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The fabric of Time

December 28, 2018

Another year comes to an end.
My daily calendar has just a few pages left
That, like leaves on an autumn tree,
Will fall, and be consigned
To the past, and to memory.
It is we who mark the flowing fabric of Time
With patterns that we call days, months, years.
One such pattern is being completed
On the loom of Eternity.
Under these patterns, these motifs
Runs the lasting warp and weft
Of Time itself…moving smoothly, inexorably
One cannot predict how the patterns
Soon to come, will be shaped.
What colours will they carry?
The red of bloodshed? The white of peace?
The yellow of illness? The blue of sadness?
We do not know…
We flow on, too,
Along with the fabric of Time.

Brightening our doorsteps…

September 22, 2011

I love rangOli and kOlam, the traditional art of door and floor decoration. Is it art? culture? tradition? hospitality?

…All of the above, I feel!

Here is a rangoli in front of the home of my friend, Alamelu Ramaswamy:

L rangoli 220911 D004

The colours and the warmth invite the passerby in….

The festivals of Navarathri and Deepavali are approaching, and I’ll see a variety of patterns adorning everyone’s doorstep….soon!

I know I already wished you all, but….

January 1, 2009

On my morning walk, I found this beautiful rangoli, and wanted to share it…..

So once again, may 2009 be a good year for you!

Colourful Rangoli

September 17, 2008

Most religious and social functions are accompanied by the adornment of the venue by “kOlam” or “rangOli”…but I have not before seen such beautiful use of vibrant colours for a “hOmam” or sacrificial fire worship.

In my community, we tend to use rice flour and some red mud ( like the kOlam I made in this post ) but not other colours as you can see here , so I found this rangOli on the homakundam (pit where the hOma fire is kindled) lovely:

and at a different place in my friends’ new home, where I had gone for the Griha PravEsham (“entry into the new home”), this kOlam/rangOli was lovely, too:

Of course, it was a little the worse for wear with people having passed by, but it was still really striking!

I wonder if the use of these colours is a Kannadiga custom? The words seem to be in Hindi..did the family have some priests from north India?

And meanwhile..the “get a flat stomach” ads are still here, next to the window I am typing on…


July 29, 2008

I do love the art of “kOlam”….it’s called “rangOli” in the north, but is executed very differently, and the designs are very different, too.

In south India, we have two ways of making kOlams; the wet (izhai kOlam) and dry (podi kOlam). I am reasonably good at both, but watched someone making the second type at a wedding, and thought I would document that.

Some kOlams are very simple, yet neat and geometrical; they speak of a few minutes devoted to the art as the housewife (or the maid!) has a lot of other work to attend to…

more kOlams, and a lady creating a kOlam, here

Flower in winter..

February 1, 2007

I loved this “flower” on the bare tree….seemed to bring a smile to the dreary winter. The twigs made a lovely pattern against the blue.

Unknown tree, St Louis

I wonder if it is a seed-case or just a dry part of the tree…