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Things that tickled me

December 20, 2014

I love spotting funny signs..and here are a few!

Notice that the palm tree has been left alone 😀




A biblical sign, thanks to peeling paint!


Subtle mistake, it *almost* sounds right!


“She is my green beauty”!


This one just says, “kannadigA” (one who belongs to Karnataka)


Another anti-woman one (tranlsation by my friend Chandan)

Journey is towards Love,
But Girl is towards wealth
Mother’s milk is strength to the arms,
A girls kiss is dangerous to the pocket


Not married?


Pavilion can sometimes be a tough word:


The royal flush:


Poor guy, having lost of girls…


Still smiling…

World Environment Day, 050614

June 5, 2014

Does it move?
Kill it!
Does it sting?
Squash it!
Does it grow?
Cut it down!
Done with it?
Throw it out of your window!
Need to go somewhere?
Take the car!
Have some money?
Consume more!


Then, have plastic posters printed, saying, “World Environment Day”, with the photos of prominent pols, put it up in a public place, and feel happy that a praiseworthy effort has been taken.

The moon and the star

May 2, 2014


If you were the moon and I was a star,
We would have a home in the sky
People would see you from afar
I’d have the right to look on you from close by!

Tumkur visit, 010514

Corporates, and outsourcing

July 8, 2013

How apt a sign for our times, when God is incorporated!


And how equally apt, given the way everything is outsourced, that this restaurant should thrive in Washington, DC:


Do you want to meet a Very Important Person?

April 9, 2013

This guy is going to be a Future Rocket Scientist, because his clothes proclaim so:

rkt scientist  070413 photo DSC03899.jpg

You want to see this prodigy? Here he is:

baby bath  070413 photo DSC03906.jpg

He’s squeaky clean…and when I say “squeaky”, I mean it, he makes such creaking noises that I feel he needs frequent oiling!

121212,some things I clicked

December 13, 2012

In a small improvement, I can now post and comment on my own LJ,at least and at last…

Everyone made a big fuss of the date, 121212, but I found the following interesting things yesterday…

It may be the twenty-first century, but even a metropolis like Bangalore has this form of transport, quite common:

2 hrs crt  131212

Then I clicked this Apt Number Plate:

1212 no plate, 121212

(Doesn’t this look like a picture of two asteroids in the solar system? No, it’s only the lovely flakes on my granite kitchen counter-top.)

And would you call the following image a photo-graph juice?

dk grph juice 121212 jngr


August 9, 2012

Tell me what this is (it took me a while to work it out):

uco lift oil bg 090812

Medical, Matrimonial, or….?

June 30, 2012

ex ray muny 260612

Would this be the number plate of a radiologist’s car (I snapped it at the Muny when I went to eee

“Chicago” .)

Would it be the number plate of someone who’d obtained a divorce from a guy called Raymond?

Would it be the number plate of someone who’d stopped wanting to tan in the sunshine?

Any other guesses?

Two children and an E-nest…

June 20, 2012

When Afreen and I went to watch the Men’s National Gymnastics Championships (the finalists get to the Olympics trials!), we saw this baby Northern Mockingbird:

baby mkng bd 3  stl  080612

The little one was being carefully watched by its mother, but didn’t seem too scared of us:

baby mkng bd 2  stl  080612

I loved the innocent beauty:

mkng bd  stl  080612

Another innocent (er, not always, sometimes she’s downright manipulative!) beauty:

ktb  stl  080612

ktb 2  stl  080612

I went with D to the car-accessories shop where he was dropping off used engine oil and other stuff, and looked up at the sign on the shop, and had a pleasant surprise:

zone sprw nest  stl  080612

Have you seen an “e-nest” before, in this electronic age?

e-nest  stl  080612

Let me close with my favourite subject!

3 ktb  stl  080612

Something to smile about, and another concert at Memphis

June 15, 2012

Don’t have much to say, as life is very difficult right now…but when that happens, the best thing is to smile!

called in dead 090612

If you can’t call in dead, be in style:

in style 090612

What happens when the wife asks for a diesel car (diesel is much cheaper in India than petrol) and the husband goes ahead and buys a petrol car, and then the Indian government increases petrol prices by Rs.7.50 paise a litre? The wife orders the licence plates…

I told you 080612

Practising for my concert on Saturday at the temple in Memphis, Tennessee…and after having lost my voice completely last week, I don’t seem to have found all of it. I tell my voice to sing something, and my voice says, “Oh, yeah?”

You may remember my concert there from

this post

They liked my singing so much that they asked for a repeat this year…I am thrilled!

We are driving to Memphis tomorrow.