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Profound Philosophy in Lalbagh…

June 19, 2007

The deepest truths are the simplest ones; our ancients used telling examples from everyday life to illustrate them.

Here’s a flower that needs no introduction:

Needs no introduction...

And here’s the water upon its leaf:

water on a lotus leaf

And the profound truth is, live your life as the lotus and its leaf do…they are both born of the water and of the filth and stagnation (neera-ja, panka-ja) and are yet not of it. From the stagnation and the filth they rise, but yet they are incredibly beautiful. They allow the water to touch them, but not moisten them; the water rolls away from the leaf or the flower, which is untouched. And yet, they feed on that self-same water, and draw sustenance from a Force Above as well.

What simple advice..and HOW very difficult to heed in one’s life!

This one is for nearfar, who sends me a lot of pointers which I am unable to yet accept wholly…


August 2, 2005

When each of us uses a word, we seem to mean something that is different from what another person sees in it….I sometimes wonder how communication is possible at all!

Went to see a Girish Karnad play, Hayavadana. How lovely to see a professionally done play! Great acting, good costumes, sets, lighting, music….Mr N Ravi Kumar is a director to be praised indeed. He is taking the initiative to bring translated Kannada theatre to a non-Kannada audience, and doing it very well.

Hayavadana is a parable about what constitutes a “person”…his head and its contents, or his body and its contents. A most interesting concept, developed with humour.