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It’s been a few days…

July 24, 2012

…since I last posted, and goodness knows how I coped…but I feel happy to report that I *have* coped.

I returned to an empty house, with the contents of all the cupboards strewn about as the painters were painting the inside of all of them….could not find a single thing, there was no telephone, no internet…it was total chaos, accurately reflecting the chaos in my mind as I began the first day of the rest of my life….by myself.

Over the past week, I have turned out even more cupboards, and got most of the flat painting and allied jobs done, and though the flat is still looking as if a whirlwind has passed through it, it now is a smaller whirlwind. (Yesterday I could not even sleep on my bed as my clothes were scattered all over it….I slept on the couch.)

But with it all, I’ve managed to attend the regular 3rd Sunday outing to Bannerghatta, to take an NTP trip to Yercaud, and catch up with friends, too…and keep up with photography and posting, too. Yes, in the process, LJ and WordPress fell through…but my thoughts have been chaotic, and really not worth expressing at negative have they been, most of the time.

But I have people like as examples, so how can I remain down? The jet lag is slowly going away in spite of being extended due to the presence of workmen in the home all day…and my mind, too, is getting calmer. I’m off to Chennai today (back late tomorrow night) to see the people who probably are the only “family” I have left.

But I’ll leave you with the entertaining patter of this magician, who performed just before the show of Disney’s “Aladdin” (the musical) that I went to watch before leaving St.Louis.

Funny….an Indian going all the way to America to watch the *American* rope trick!

The green light of leisure

June 29, 2012

picnic muny 260612

In the green light
Falling through the leaves
The family outing
Relaxes and relieves
The tensions of the week,
The cares of each day;
In the green light of leisure
All these melt away.
To be together with loved ones
Out in the open air….
Nature’s the best healer
When the weather’s set fair.

New laptop!

June 29, 2012

After my laptop and I went flying over a granite surface last January, in Chambal, my friendly neighbourhood laptop repairman, and my dear friend


together brought it back to life, and it’s been performing creditably ever since.

However, I decided that, like in other areas of my life, I must make a new beginning, and for the past few days, has struggled to load a version of Ubuntu on it, too, to improve my usage.’

Here’s , opening up the exciting package (I waited for him to come home!)

ds opening comp  stl 250612

and setting it up…

ds and comp 2  stl 250612

Here’s on Gtalk, also looking at what is going on…

ga gtalk  stl 250612

So…here are the old one and the new one, sitting companionably together on the island in the St.Louis kitchen:

two comps funnel web   enright 280612

The new model (it’s also a Toshiba…this is going to be my third Toshiba, and each time it’s smaller and lighter….) is the Toshiba Portege R 835 P83…probably a dinosaur for all the techies and geeks, but very exciting for me!

Also, the old machine had used up all the RAM, and was using the disk memory, and hence had started working at, in DS’ memorable phrase, “Paint-dry speed”. It is a relief to see the prompt response of this new baby!

OK, since I feel very happy to have the laptop, here’s a lovely pic of roses for all of you….

roses funnel web   enright 280612

This pic is dedicated to all the Jhatgussas I know.

Of Kites and Coincidences….

June 11, 2012

D and I had taken KTB to Forest Park, and we found a beautiful kite up in the air, that we could see far away….

5 kite fp 180512

1 kite fp 180512

We realized that the kite was flying from a point where two people were sitting, comfortably, on folding chairs, talking.

I went up to them and complimented them on the beauty of the kite. The lady said her name was Jackie, and said she’d bought the kite three years ago….but this was the first time she was flying it….

And, also, this was their first date! The happiness on their faces told me very clearly that it was going very well indeed. I wished them the best, and they asked me to take a photo of them with the sunset and the kite in the background:

2 Frank Jacke fp 180512

I obliged, and gave them my visiting card, so that they could email me and I could send them the photos.

However, as the days passed, I never heard from them, and just gave it up as one of those encounters that often don’t come to anything more.

Day before yesterday, I took KTB for a walk in the park, and it was a long ramble…6pm to 8.30pm, from front door to front door (yes, with a 3-year-old in a stroller, a ramble of about 3.5 miles, with stops for birding, duck-chasing by KTB, turtle-watching and owl-watching by both of us, AND a stop at the playground…. IS long one, I can assure you.)

I was crossing the road near the Visitors’ Center on my way home, and a convertible stopped for me. (This is going to KILL me when I get back home, I always feel. Traffic comes to an IMMIJET halt when anyone STEPS on the road….and if there is a baby carriage, double that. When I come to India, I’ll do the same thing, and be Deepa Chutney in no time at all….)

As I crossed, I heard yells of “Madam! MADAM!: and looked back…to see that same couple, Frank and Jackie, in the convertible (with the top down due to lovely weather), trying to get me to hear! Jackie told me she had emailed me twice but that it had bounced (why, I have no idea…) So I took Frank’s visiting card, this time, and I have just finished sending him the pictures of both of them, with the kite in the background.

What are the odds of our crossing each other’s paths in Forest Park, at that spot, at that instant, I wonder? What a coincidence!

I hope to be able to meet them once I am back from my Carnatic music concert (oh, yes, I am giving one on the 16th in Memphis, Tennessee, they wanted a repeat of

last year

and I am thrilled!)

3 kite fp 180512

Here’s a silhouette of Frank and Jackie, too:

3 frank jackie bw fp 180512

Q. What is coincidence?

A. When a metal piece of currency is seen randomly on your path….

Nectar from flowers: Macro

May 17, 2012

Yesterday, at Lewis Park, I was walking around, and thought I saw some mosquitoes….


but that didn’t seem to be what they were, because they weren’t about to bite me, but were avidly attacking the tiny flowers nearby:

mosqu 2 160512

They had a strange “jumping-up-and-down” action while sipping the nectar, which I tried to catch on video:

Can anyone tell me what these insects are? They are like very large mosquitoes….about wasp-sized.

Shakespeare in the Park, Forest Park, 130611: Taming of the Shrew

June 14, 2011

Here’s the 1950’s set of the play:

tmg shrw set 130611

There was a side-show, a short adaption, introducing the characters, on another stage, nearby (I shot this sitting on the grass in the main area, so some chairs intervene):

side shw 130611 fp

Jeff the Juggler, and his working partner, whose skills I have posted videos about


were hamming it up for me:

jff jgglr 130611

There were some wandering minstrels (they were, truly, wandering all over the audience area!):

mnstrls 130611

I am sure they were playing some Elizabethan instruments!

Here’s my friend Dawn, with me:

dk and dm 130611 fp

Here’s Forest Park by night, as we walked back through a night with a nearly full moon, and waves of fireflies…..

fp by night 130611

Here’s one of the flags of the Shakespeare festival:

skspr flg 130611

Walking in Forest Park….

May 24, 2011

Though I am usually up at 3.30am, I carry on with my walk to, and in, Forest Park…

Here’s a lovely flower, from a very large tree that I cannot name:

flwer fp 220511

They are strewn all over the place, and as I walk, I also enjoy the sweet scent of the honeysuckle.

I find this very interesting newspaper vendor on my way back; he’s got his “head-umbrella” on in case it rains again…there have been heavy showers and a town 100 miles away (Joplin) got devastated by a tornado:

nwspr vndor 220511

I come home and settle down to some recording on Muziboo, having put some of the roses I got, into a vase next to me:

rses lptop 220511

But almost immediately, KTB is sent home from daycare with a low-grade fever, and she thoroughly takes over the rest of the day, until, at about 6pm, I turn her over to her Thatha, and collapse in utter exhaustion!

More pics at my FB album,