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Plastic in my lifestyle

May 24, 2017

I like to think of myself as green, but apart from plastic bags, here’s a partial list of the things I use and see around me , which have plastic in them…the list goes into the hundreds each day. I started with the morning and moved through the day:

My bedside lamp.
Toothbrush/Toothpaste tube.
My “home” slippers.
A lot of items in my kitchen…spatulas, jars, containers
The containers of all my cosmetics, my combs
My mobile phone, my earphones and my bluetooth device
All the electrical/electronic devices at home (refrigerator, television, modem, laptop, wires, and so on)
Since I don’t want to use leather, all my handbags/backpacks, luggage, and shoes/sandals
My umbrella
All the electrical switches
Parts of all kinds of motorized vehicles and cycles, too
My timekeeping gadgets: watches, clocks in the home
My water bottles
The packets of various food items, snack items and sweets
The covers of magazines that are delivered or sold
So many components of the public transport that I use
Reflectors on the road, advertisement banners, sheets used as shelters

I stop at this point, as the list seems unending. Plastics are here to stay, and we cannot be hypocritical and say, “Ban plastic”. I don’t think it’s possible…it’s too useful and cheap material. We can only try to regulate its use.

Maidanahalli Sunset, 251211

January 3, 2012

The Maidanahalli Blackbuck Reserve, in Tumkur District, Karnataka, is famous for the critically-endangered Blackbuck:


But it also has some quite amazing scenery, and sunset on the grassland, ringed around with hills, is awe-inspiring. This post is dedicated to who shares my love for sunrises and sunsets.

7 snst mdnhli 291211

Incredible fact…the greater the pollution, the more colourful the sunrises and sunsets…


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Excellent blogpost….

October 25, 2011

I wanted to write about the Urban Lakes workshop that I went on…but I found someone has done it much better than I!



is Depalan’s account of the workshop. A very balanced view of what we experienced…plus and minus.

My pictorial account of the day is


It’s on Facebook, so you need an account to be able to see it.


May 31, 2008

Very unusual state of affairs for me. I have no thoughts, I have nothing that I feel like recording, I don’t feel like uploading any pictures today….so I am posting THAT as a noteworthy occurrence! 🙂

Oh, I do have a thought. I am very impressed with a newspaper headline today that says that the Government has *agreed* to set up a panel to handle the rehabilition of the victms of Bhopal Gas Disaster . which occurred in 1984.

Oh my, how fast our Government can *agree* to act!

Organizing something

April 21, 2008

Organizing a voluntary event is one of the most difficult tasks I know. First of all, I have to find out if each and every person is free; then sound each one about the event being proposed; tap into their enthusiasm, sometimes stoking up the same from apathy; making sure everyone has phone nos and details, and making sure small and big things go wrong.

All this is when the event is successfully organized. But before that, I will face the “Oh-I-can’t-come”s, the “Let-me-think-about-it”s, and worst of all, the “Who-else-is-coming”s, for whom, going with me is not good enough, there must be “interesting” people coming along.

And then, of course, are the last-minute cancellations….and the people who know how to get cheaper rates than I have negotiated, but couldn’t respond in time to do so.

And through it all, I see people who accomplish these thankless tasks, and also do them with a willing smile….

Take a bow, Clean and Green !

Here’s what I wrote some time ago ….and this, too

Whoa, Rohan!

August 31, 2007

Here’s rohan_kini‘s entry about an initiative by two young men to publicize the merits of cycling, and the dangers of global warming:

I was typing out my comment to him, when I decided that I would make a post of it:

Well, Rohan, I am not belittling the effort of these young men, but I do take issue with your assumption that only if you do something oriented towards publicity are you doing your bit. What about the rest of us, who walk and cycle wherever we can, who take our own bags to the market, who make sure our neighbours don’t litter? I do feel that PR seems to be the name of the game…you must do even good things in a “cool” way in order to be praiseworthy!

Not all of us stop at cribbing, you know. Many of us try to do whatever we can; but few of us are articulate or vocal about it…especially since we feel we are in a small minority.

When I had started cycling, (I don’t cycle for weekend trips, but do so for all my daily work, instead of taking the car), I phoned up the number that had been given in the newspaper about a cycling initiative (which Bob Hoekstra had joined). I was told I was too old for the campaign, and that they wanted only “well-known” people, for weekend cycling. Humph!

What I appreciate about people like you, Rohan, is that you cycle DAILY to work, and also do your weekend leisure activities without polluting the environment.

Yes, many of us in the city may be apathetic.

But- don’t dismiss the rest of us with one line–“But have not seen anyone do anything about this” –just like that!

And…I want you to keep in touch with these people …two years later…are they still cycling? Are they still following the same precepts? That would be a sustained effort, after making a good start with the run/cycle trip. Sustained effort is as important as the first keen beginning…that’s where many of us falter.

But perhaps I sound graceless..actually, I feel that there is so much to be done to change people’s mindsets that each and every initiative like this is just great. My best wishes to the duo, I hope their effort is successful.