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Macro and Zoom at IISc Bangalore

July 15, 2007

Very early this morning, sanathreddy, anushsh and I went to IISc campus to do a bit of birding before the meeting we went to have. We spotted only the usual birds, the COUCAL, the WHITE-CHEEKED BARBET, the BULBULS,the INDIAN ROBIN, the ASIAN KOEL, the FLOWERPECKERS, the SCALY-BREASTED MUNIA (though Sanath said he saw a BLACK-HEADED MUNIA as well)the PURPLE SUNBIRDS, and the ROSE-RINGED PARAKEETS (apart from the usual CMPK…CROW,MYNAH, PARIAH KITE!) Didn’t take any pictures of these, as I have already taken pictures of them, and also because the S3IS is NOT a birding camera…

But the S3IS macro came in really handy for documenting other marvels.

Here are two COTTON STAINER BUGS (thanks Noella!) mating, for some unknown reason, several of these pairs were found upon the dead bodies of other cotton stain bugs…

un id bugs mating over a dead one IISc 130707

click on this for more pics

Intriguing, “deadly” sight…

July 10, 2007

Apparently, “deadly” has entered Kannada slang and means something, or someone, that is immediately impressive…a “deadly” outfit that one has on, or a “deadly” car that one has bought…well, I have, *indeed*, taken a “deadly” picture!

As you can imagine, I am thoroughly enjoying the S3IS…I call it my personal Mary’s lamb.

Didn’t get the bird, but…

July 5, 2007

No bird, but here’s the bee and the flower!

bee and the flower 5 jul 07

That macro part of the S3IS is very enjoyable…

Hollywood and Switzerland…

June 21, 2007

In America, the movie city is called Hollywood, so in Bombay, the movie industry is called Bollywood. Tollygunjge is the area for Bengali movies and is called Tollywood, and Chennai’s Kodambakkam area is called Kollywood. And Bangalore’s (Karnataka’s) film industry is called…Sandalwood!

On the way to Nandi Hills…

June 21, 2007

Do not miss that lovely curly tail! No, we didn’t eat here…

Manjunatha Pork Restarent

This kind of thing is exactly what I got this S3IS for…! A few more “sighting shots” on the camera will follow…

Dumb and Dumber,I don’t have the right number…

June 18, 2007

Very rarely, in my constant endeavour to learn new things, do I get dejected, but the past two days HAVE been days of dejection. I have been taking a series of foozly (see anushsh‘s post) pictures which make me want to cry….

The camera manual is NOT dummy user-friendly. What I *want* is some kindly soul standing near me, telling me, the way sainath did in Bandipur, “for this situation, do this, this and this.” “Don’t do this.” and so on. Believe me, sometimes I have to WRITE down these instructions (absurdly simple as they probably are) and follow them verbatim several times until I get somewhat comfortable with the how-to. I hate the fact that I am SO dumb around these tech gadgets. Others, who are older than I am (KM for eg) take to them like a duck to the water, so why can’t I be like them? I want to take the pictures, but I don’t know the technicalities properly and without knowing it, it’s like having a building on a weak foundation. It’s like driving without knowing the basics of what’s under the bonnet.

The thing is that this camera is NOT superior to the Canon EOS20D..and therein lies the trouble, too. That wonderful piece of equipment does much of the work for me…here, starting from the fact that the image through the viewfinder is not as sharp as through the DSLR, the camera is not as forgiving of my mistakes as the Canon 20D is. I have been driving a Lexus, and must now drive…well, perhaps,…an Octavia…and the camera is still complicated enough to deject me and make me feel that someone has wasted a lot of good money getting something for a dummy…why,WHY did I want such an expensive piece of equipment???

First of all, I want to know my way around the various modes and functions and features of the camera…even THAT is proving pretty complicated for me. I KNOW I am a reasonably intelligent individual…why does this defeat me SO easily?

I feel old, antiquated, fossilized and vegetable-for-a-brained…not really, I know this is nothing to do with age…it is due to some lack in me.

I must learn how, after taking videos, to post them to my comp, then to YouTube and then to my beloved LJ….the flash doesn’t seem to come on when I press the button, as it should, and I am unable to find out why it isn’t happening..and so the list of puzzlement goes.

I usually love learning and learn, perhaps slowly, but steadily…this is one of the few instances where I am very dispirited. And I have just one month to learn to use this camera well. Why the timeline? Ah, that will soon be revealed….

KM visited the Cheetah cubs again….

June 14, 2007

Remember the post about the Cheetah cubs that I had gone to visit in St Louis Zoo? Here it is, at

When KM visited St Louis last week, I asked him to visit them again, and nothing loath, off he went to the Zoo one afternoon. One of the original four cubs had died even before we had been to see them..but the other three are thriving…Here they are!


Cheetah Curiosity


Cheetah duo


Cheetah Trio, St Louis Zoo, 8Jun07

And now for the rest of the news….

1. Laptop is back, doing absolutely fine, I am very happy with my “local” repairman who did such a good job for such a reasonable amount.

2. These pics were taken by KM on….MY NEW CAMERA!! Since KM wants to hog the Canon DSLR when we go on any future wildlife trips (a trip of a lifetime is being planned for July)…he and DnA got me a wonderful anniversary gift…a Canon S3 IS .

With everyone (er, except chirdeepshetty and sainath) telling me that after being used to a DSLR I would not find this very good, I was under the impression that this would be a simple point-and-shoot kind of camera. Far from it. I am still wading through the manual, just trying to identify the features…

And of course, now, even *I* can see the difference between pics taken on the DSLR and this camera; but I did need a lightweight camera to cart about everywhere….and I am thrilled with the S3IS.

I will need a LOT of help from all of you great photographers out there to be able to use this camera properly….