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Which one appeals to you?

September 20, 2011

I just want to see what appeals more, visually.

Here are two images, from Forest Park, St.Louis, at dusk, on 16th of July, 2011.

Here’s the first image:

wtr blw fp 160711 stl

And here’s the second:

rev wtr fp 160711 stl

I am also trying to see if a suggestion made by a friend should be followed, or not. So…please respond, whoever you are….and let me know!

Pavement wares

September 29, 2008

Sometimes, amidst the plastic and the tawdry stuff that one finds on the footpath stalls, one comes across nuggets….

Those are woodcuts, meant to be used for block printing, or perhaps for rangoli or mehendi…except for the paisley patterns, each is unique.

Each cost five rupees…a pittance for such artistic work!

We were here, and they were there before us…

September 10, 2006


A very young tigress, and a gaur, had left their prints on the road; we left only our jeep tyre-tracks behind, and took only photographs and memories:

IMG_0564 we were here...