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I reflect…

March 7, 2017

What if the reflections
Of faith and belief, in my soul,
Are different from yours?
I might see a temple in the glass;
You might see a church spire.
Should we then fight
And argue and shed blood
Over what is right and wrong?
Surely, all these paths and reflections
Lead but to the innermost soul
Where resides the Force, the Being
That we believe in…both you and I.



October 26, 2013


A house in which no one lives
Any more. Dead sere leaves
Floating, spent, on a pool
Of autumn rain. Shut windows,
Reflected in the parking
Reserved for a pastor
Who suffered from cancer,
And passed away: whose wife,
Now the pastor, struggles
With health, herself.
What was once live, and green, and young
Passes into the waiting arms
Of mortality.
There remains, only, the hope
That the cycle will start
Once again, and the sap will rise
In a new spring, a house alive
With a family, and the parishioners
Renew their faith.

Right angles, 290913

October 10, 2013

When the angle is right
The photograph is good.
When the image is of right angles,
Seen, and reflected,
That’s a right-angled, right-angled image!


Boat House, Forest Park, St.Louis, 290913

August 10, 2013

My favourite photo of the Gateway Arch; I took this when I’d gone with the TenToes Express to visit the City Garden.

DSC06435 080513 stl arch reflctn

The Gateway Arch

May 21, 2013

Sometimes,it’s more fun to see a landmark in unexpected places….

arch refl 080513 stl photo DSC06436.jpg

or here…

peabdy blding arch 080513 stl photo DSC06450.jpg

The Gateway Arch of St.Louis is one of the most beautiful landmarks I know!

Upside down…

July 28, 2011

Sometimes the world feels upside down,
Sometimes a smile feels like a frown.
But sometimes upside down is lovely too..
When you look into the water, at the view.

160711 reflection fp

Three images…

November 17, 2008

The sheetrock at Ragihalli (which is in the Bannerghatta area) means fantastic views, and surreal designs in the rock…the sun, shining through a wisp of raincloud (all that water in the cloud gives that prismatic effect) was reflected in one of the hundreds of rock pools on the rock slopes…

Reminded me, in some strange way, of this photograph by Seshadri…


No birder likes crows, as they …er…crow-d out all other birds (they are the humans of the bird kingdom!) and mob other birds too…but they are very intelligent, adaptable birds.

We were sitting in Ragihalli village after a long, lovely morning of birding, having hot chai at what I call Ragihalli Restaurant, when I saw this baby crow with its mother…

You can see it’s a baby because of the pinkness inside the mouth. The baby is sitting, hoping to be fed more food; but s/he is almost fully-grown, and the mother has the resignd look of mothers everywhere, who wish their baby would start growing up and getting their own food, instead of wanting to be spoon bill-fed!


The third image had me riveted to the spot for a while. So often we see butterflies whose wings are in tatters; Karthik tells us that such butterflies are old butterflies, which have survived the attacks of predators, and therefore, are fit and old butterflies!

But I found evidence of one butterfly which had not won one such battle…

I think that’s from a SOUTHERN BIRDWING….

There the wing was, lying on the floor of the forest area….it brought me, for an instant, face to face with death, impermanence and loss…and this butterfly had yet made the place a little more beautiful, even in its death….before I went on to try and draw morals out of this, I snapped myself out of my mood, and walked on!


Off for a Week…

May 19, 2008

I am off to be a golf widow, but let me see what internet access I can get…I hope to walk a lot, get some photography and birding practice, but am going to miss a lot of things quite intensely….

But meanwhile, here’s a lovely image I got in front of a Dargah at the K R Market area yesterday. The minarets and flag of the Muslim holy place are reflected in the glass, which is the new holy material of architecture in my city….

And yet the reflective facade opens, and reveals the man within; the man is himself reflecting, on who knows what profound thoughts….

I just loved this image as it appeared before me, and clicked quickly. “Clicked quickly”…can you say that five times, non-stop, very fast? 🙂

It was also nice to meet jace again; I have enjoyed his moblogs a lot, but haven’t heard much from him lately….apparently, some tech glitch, can you say THAT five times, fast?

Good looks and goodness…

October 26, 2007

A comment from avinash_kj about barn owl being actually beautiful birds set me thinking…

So often, good-looking people are less than good, and good people are less than good-looking…

I recollect a Jane Austen sentence to the effect that “so often in this world, some people have goodness while others have all the appearance of it”.

Here’s a blurry pic that I took quickly out of a moving car, but I have kept it because it states a profound truth.

good looks get you everywhere

Look at the line in blue…Good looks get you everywhere, it says through the blur

It’s not only because the picture is so blurry that it brings tears to my eyes! We keep *saying* that looks don’t matter…but how often do we find the good-looking applicant being favoured over the others for a job, the better-looking baby being adopted…?