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Rhyme schemes…should one follow rules?

September 6, 2013

I wrote:

Why do I miss you so much?
I don’t know why…I only know
That I miss your voice, I miss the touch
Of our minds…the caress
Of your eyes…
The happiness that no
Other being on earth
Can give me….your worth
Is beyond price.
You are my life…no less.

That rhyme scheme is a never-before heard-0f


and it’s ten lines, not a sonnet…no category that I know of…

Should one follow the rules of poetry, rhetoric and prosody? Or, when the words flow, should one just pen them, and let them stand as they come into one’s mind (with perhaps minor changes)? I believe, the latter…so I’m letting this stand the way it is.

Fast Food Brand Name Nursery Rhymes!

April 21, 2013

Children’s education includes fast food very early, these days! Here’s what she’s learnt at her daycare:

“Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut! McDonald’s, McDonald’s….”

I’m surprised another line with Coke and Pepsi hasn’t been added….

A delightful finger rhyme

March 18, 2013

She learnt this at

Urban Sprouts

and I was delighted when she suddenly shared it with me!

Nonsense rhyme…

May 17, 2012

I learnt this nonsense rhyme as a child, and as part of my cultural heritage, I’m carefully passing on the nonsense to KTB, as well as the sense!

The rhyme goes, in part:

“Aa Oo may bluk
blukka thookki mEla pOtta
chettiyAr veettu naNdu (the crab cooked in the Chettiar’s house)
nanda thookki mEla pOtta
nAgarathna pAmbu (the snake with the jewel)
pAmba thookki mEla pOtta
panjavarNa kiLi (five-coloured parrot)
kiLiye thookki mEla pOtta…..

I’ve forgotten what comes after this, so I conveniently end with

“kaila oNNum illai!” (There’s nothing in the hand!)

I hope my mother hears this, wherever she is, she’s the one I heard this nonsense from!

Found this in my Gmail drafts…..the Buffalo

March 30, 2008

I like to put things into the drafts folder on both my gmail and Outlook Express…the pickle jar for my ideas and words, I guess…

I found this just now when going through the gmail drafts folder for something else, and here it is, in its glory and halo:

The African or Asian Buffalo
Seems to need,always, in mud, to wallo.
The look on his face
To me, definitely says
That his IQ must be rather shallo.

Which,in turn, prompted this impromptu just now:

Edward Lear
Never fear
That you were laid on your bier…
I am here
Limerick lovers can now shed a tear!

And while on the buffalo:

To mark someone’s time in rhyme…

August 30, 2007

Here lies John Bunn;
He was killed by a gun.
His name was not Bunn, but Wood;
But Wood would not rhyme with gun..
But Bunn would.

Bangalore Traffic Police…Verse, and Worse….

July 19, 2007