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Went to see this guy tonight…

February 3, 2008

When we realized that this guy was here (we missed the Clintons, they swanned in and out without informing us!) was coming to town, we wen to see him …and get the experience of it all…will post about it later..

barack obama at america's center 020208

Heh, heh, that’s the closest we got to him! But it was a memorable experience.

The Anti-Bush Campaign

January 28, 2008

Here people seem to be very anti-Bush, and they are all out to remove Bush. “Consign Bush to the trash bin of history!” seems to be the slogan.

Dramatic pictures tell the story

No one is…..

October 12, 2006

Funny thing…NO ONE is a political animal. Every single person “doesn’t like people games”…can’t deal with power ploys….is not fond of scoring points and having manipulative game plans…then where does the politics come from? No one ever says, “Yes, I enjoy the cut-and-thrust type of conversation, I enjoy asserting my dominance, I enjoying using people, their egos, foibles and insecurities to further my goals and aims”….Even politicians do not admit that they are politcal persons!

It is mostly amusing to watch the political overtones in meetings and conversations; but every now and then, one has to take a stand on what one believes in, and be drawn into the politics oneself!

We have a saying in Bengal where I grew up…if there are two Bengalis, there is one Durga Puja. If there are three Bengalis, there are two Durga Pujas! And I think this  applies universally….