my heart
The wrongs I have done: the hurts I have caused
The many things I could have done better….
All these are not, as I thought,
Dealt with, and forgotten.
They hang, with little burrs,
In my subconscious mind.
Perhaps this is why I rarely dream;
Because, when I do,
I go to these places.
I feel, once again,
What I do not want to feel.
Scenes flash before my consciousness
That I thought I’d discarded…
No, I just seem to have buried them
Beyond the reach of my everyday thoughts.
They come out, and mock me.
Sadness, loneliness, regrets:
They once again assail me.
I wish they would not.
I do not like the places
I go to, in my dreams.

My baby…the grown woman

August 20, 2013

She sleeps in exhaustion, my little one.

DSC06360 am asleep 190813 stl

She’s my little one, but she’s a mother and a career woman. She works very hard at a very demanding job. She works with equal passion for Asha For Education, raising funds to educate needy Indian children. She runs regularly, partly to keep fit, partly to help raise funds for Asha. She holds the household together, and spends as much time as she can with her two children. She forgoes sleep with an infant to feed. She staunchly supports me through my troubles. She helps her friends, and sometimes just acquaintances, unstintingly. She’s passed three parts of the very demanding, 7-part Architectural Registration Examinations…here she is trying to study for the 4th part…as tiredness and sleep overcome my darling, and the juggler of so many different balls goes off to dreamland for a while.

I love you, my darling daughter…I’d wish a more relaxed, easy life for you, but if you’re happy, I’m happy for you, too.

The sleeping angel

July 18, 2013

Throughout the evening, after she returned from daycare, she troubled me. Didn’t want to wash her hands or feet…didn’t want to start, or finish, her dinner…kept pushing me to see how far I’d go…I was exhausted by the time her father took her upstairs to brush her teeth and go to sleep. Between her and her baby brother, the noise level was enormous, too…

A while later, I went upstairs, My heart melted to see a little angel, fast asleep, with a toy bear clutched tightly…oh, my lovely little one, you can push me to the limits, but there are no limits to my love for you…


The ThooLi (Warning…this is an AWWWWWW post)

May 6, 2009

DnA (as they call themselves) have decided to let the baby sleep in a “thooLi”. What’s that, I hear my non-Tamizh friends ask. And if they are not asking, they are going to get the answer anyway.

The thooLi is a traditional baby-rocker; it’s an old, soft saree or veshti (dhoti) tied to a rafter beam, or a hook in the ceiling. Sometimes it comes with a cross-bar, sometimes not. It provides a snug bed for the baby, which the mother can rock, too; and it’s simple and inexpensive. (It’s also quickly changeable, as the baby pees or poops in it….Indian babies don’t always have clothes on, leave alone diapers. It used to be a common sight to see the thooLi dripping, or with puddles underneath, which were later cleaned up!)

Several people told DnA NOT to go the thooLi way; reasons ranged from its being unsafe, to being so effective that the baby would then refuse to sleep anwywhere else! But still, they decided that they would have one.

So D “engineered” the cross-rod in the garage, and made the holes through which the ropes( that tied it to the hook in the ceiling, that he also put up) would go. It also was made in a way that the saree (well, in this case, a soft old sheet) could be adjusted.

The hook was drilled in the ceiling, slightly off-centre for their bed, but right over it, so that the thooLi would hang a few inches, directly over the bed, snd if, God forbid, Eli fell out, she would fall about two inches to the bed.

Eli seems quite happy sleeping in it…but she seems just as happy sleeping on the drawing-room sofa, in her car seat, anywhere….

want to see the thooLi and the customer satisfaction feedback?

Somewhere far away, when the day draws to a close….

April 8, 2009

I love the gentle melancholy of this song…

kaheen door jab din dhal jAyE

sAnjh ki dulhan badan churAyE

mErE khayAlOn kee Angan mEn

koi sapnOn kE deep jalAyE…deep jalAyE

kabhi yoon hee jab huee bOJhal saansEn

bhar Ayee baithE baithE bas yoon hee AnkhEn

kabhi machal kE pyAr sE chal kE

chhuE koi mujhE par nazar na AyE…nazar na AyE

kahi tO yEh dil kabhi mil nahin pAthE

kahin sE nikal AyE janmOn ki nAthEy

ghani thi uljhan, bairi apnA man

apnA hi hokEy sahE dard parAyE..dard parAyE


Somewhere, far away, when the day draws to a close,
The bride of Evening steals charms me
In the courtyard of my memories
Someone lights the lamp of dreams…

Sometimes, just like that, when one sighs,
The eyes fill as one just sits..
As one gets agitated,
One feel someone’s touch, but cannot see who it is…

Sometimes, these hearts cannot meet,
Sometimes, the ties of several births emerge…
There were complexities,my own mind feels strange..
It bears the pain of others as one’s own…

Can someone transliterate those two lines properly for me and give me the meaning please?

Update: Thank you, inspirethoughts! 🙂

I love the velvet of Mukesh’s voice…later, Kishore Kumar sang most of Rajesh Khanna’s songs.

Mukesh’s songs of melancholy, such as “chal ree sajni” or “sArangA thEri yAd mEn” are great favourites of mine.

Will be writing the rest later, waiting for someone who shut off the alarm and dozed off and is now VERY late! I have been awake, as usual, since 4.30am, being always afraid of exactly the same thing, oversleeping….!

Insomniac’s Night Up…eeeenllpsssss

February 15, 2009

Well…in alphabetical order, those are the letters that make up the word “sleeplessness.”

That’s the kind of profound thought that my brain manufactures, when, after sleeping at 11.45pm, I am wide awake again at just past 3am.

I debate whether to turn on the bedside lamp or not. Turn it on so that it doesn’t shine on the face of the spouse (who is lost to the world anyway, and who has to be prodded periodically to stop having “sound” sleep)…and finish the rest of the Saturday Deccan Herald and Economic Times crosswords. Some witty clues make me smile to myself.

I realize that the room does have at least a couple of mosquitoes, as the backs of my hands are itching…it’s probably what brought me to wakefulness in the first place.

I switch off the light again..I have to be up at 5am to go for a birding trip…and idly let my thoughts roam around the many household jobs I have been letting slide for the past week. This, and that, and that, and this…I know, in my heart of hearts, they *can* be done this week, so my thoughts move on.

I wonder how different life will be when I wind up (for a while) all my Bangalore- and India-specific activities, and concentrate on the GD2B (Grand Daughter 2 Be) who will truly take up every waking moment for the first few weeks of her life. I think it’s going to be fun…but I am going to miss home a lot, too, I guess. I have never stayed in the US beyond four weeks, ever….I am very keen to get back home after that, and generally do!

Could I switch on some music? Bad idea, for the same reason as switching on the light is a bad idea. I do not like the idea of stuffing my earholes with music, so I must listen to it audibly…so that’s out.

Of course, switching on the computer is a complete no-no, or the hours will pass by unnoticed and I will get no sleep at all.

Go and drink some water, and come back and lie down.

I wonder if I will oversleep and have to apologize to the several people who will be waiting for me in two and half hours’ time.

Fall into a doze in the middle of these thoughts, only to be woken by the alarm. It’s Sunday morning, and a packed day awaits me.

Birding with the children, and adults (and adultresses) of Nisarga Layout (it was fantastic, more about this after I have uploaded photographs!), a celebration of two saints of Carnatic music, and a few songs to sing at the event; a silver wedding celebration lunch to go to, then to the Canon Store so KM can drool over the Canon 5D, then a couple of friends from Pune are coming home, and then to the last event in the Attakalari Festival at Ranga Shankara.

I realize I am a very happy person. Even if I am Ms. Slee Pless.

OK, nuff said.

Here’s a picture of a bunch of beautiful new leaves on a tree in Bannerghatta, taken with my usual settings on the 20D.

And here’s the same bunch, taken on Manual mode, with the settings suggested by Mahesh , who is really knowledgeable about the camera and the effects it can be made to achieve.

Off for the martial arts/dance performance soon. I hope you all had a good weekend, or are proceeding to have one…

To me, the two images appeal in different ways. I love the bokeh in the first, and the dark background in the second. Mahesh does genrally prefer darker backgrounds, as he feels the image stands out. (his images are also outstanding in other senses of the word!)

Which do YOU prefer? and why? Answer in your own words, using only one side of the sheet, and no peeking (I typed peeing twice) at your neighbour’s answer.

How often do I feel EXACTLY like Hobbes…

July 19, 2007