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Royston Abel/ Girish Karnad

October 9, 2006


Two good names in the area of theatre…I went to see “Flowers” yesterday at Ranga Shankara. Impressive, with Rajit Kapoor doing a great job of remembering, word-perfect, a monologue of more than 70 minutes….But I do have some reservations about having too-simple props and no relief at all… would have been better if the intensity had had some relief.

Also, I took the front row very happily, only to have the actor tower over me in the set and I had to crane my neck for all that time….nitpicking, I know, but the nit is there to be picked.

What do you think, usha123? You were there too..and deepsan…were you there?

Will be going to see the Bengali plays, probably….