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Three flying beauties….

September 9, 2008

Driving back on Sunday, I realized that I had never gone to Ranganathittu after taking up either birding or photography; but the place would have been crowded,with Sunday trippers and tourists, so we decided to stop the car at the canal area. It was raining, so we used a short break in the showers to explore just a little bit, and were rewarded by the sight of these:

This is the Blacktipped Forest Glory (Vestalis apicalis) Damselfly (Thank you, Karthik!)

Ain’t she a real beauty? And here’s her golden sister:

That, according to Karthik, is the River Heliodor (Libellago lineata) damselfly.

Then Gayathri also showed me this GREY PANSY (thanks for the id, Seshadri!) hiding in the dense greenery:

For confirmation of id, Seshadri sent me these links:

What beauties lurk in our bushes!



January 10, 2008

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is within easy driving distance of Bangalore, on the highway to Mysore. We decided to visit it briefly on our way back from B R Hills. We did not hire a boat to approach the bird islands, but took all our shots from the shore, as we were getting very late to go back home.

Here are the only animals which pay to gawp at, disturb, and sometimes kill, other animals:

the only animals who pay to gawp at other animals

The new signboard is getting ready, but as of now, seems to be “on the rocks”!

ranganathittu signboard

Also “on the rocks” are some very interesting denizens of this riverine environment…beware of putting your hand in the water, you might need to go to a second-hand shop! refer to the many crocs we saw, in my last post about the B R Temple…

croc...large one ranganathittu 040108

more pics if one clicks

Transportation..the new and the old…

July 21, 2007

A snap of the road leading away from the Ranganathittu river landing…

Transportation...the new and the old

I like the way the CR-V is right next to our age-old form of transportation, the bullock cart, laden with palm fronds which will be used for fuel, to to make a thatched roof….

I love the beauty of the banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis), an ethnic tree, that spreads over the road, casting welcome shade….

It’s a beautiful, calm evening. Somewhere, beyond, the rushing world whizzes past, but here it’s peace and quiet, punctuated only by the cowbells and birdsong.

Sunrise and sunset are, to me, really wonderful times.

Drama of Life and Death…near Ranganathittu, 16 July 07

July 17, 2007

I went to Ranganathittu area to do some birding and while I did have a lovely time, with all the usual birds on display, I also watched this little drama of life and death nearby….

On one of the weeds, I watched a butterfly alight on a flower. But inexplicably, almost as soon as it landed on the flower, the butterfly seemed suddenly to wilt…you can see it just hanging off the flower:

Butterfly drama 2 160707 Ranganathittu area

It then fell off altogether, and lay, dead or dying, on a leaf below. Intrigued, I decided to investigate. I gently held the flower to see what could have caused the death of the butterfly, which you can see lying (by now dead) on the leaf below:

Butterfly drama 3

All was revealed…from under the flower crawled the hunter, the predator, which had been lying in wait for just such an opportunity as the one that happened…

Butterfly drama 5

As soon as the butterfly landed, the spider bit it, and paralyzed the butterfly fatally. Even as I looked at it, it dropped off on to the leaf below to proceed to the meal:

Butterfly drama 4

Here’s a close-up of the predator..incredible, I could swear that was a “happy” face on the back of the spider!

Picture of the predator butterfly drama

I thought it was ironic to see a happy smiley face on the back of a creature which had just dealt a violent death to another…but on second thought, it was just a living creature getting a meal for itself, so I suppose, now that the meal was ready, a smiley wasn’t an inappropriate thing for the spider to have, as it went off for its lunch….