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Rhyme schemes…should one follow rules?

September 6, 2013

I wrote:

Why do I miss you so much?
I don’t know why…I only know
That I miss your voice, I miss the touch
Of our minds…the caress
Of your eyes…
The happiness that no
Other being on earth
Can give me….your worth
Is beyond price.
You are my life…no less.

That rhyme scheme is a never-before heard-0f


and it’s ten lines, not a sonnet…no category that I know of…

Should one follow the rules of poetry, rhetoric and prosody? Or, when the words flow, should one just pen them, and let them stand as they come into one’s mind (with perhaps minor changes)? I believe, the latter…so I’m letting this stand the way it is.

A feel-good incident this time

January 23, 2013

I’ve been interacting, on FaceBook, with the MD of BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Corporation), Mr Manivannan (though our interaction is not mainly on civic issues..he’s quite a poet!). I have been getting the sense that he’s shaking up this behemoth and making them more accountable and user-friendly.

I realized that if I was going to be away for a long time, I could ask for minimum billing on my apartment. I wrote to the contact email (Ms Jayanathi) on the BESCOM website…and promptly got a return email from her, telling me whom I had to contact, and the phone nos…and additional ones if I wanted more details.

The first few times I called Mr Lokesh, the AE at J P Nagar 6th Phase office, there was no response on the mobile. However, a couple of days ago, he responded, and told me what to do. Since my electricity bill is paid by ECS (Electronic Clearance Service), it was even simpler…I did not even have to pay anything in advance by cheque. He told me to bring a letter asking for the minimum billing, and a copy of my latest electricity bill, for reference.

When I went to the BESCOM office, of course, I did get some of the usual runaround. I Go to Desk A, Desk A says Go to Desk B, Desk B says Go to Desk A, I say, Desk A sent me here, Desk B says go to Desk C, Desk C says go to Desk D…at this point, I ask why I am being sent from desk to desk in this way. I take Mr Lokesh’s name, and say that he asked me to come here. The mention of the name has a salutary effect. The person at Desk B takes up my paper, and goes through the records on the computer. He tells me that I will be billed only the minimum charges for the time period that I have specified in my letter. I come home, rather happy. I will have to check from the US, online, if my account is, indeed, getting debited with only the minimum charge.

Change happens slowly…but with a dynamic person at the top, it IS happening. I want to thank Mr. Manivannan, and other officers down the line, for making things easier for us consumers.

I loved it!

February 24, 2009

From this post from premkudva:

“Then there is an uncle who tells us that in Cochin they enforce the seat belt rule. And how he was once stopped. And how he said that buses should also have seat belts, and that Cochin with its clogged roads [and max speed of 20 kmph as per him] doesn’t require seat belts. All this he delivers to the local constable who has stopped him, in the hope that the constable is able to abolish the seat belt rule. The constable unfortunately is unable to do any such thing. So our high moral ground uncle bribes the constable Rs 100 and drives away.”

Read the whole post if you can, I enjoyed it very much! Thanks, Prem.

Metblogs and deleting posts

August 5, 2008

I sometimes get most unwelcome comments on my Metblogs posts, but usually I let them stand. However, the Metblogs posting page had an “unpublish” option, which I have used once, when the debate became too acrimonious.

Metblogs does not pay me for posting; therefore, I think, I should have the right to delete posts if I so wish.

Recently, they changed their blog-entry page, and since I had received some offensive comment on another post, I went to delete it…and found I couldn’t.

So I wrote to Metblogs asking what to do, and received this friendly reply (especially considering the fact that I have been one of the most regular contributors since I started with them)

“deleting/unpublishing/takingoffline etc is not
allowed, it’s never been allowed and if you’ve done it before you were
breaking a very very very big rule. A rule we’ve gone to court over
and spent lots of money defending. Anyway, we removed the option from
the new system to prevent it entirely, so no it’s not an option.”

If this was a “very very very big rule” why was I never told of it? Why did the old page have an “unpublish” option that could be used by the blogger? If “it’s never been allowed” why WAS it allowed?

Now you realize why my last post says, “mood: irritated”!

Metblogs was, in general, a good site, covering so many cities across the world. But they need to be more friendly to their writers if they want to retain them…I can see why so many have left!

We can’t keep our environs clean…though we can put up boards…

November 27, 2007

How to bend the rules as well as the gates….

November 17, 2007

I am sure we can soon see gates which extend all the way up to the road, too!

Why do we assume rules are not for us? Why do we think accidents will happen only to others?

September 3, 2007

Feeling rather sad that I couldn’t catch up with this young mother and warn her about the terrible risk she was taking:

Can I say I love my child if I am willing to expose her to this kind of risk?

Why do we assume rules are not for us? Why do we think accidents will happen only to others?

September 3, 2007

Feeling rather sad that I couldn’t catch up with this young mother and warn her about the terrible risk she was taking:

Can I say I love my child if I am willing to expose her to this kind of risk?

why are we like this?

April 13, 2005

First the agency in charge of the flyover broke up the service road in front of our apartments, and cut down at least a dozen trees two years ago….the project lies abandoned.

Then the construction company which is building something two doors away has excavated ALL the mud and dumped it in front of our building, totally illegally.

Then the narrow strip of land next door, where I thought some little cubbyholes for the construciton workers was coming up, has prettified those self-same horrible ill ventilated cubbyholes and put up a sign, saying P G Accomodation is available. Also completely illegal.

Then to (quite literally) top it all, people have started dumping domestic trash on the piles of mud and broken cement. What a delightful prospect I face in the morning.

Rules are rules…until they apply to you. Then you flout them as long as you can. And sweeten the local authorities, sometimes in advance, so that you don’t get pulled up.

What can I do? I have written to the BDA office in Koramangala and tried to meet the Revenue Officer. He is NEVER around. I have written to the paper. It may or may not publish the letter, and that may or may not cause a reaction.

I feel so frustrated and helpless.

I have been battling for nearly a month in my own building not to allow unattended children in the pool after dark. NO action from the committee; the children continue to come by themselves, and play excitedly, often forgetting themselves and ducking each others’ heads in the water. This is an accident jut waiting to happen. How can parents be like this? One mother came back from work and knew where to come and call her son….a swimming pool-cum-creche….everyone assumes nothing bad will happen to THEM.

We are obedient and subservient when we have another authority over us, anywhere in the world. But when we rule ourselves, we are the most corrupt, unlawful people, from top to bottom.