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The Dreamcatcher

July 27, 2011

In my cousin’s car, I found a decoration that I was curious about:

dreamcatcher 240711 ny

When I asked him about it, he told me that it was an Indian dreamcatcher. That intrigued me, and just now (to avoid the work of unpacking or sorting mail etc) I googled for it, and got

The Wiki entry about the Dreamcatcher

How lovely is the thought that hanging one above the bed of a child will “catch” the nightmares and prevent the child from being distressed by them! Here’s the quotation from American ethnographer

Frances Densmore :

“It was said that they “caught any harm that might be in the air as a spider’s web catches and holds whatever comes in contact with it.”

I wish I could have a Realitycatcher over my bed….I’d be spared a lot of harmful, not-nice reality that I don’t want to face! The taxes that I must file, the death of a neighbour, bad health…oh, the Realitycatcher would be saturated soon, I suppose. 🙂

Surgery: Financoctomy

May 22, 2011

operate for you 210511 stl

Please note that those who Operate For You are the ones who have the Mercs For Them…

Easy Solution….

April 25, 2011

Why go to all the expense of getting married, when easier solutions are advertised at the top of Nandi Hills?

lds to let nh 240411

There is another name for this arrangement, but this is a family blog and we’ll not go there….!

Nimishamba Temple, Srirangapatna, 290311

March 30, 2011

Yesterday, thanks to


I went to visit the

Nimishamba temple

in the village of Ganjam, 2 km from Srirangapatna. It was a lovely visit, to a temple peacefully set on the banks of the Kaveri.

As photography inside the main temple is banned, I could click only these deities in the outer “prAkAram”…but look at the beautiful way they have been adorned!

Here’s Ganesha:

vinayaka nmshmba tmpl 290311

and here’s Anjaneya or Hanuman:

anjnya nmshmba tmpl 290311

More photographs, and a short account, are


Here is the gopura of the temple, smiling in the sunshine:

nmshmba tmpl gprm 290311

The visit,and the trip to Ranganathittu, were wonderful and could not be blighted by the loss of my mobile phone early in the morning!

Some more signboards…

March 21, 2011

On our way around Mathigiri,and Denkanikotta, I spotted a lot of interesting stuff….

Not only are some people willing to arrange your wedding for you, they are also willing to keep your marriage going, so if you want a marriage designer…

marriage designer 190311

Would you like a word for your milk?

flaword milk 190311

I never got to finding out how they parcel tea and coffee:

parcel  tea dkotta 190311

Once again, I marvelled at the need to put up news of marriages and deaths on the public highway:

dth pster 190311

Finally, here’s a god that most of us propitiate regularly:

tv ka god athibele 180311

Having an MLC is an undiluted delight!

Shooting of a movie…

March 18, 2011

Yesterday, at the mall near my home, I watched the dance sequences of a movie being shot…all through the day.

You can see some of the artistes in costume in the centre of the crowd:

dance artistes 170311

Everything was being recorded…

camera gpln mll 170311

Here are some of the artistes, dancing on cue:

You can hear my maid Lakshmi and my neighbour Pallavi exchanging observations!

For some reason, animal balloons formed a large part of the sequences:

blns gpln ml 170311

Several were released in the evening…here’s a tiger floating past!

flyng tgr bln 170311

The women artistes were accompanied by family members, who waited through the day:

artst[s moms 170311

Here’s the van in which a lot of the props and equipment was stored…

poorNimA hOrAngaNa chitreekaraNa ghatike

The sign on the side of the van says, “PoorNimA hOrangaNa chitreekaraNa ghatikE”. (Poornima Outdoor Movie-making Unit).

What movie? Will this scene make it to the theatres, or end up on the cutting-room floor? Who knows!

Enlightened Gods and Goddesses…

February 22, 2011

I love the way our gods and goddesses are depicted at every public space possible; sometimes in glorious technicolour, and sometimes in really artistic arrays of lights:

lit up amman 010211

This one is the Goddess Rajarajeshwari (each god and goddess has a clear-cut icon)…and she shone out of the predawn dark when Krupakar and I were going to Bannerghatta!

When we go to the same place…

March 12, 2007

I was going through my LJ friend’s page, when I remembered the anecdote about two brothers who gave in identical essays on the topic, “My Dog”. When asked why, they said, “Ma’am…we both have the same dog!”

Why did I think of this story?….well….here are amoghavarsha‘s pictures of the Dandeli trip

Compare them with these photographs

Acronyms mean different things to different people…

July 19, 2006

I was feeling thrilled when kalyan told me that 12 of his photographs are going to be exhibited in the World Wildlife Fund exhibition in New Delhi. When my husband came home in the evening, I excitedly told him, “They are exhibiting 12 photos of Kalyan in the WWF exhibition in Delhi!” My brother in law who has just come in from Arizona (and who has a 6 year old son, which is probably very pertinent to this anecdote!) piped up: “Oh? WWF? This guy Kalyan is a professional wrestler?”

I had to tell him that the only wrestling Kalyan is involved in,  is between his software work and his passion for B R Hills…still laughing at the thought of Kalyan slapping his thighs and throwing people out of the ring in an outlandish outfit!